My Angel

by tv_queen

It was 10 at night when a knock came to the door. Lynette padded through her house until she reached the door. She swung the door open with an annoyed snarl. When she saw Bree Van De Kamp standing there with that vulnerable look on her face her snarl faded to a worried expression.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Were you sleeping? It's too late, I'm just going to go home." Bree turned but Lynette stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Nonsense, come in." Bree faced Lynette and scooted past her.

"What's the matter, honey?" Bree turned to Lynette with a guilty look that just exuded her innocence.

"I can't sleep..."

"Do you wanna stay here?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of you coming home with me...?" Lynette's infamous smirk graced her lips

"At least buy me dinner first."

"Lynette..." Bree warned

"Ok, ok, ok. Just let me get my clothes." Bree nodded.

"Of course." Lynette ran up the stairs and took just enough time to gather her things and explain to tom what was going on. When she returned to Bree, she had a suit, heals, and personals in her arms.

"Ok, let's go." Both women headed across the street. Once in side the house, they both went straight to Bree's bedroom. Lynette stepped into mother mode, searching for pjs and a brush for Bree. Lynette pulled Bree to her and pulled up on Bree's shirt. Bree lifted her arms willingly. Bree felt oddly comforted with Lynette dressing her. Lynette made quick work of Bree's clothes, but not quick enough to disturb Bree's comfort glow. When Lynette was done dressing Bree, she sat at the edge of the bed with Bree sitting on the floor slightly between Lynette's legs. Lynette, gently, brushed Bree's hair. With every stroke of the brush came a stroke of her hand. Bree's eyes became heavy lidded. A goofy, groggy smiled spread across Bree's lips.

"I'm falling asleep..." Lynette stopped brushing Bree's hair and pulled back the covers of the bed.

"Come to bed then." Bree slowly stood up and pulled herself under the covers. Lynette tucked Bree in and pecked her on the forehead. She walked around to the other side of the bed, climbed in and turned off the lamp beside her. When Lynette settled in, Bree curled up to her side.

"Come here sweety." Bree repositioned herself so that her head was resting on Lynette's chest. Lynette's hand glided from Bree's back to Bree's hair. Lynette played with Bree's hair as she hummed a melody.

"I saw the tear drops, and I heard you cry. All you need is time, seek me and you shall find. You have everything and you're still lonely. It doesn't have to be this way, let me show you a better day" Lynette half sang and half said the lyrics.

"Is that Celine Dion?"

"Mmm hmm..." Bree hugged Lynette's waist.

"You're my angel." Lynette pulled herself from Bree to face her, but she didn't make eye contact. Her eyes followed her hand: brushing back Bree's hair and caressing her cheek. Her hand laid on Bree' cheek and Lynette looked her in the eyes. Bree nearly cried when she became the recipient of that love and tenderness. Lynette hesitantly leaned towards Bree and pressed her lips to hers then pulled away.

"I love you." A tear formed and disappeared between the side of her face and Lynette's arm.

"I love you too." Lynette gathered the teary eyed red-head into her arms. Bree nuzzled into the nape of Lynette's neck. Both women fell asleep, peacefully and contented


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