The Storm

by femvamp

Broken. Everything was broken, and a mess. Bree hated a mess and yet this mess she couldn’t clean up. Something had broken inside of Bree; the perfect façade had been ruined in front of everyone. So she just sat there in the mess of her own creating.

Looking back she should have seen the signs. She knew something wasn’t right but she never even considered how wrong things really were. Then everything went to hell. Rex had an affair. Andrew had that accident and said he was gay. Danielle wanted to have sex.

They were all warnings. If she had seen it then, maybe things would have been different. But she just had to start that…..relationship with George.

Bree sat in the wreckage that was her life. It looked a great deal like the way she felt. If anyone had walked in on her sitting on the floor in her living room they would have been convinced she was having a breakdown, and maybe they’d be right. Why else would there be broken glass, broken pictures, broken figurines all over the living room.

And yet Bree didn’t even try to clean it up.

She picked up the broken jewelry box sitting next to her. It had been a gift from Rex on their first anniversary. It had been such a beautiful gift, from a beautiful man, that promised a beautiful life. When did everything go so wrong?

Why did her husband have to cheat on her?

When did her children start to hate her?

Why did George kill Rex?

She knew the answer, to the last question at least, she just didn’t understand. She didn’t understand anything anymore. George killing Rex, Andrew and Danielle betrayal. How could they lie under oath like that? Did they hate her that much?

Everything had believed she had killed Rex. Everyone except for Lynette. Lynette had been the only one who believed her when she said she was innocent. Lynette had been the only one who believed her.

Lynette with those eyes. That smile. Bree wasn’t sure why Lynette affected her the way she did. Every time they touched, a storm of emotions went through Bree and that scared Bree more then anything.

Eventually she was able to prove she hadn’t killed Rex, but by that point no one cared anymore. Everything had been ruined beyond repair. Only Lynette came by to see her anymore. Everyone else had gone on with their own lives.

Bree looked around the room one last time, at the ruin that was her life. It was time to clean up. Pick up the broken pieces and pretend everything was alright. Lynette was coming by soon, and she didn’t want her to see the mess because then Lynette would look at her with those compassionate and loving eyes of hers. And all Bree would want was Lynette to hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

And when she did, Bree knew everything she’d been holding in would come out, like a tropical storm.

And Bree didn’t think she’d survive it.

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