by aeonian

Since he died, Bree doesn't see the point of little get-togethers and backyard barbecues, but she goes anyway, because it is the right thing to do. The right thing is what Rex never did, and what Andrew isn't doing now.

She wonders how it is that everyone she loves is going to hell. She makes little muffins for the Wisteria Lane picnic, and wonders what kind of heaven it will be if she's all alone.

At the picnic, Lynette is drunk and fresh from the office, happy like Bree has never seen. She kisses Bree on the Mayers' back porch.

Everyone she loves is going to hell.

Which is why Bree doesn't pull away. She lets Lynette kiss her, and lets Lynette touch her thighs. She brings Lynette up to her bedroom, because it is the least likely place to be discovered, and she didn't think she would but she enjoys it, because Lynette's fingers move fast, and she didn't think she would but she is going to come, because Lynette's weight is hot on top of her and Lynette's hair is a mess now and that's what Bree is used to.

When she gets there, they will be waiting.

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