by Jemma

With an ever graceful hand Bree Van de Kamp lightly dusted her chocolate deserts-homemade of course, with icing sugar. So far her dinner party had gone off without a hitch. The food was perfect and Rex had not yet consumed enough liquor to feel the need to remark on the state of their marriage.

The usual crowd had been invited to the semi-formal party, in honour of nothing more than Bree discovering a new dish. Left in Rex’s company, Gabrielle and Carlos shot barbs at each other while still managing to seem sociable, as usual. While Susan fawned over Mike in the hopes that this date would work out. And then there was Tom and Lynette.

Lynette.. God but she looked beautiful tonight. Her light blonde hair set high atop her head, various loose strands making soft curves about her ever radiant face. The blue of her calf length, halter neck, satin dress setting off her sparkling eyes.

So lost in this thought was Bree, she still felt she was daydreaming when Lynette’s arms wrapped gently around her waist and her warm body pressed to Bree’s back.

“Mmmm… You look amazing tonight, you know that?” Lynette’s softly rasping voice shuddered through Bree’s body. Her breath hot on the other woman’s ear. The very real scent of Lynette’s perfume telling her that this was really happening.

“Lynette,” Bree warned softly. “Be careful.”

“I’m always careful.” Lynette cooed. The smirk evident in her voice as she nuzzled softly under Bree’s ear. Taking in the feel and the scent of her. It was so rare that they were alone, sometimes these stolen moments were all the women could cling to.

“I told them I was helping you with desert.” Lynette’s nose nudged against Bree’s teardrop peal earring, perfectly matched to her necklace. Bree’s luminous cooper hair was swept up and twisted elegantly with not a strand out of place. Her body shifted slightly against Lynette as she worked. Dressed impeccably as usual in black dress pants and a sleeveless shirt. Cut a little lower than her usual garments, though somehow Lynette guessed this wasn’t for Rex’s benefit. Lynette’s fingers toyed playfully with the emerald fabric. Pure silk to her satin.

“Mmm. They look good.”

“Thank yo-” Bree stopped mid-sentence when Lynette swiped the chocolate frosting from one of the deserts with a naturally polished fingernail. Innocently sucking the chocolate from her index finger.

“You know,” Bree monotoned. “that one’s yours now you’ve desecrated it.”

Chuckling Lynette scooped up another blob of frosting and before Bree could stop her, dotted it onto the redheads nose. Bree blinked, almost going cross-eyed as she looked down at it before glaring at Lynette, not able to hide the faint smirk on her lips. “You’d better clean that up Mrs Scavo.”

“Oh, I was planning to.” Lynette beamed before standing slightly on tip-toe to ever-so-gently kiss the chocolate from Bree’s perfect porcelain nose.

Bree smiled a soft blushing smile as Lynette pulled away, discretely wiping at the remaining smudges on her nose. Turning to clean her hand on a dishtowel as the other woman resumed her previous position behind Bree, her arms wrapped more firmly around her waist this time.

Finishing the presentation of her desserts Bree felt a now familiar tingle grow inside her as she realised Lynette’s fingers were slowly searching their way into the waistband of her trousers. “What are you doing?” She softly questioned. Tenderly mouthing Bree’s neck and shoulder Lynette’s deft fingers found their way to the lace of her underwear. “What do you think I’m doing?”

Taking a small shuddering breath in Bree whispered fiercely, “Lynette! There are people in the next room! Our husbands are in the next room!”

Taking her point but not in any kind of mood to appease to it Lynette whispered hotly, “So we’ll be quiet. Quick and quiet.”

Turning around in Lynette’s arms as her fingers slipped away Bree looked apologetically into her memorizing eyes. About to verbalise her sorrow at the fact that they can’t do this now, Bree found herself with no words. Instead she quickly took the blonde woman’s face in her hands, pressing her lips to Lynette’s in a deep passionate kiss.

As the dinner party chatter continued in the next room Lynette pulled her friend and lover closer into the kiss. The two women so close to being in their own little world, that they almost didn’t pick up on the sound of Susan’s voice directed at them as she got up from the table to see what was keeping everything.

“These better be some really good desserts Bree.” Susan’s voice came in a sing-song as the women quickly parted and Bree turned toward the dessert laden counter. A bright-eyed grin on her face as the cheerful brunette stopped in the doorway. Looking quizzically at Lynette’s guilty smirk before the graceful redhead handed two plates to the blonde-One bearing the ‘desecrated’ dessert. Glancing between the chocolate mess and Lynette, Susan smiled knowingly.

How wrong can you be?

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