Someone's P.O.V.

by tv_queen

They think I don't see it. They think I don't know, but Edie Brit is neither blind or stupid. I may be blonde, but I'm as smart as I am slutty. The other day, I stopped over by Bree's house to see how she was doing, I can be compassionate (compassionate... nosy, same thing), and it was like nothing I've ever seen. Bree was a complete mess. Her lipstick was completely rubbed off, her hair lost the flip it had earlier that morning, and her buttoned up blouse wasn't fully buttoned up. I greeted her without saying anything about her appearances, then Lynette came to the door. What she was doing there during her lunch break is beyond me, but she looked just as Bree did... only, I expected it from her. There was another thing, I saw something rose tinted on Lynette's collar... it looked like Bree's lipstick. I thought I was making it up. I asked Bree how she was doing and she replied, but I didn't hear anything because, I think, I was in shock. I offered my condolences and as quickly as they were said, was as quickly as she said her goodbyes and shut the door. I stood there, on the front step, confused. My confusion vanished when I heard this thud come from in front of me. I know what that thud is. I have had enough one night stands to know that noise was someone being slammed up against the door. When I looked through the peep whole, my suspicions were correct. I saw red and blonde hair, and the image of what those two could be doing to each other filled my mind:

"That was a little too close for comfort. Oh my... you have... " Bree noticed the lipstick on Lynette's collar and tried to rub it off.

"You don't think she notice do you?" Bree shrugged then smiled seductively.

"I don't know, but I think I should take it off." Bree leaned forward, letting her hot mouth connect with Lynette's throat. Lynette moaned and pushed Bree against the door. Their legs intertwined, leaving no air between them. Kisses like fire were trailed from Bree's lips to her ear. Lynette latched on, sucking and nibbling at it until Bree started rocking herself on Lynette's thigh. Her finger nails dug into Lynette's back, leaving impressions on Lynette's blouse. Bree dug her head back against the door and Lynette trailed those hot kisses back to Bree's throat. Lynette's tongue dipped into hollow of Bree's neck then bit down on the flesh covered tendon. It was hard enough to be pleasurable but not hard enough to leave a mark... well not one that would last all week. Lynette's hand slipped down between their over heated bodies and into the hottest spot on Bree's body, breaking Bree's pace. A moan was strangled as it tried to make its way past Bree's lips, but after that no moan could be caught. Lynette was to good at what she did to Bree to let another one of those precious moans go to waste. With her body pressed tightly against Bree's, Lynette continued; making Bree reach the edge, but not allowing her to go over. Lynette stroked Bree, almost, to a breaking point. Bree was close, and this time Lynette was going to let her come. Bree bit down on Lynette's shoulder and muffled a scream...

I had to shake the image out of my head... it nearly scared me celibate. Ok, no, it didn't... so, I ended up looking for Susan that night.

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