Slip up

by Miss_Gamut

"We should really stop meeting like this." Bree says wryly as she watches Lynette stumble through her front door - late as usual - looking slightly frazzled as she yells at her secretary to post-pone yet another Important meeting.

"I'm so sorry I'm late for coffee again... It's just that my secretary moved my meeting with the head of --" Lynette stops and looks at the cake and coffee set out and suddenly looks bashful. She turns off her cell phone; to show Bree how truly sorry she is and sits down at the kitchen table where Bree has had coffee and cake ready for the last twenty minutes.

"So... How are you Bree?" Lynette asks slowly but firmly looking straight at Bree.

Bree breathes in a bit deeply; hating that Lynette starts each of their meetings like this. Ever since Rex's death, Lynette has been waiting and imploring Bree to let loose, to let her grief out. Bree hoped that once Lynette started working again, she would drop the matter, but Lynette was too stubborn for such things.

"Oh, honey, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm doing just fine?" Bree laughs her off easily, as she does each time. Bree cuts a piece of her cake - homemade, of course, and prefect- for Lynette as if to prove a point. "You should really try the chocolate cake I made, it's a new recipe."

Lynette takes a bite. "It's perfect" she manages to murmur, but she knows better. Lynette knows that Bree Van de kamp's prized perfection is slowly slipping, and that is how she knows Bree is still grieving. There are small things of course; small little mistakes that Bree easily fixes up to maintain her perfect picture image.

But Lynette notices. She notices the nail polish that was hastily put on over Bree's pinky on her left hand because it was chipped. Or that single fray hanging from the cuff Bree's green sweater that she somehow missed. Or, as Lynette continues to eat the chocolate cake, how she slightly burnt the edge of the cake and tried to compensate with a slightly sweeter frosting.

And so, Lynette knows that Bree is not okay.

But, today is different, and perhaps it is Corporate Lynette speaking, but she decides that enough is enough and that a direct attack was the only way to yield results. Lynette reaches out across the table and places her hand gently on Bree's arm.

"Honey, it's been months since Rex's death. You should just let your grief out."

There is an awkward pause and the air in the room becomes heavy and tense, and for a moment, Lynette regrets saying anything. Bree starts talking in a low tone and it is only when Lynette leans forward to hear her that she hears the restraint in Bree's voice.

"You think you know everything. You think I've been grieving this whole time. Did you ever think that you were wrong? Goodness Lynette, do you really want to know what I've been feeling?" Bree asks, looking straight into Lynette's eyes. Lynette shivers. A pause.

"Yes." Lynette manages. This is what she wanted the whole time right? For Bree to finally let go, for her to come to terms with her grief. Why did she feel so scared then?

"Guilt. I feel guilty. Do you know how that feels?" Bree said, almost hissing.

"You mean about those rumours about Rex's death and his last note to you I tho-" Lynette started, but stopped when Bree grabbed her arm.

"No." Bree looks away, mournfully, "I know I'm innocent about that. But I am guilty of moving on so soon after my husband's death. These days all I can think about is being with this person, talking with them - God I just want to touch her --" Bree's grip on Lynette's arm dies. The silence between them tells nothing of the thoughts running through both Bree's and Lynette's minds.

Bree swallows slowly and painfully. She knows she has been a bit sloppy lately, and secretly she knows it's because of her, but nothing to this scale. She cannot even begin to think what Lynette is thinking because she is frozen to one place, her brain ceasing to function.

"Um. You know I'm the last one to say anything, I'm probably the only Democrat, or liberal, really, in these parts, but do you want me to disregard that last part? I mean, for your sake?" Lynette quickly says, her own thoughts reeling in her mind.

"Yes. If this were to continue on I..." Bree trails off, and a bit of Old Bree regains control as she pours herself another cup of coffee.

"You're gonna lose it?"


Both of them stop and realize why those last words sounded so familiar and when they were last spoken and how once again, Lynette knows Bree's state of mind. Looking back at it, Lynette realized the wisest thing here would to have left and pretended that nothing had changed, that was after all, Bree's specialty - taking the awkward out of situations by playing ignorant. Of course, Lynette never did the wise thing. She just had to talk. Or in this case, ramble incessantly.

"You should tell her. Him. Them. HerHimThem. You should. Because you never know. They might feel the same way about you but are too afraid to show it. You're Bree van de kamp for God's sake; do you know how intimating you are?" Lynette says all too quickly. Bree tries to respond, but Lynette rushes on and she doesn't stop for the fear that she might realize that this isn't about Bree anymore, or how her entire world has changed with Bree's slip-up and now she's hoping against hope because of it and damn it, the the last thing she wants to do is to pay attention to how her hand is holding on to Bree's and what Bree thinks of that.

"It's not fair to the other person. Maybe, just maybe they have feelings for you back. Hell, they might have been waiting and watching you on the sidelines, thinking that's how it had to be until they die. That they could only have your heart in their dreams. But God, Bree, as frustrating as that might be, it's maddening to think that they could be with you if only you would take the first damn step." And as quickly as Lynette started talking, she stops as reality sets in.

Lynette breathes hard and quickly withdraws her hand away from Bree's as she realizes that her veiled advice was obviously not as veiled as she hoped it would be. She had just revealed too much about herself to Bree, in hopes that she was the one that Bree was -- well. That wasn't important, Lynette just made a fool of herself and she as hell wasn't going to stay around and see what happens. She leaves Bree sitting along at the kitchen table and she grabs her things and makes a run for it. But just as she gets to the kitchen doorway, she hears Bree speak.

"It's you Lynette. It always has been."

Lynette turns around and pauses by the doorway, resting her head against the frame.

"I know Bree. And everything I said still holds true."

And with those words spoken, Bree knew that this slip-up was going to be a little harder to fix up.

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