by ferraemorsh

They never think I see them. I always see them. They think they hide it well, but I see them. I saw it enough in high school and college. I know. The looks and touches at the poker games, how they walk together -- together -- down the street.

Edie thinks it's George. I know better. Of course she isn't letting him anywhere near her firm, pale body. She is far too perfect for him. He would make a mess of her, and not a good one. Lynette. Now you know that she makes a fine, fine mess of Bree. You know that Bree's perfect hair is mussed, and her smooth complexion gets flushed and sweaty. And you know that Lynette revels in it, in being the one who makes Bree Van de Kamp lose her control.

There they are now...walking down the street. With their arms around each other's waists. You always wait for them to slip and for Bree to put her hand in Lynette's back pocket. And for Lynette to caress Bree's ass. They're on the way to Bree's house. They've been over there a lot since Tom quit his job. Lynette leaves him at home with the hellions. She's a bitch, but a smart one. They go over to Bree's, and "talk".

Sure, I'll bet they talk. Bree will ask "Where?" and Lynette will reply "On the couch." and Bree will say "Kiss me" and that will be the last thing that is said until Lynette is screaming out the name of God and Bree is screaming out Lynette's. Lynette will gently (always, so gentle with her) push Bree down onto the couch and kiss her, pulling of her clothes slowly and deliberately, feeling Bree's skin and body as Bree wraps her legs around Lynette's waist and crushes Lynette's body against hers. Lynette will push back, settling her weight on Bree's sweaty body...

I am startled out of my reverie by Mike. He comments that I'm a little flushed. I smile and kiss him, which he takes as an invitation.

I can't have who I want. He will do.

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