by aeonian

It was her third day back at work.

It was her third day back at work, and that night was the Wisteria Lane picnic, and when she saw Bree there with that stupid basket of muffins, she just--she thought, This is my life now. This was her life now, this all day away from everyone, all day at the office and when she came home Bree would have muffins and Lynette didn't even know what kind because Lynette wasn't there to watch her bake.

Before, she kind of fucking hated to watch Bree bake. But then she missed it.

So on Susan's back porch she grabbed Bree by the waist and kissed. Way better than baking.

She wonders sometimes why Bree brought her home, why Bree held her hard and came crying out like it hurt. She wonders now, but she didn't then, just slipped panting off the bed and watched as Bree smoothed the blankets down, almost like always.

She was pretty drunk. She threw up later that night, Tom kneeling on the bathroom floor beside her and holding back her hair. "At least you didn't make a fool of yourself," he said, to make her feel better.

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