by adventurepants

Since Lynette had gone back to work, Bree had gotten used to her friend, her lover, sneaking into her home. Lynette, in fact, was frightfully adept at it. But it had never happened in the middle of the day before, so she jumped ever so slightly when she looked up from her methodical dusting of the dining room to see Lynette in the doorway.

“Lynette! What are you doing here?”

Lynette smiled deviously as she approached Bree. “I wanted to see you. I told my boss that Penny was in the hospital, she had to let me leave.”

Bree was instantly appalled. “I can’t believe you would say such a thing! I can’t even imagine-”

Lynette laughed as she slid her hands around Bree’s waist, and kissed her. “Penny’s fine,” she said as the kiss ended. “She’s perfect. Let’s not talk about the baby when we’re about to have sex.”

Lynette leaned in to kiss Bree again, but Bree held her back. “The baby?”


Bree shook her head. “No, I mean, you said ‘the baby,’ not ‘my baby.’”

Lynette laughed again, more softly this time. “I did. Well. You were around so much for a while there that she probably thinks you’re Mommy, too.”

Bree looked down, smiling her secret Bree smile (so different from the fake one most people saw,) and said, “I miss her.”

Lynette brought her hand up to Bree’s cheek. “I’ll bring her next time.”

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