A little sugar

by Monnie

I turned on my heel and felt her footsteps following mine into the kitchen. The screen door clunked shut, and I began siphoning through the cabinets for a measuring cup. My fingers closed on one and as I moved to turn around, her lips were on my neck.

I leaned back against her softly, my hand reaching straight behind me and coming in vicious contact with her thigh. I slid it around her and up her leg to take hold of her ass, now tightened at the intrusion. As she kissed my neck a bit more roughly, I slowly worked her skin beneath my fingers and, very smoothly, she closed both hands over my breasts and began to fondle them through my blouse. We backpedaled towards the living room, haphazardly falling over the couch and out of my husband's line of sight. I felt her weight press me down and our bodies twined together in one big heap of skin and satin. My shoes simply fell off my feet, and even though my conscience told me better, I would've been perfectly content being felt up until we were caught red-handed.

I reached up behind me and unclasped my bra for her, underneath my shirt. A few rogue buttons and a hairclip later, I was thrumming with pleasurable sensations, my hands roaming and my thoughts swimming. We fell lopsided from the sofa to the floor after that, and I, with foolish fingers, began tangling through the proud crimson of Bree's hair.

She didn't mind so much, as she was in a stupor as I was, but something always felt different about her after I'd ever run my fingers through the militant sunset of her curls. She'd almost relax entirely, thinking simply of what felt good, and not what might not have been proper or socially acceptable.

That might've been how I got her. It was like, the beautiful way her hair always fell the exact place it did before kept Bree in some sort of a rhythm. Her life was hers to control and those around her were to be kept out of the mess of things. Externally, things could be chaotic and horrifying, but Bree could keep it out of her life, so long as she had that control; that simple, flawless control. And when someone came in past all that--someone like me--they discovered this incredibly breakable woman. When I do something to physically break that barrier, like mussing those simple, perfect locks, she becomes vulnerable, able to let people in but unable to deal with the powerful emotion that follows.

That was why Bree needed me, I think. She and I were able to connect through all that. We were meant to soothe and comfort the emotional heartache that life brought to us when we couldn't have that control. After that, the intimacy seemed to naturally progress. Even our transition from friends to lovers was as simple, delightful and invigorating as our transition from strangers to friends. Hell, the great sex was just a perk.

"Are you sure about this?" she mumbled.

"No," I admitted, "but a little risky business never hurt anyone."

Bree helped me into the laundry room. We shut the door silently behind us as the sounds of my playing children echoed outside. In the tiny room, we found little space to move around, but it was one of the few places we'd found lately that had enough privacy for the two of us to fool around.

I felt her lips feast on the hollow of my shoulder and though it was enjoyable, it wasn't enough. I tugged on her collar impatiently.

"On the mouth, baby. On the mouth." I urged, and she blushed as she smiled before we kissed hungrily. I slipped my hands around her waist, loving the way the satin slipped beneath my fingers as our tongues ravished one another.

I thought back to a few minutes ago, when I'd met up with Bree outside my house.

"Lynette?" She called out to me, waving her hand in my direction, "I have a favor to ask, if you don't mind."

I smiled warmly. "Sure, what is it?"

I watched her eyes leave mine and glance in Tom's direction for a split second, where he was sitting with Penny. "I'm making something--a cake, actually--and um, this is going to sound absurd but, I'm fresh out of sugar."

"Aw, Bree, not to worry!" I laughed inwardly and thanked the Gods that I had my back to Tom, because I gave her a look so sultry, it would've given my affections for her away in a second. I smiled, arched an eyebrow, and replied, "Just come inside with me, sweetheart. I'll give you a little sugar."

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