Once and again

by Leslie

Rex's death had taken it's toll on Bree. Her days consisted of nothing more than cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her kids. Her mind seemed as though it was empty. A blank expression had taken over the once warm, and welcoming smile she used to display. Nothing more than the thought of did I already polish this piece of silver wear ever crossed her mind. The once vibrant woman that existed prior to her husband's death was no longer.

Throughout Wisteria Lane, knowledge of Bree's change of character had become well known. Her girlfriends who used to see much of her, never saw her anymore. She never welcomed new neighbors with a basket of muffins anymore, and she didn't feel things the way she did back when Rex was around. Her good friend Lynette had decided to give her some time alone after the loss of her husband. Lynette knew that nothing she could do, or say, would put Bree back into that place of happiness Rex had taken her. After about of month of seeing Bree walk slowly out of her house to grab the paper and walk back in the same way, Lynette had decided the time had come for her to talk to Bree. Before Rex's death, Lynette and Bree found themselves infatuated with one another- not knowing what- if anything was to come of it. Lynette was married to Tom, and Bree was married to Rex. Neither of them were able to say that they were happy in the relationships they were currently in. They found a comfort in one another that they weren't able to find within their spouses. A loving touch, a warm body to hold, and a person to share all their feelings and secrets with.

Lynette briskly walked up the path to Bree's door and knocked three times. She looked in through the windows on the left of the door to see if Bree was coming, seeing nothing, Lynette knocked once more. Bree walked out of the kitchen wearing beige khaki pants, and a blue sweater. Her hair, flawlessly parted and curled to form her signature bob, her clothes pressed and perfect, but the color that once used to illuminate Bree's complexion had diminished. Bree opened the door after what had seemed like hours to Lynette. "Hello Lynette," Bree said still standing in the doorway. "Hey Bree," Lynette said warmly. "Can I come in?" Lynette took a step towards the door as Bree hesitantly opened it and stepped aside, closing it behind the both of them.

Lynette stood in her doorway waiting for Bree to lead them to the place she felt most comfortable talking. Bree walked passed Lynette, their arms brushing one another's and suddenly Bree remembered the times they had had together. Sneaking around just to be in each others embrace, the way Lynette's face flushed when Bree nibbled at her ear, and just how comfortable she felt when she was with Lynette. Bree lead them into the kitchen and poured Lynette a cup of coffee. Taking the coffee from Bree's slender hand, Lynette looked into her eyes for the first time in over a month. At that moment a tear rolled down Bree's cheek. "Nothing's the same anymore," Bree managed to say as her tears became more frequent. "I can't stand it." Bree hunched over the counter her head in her arms so that Lynette couldn't see her crying. "Bree," Lynette said lovingly as she took the few steps to close the gap between the two. Lynette pulled Bree up so they were facing each other and wrapped her arms around her. After a few seconds Lynette felt Bree's arms on her back and her head resting on her shoulder. Lynette felt the dampness on her collared shirt from Bree's tears. Lynette closed her eyes and remembered this. Her slender frame up against hers, and just being with one another. Bree picked up her head and looked at Lynette, "I've missed you." said Bree as she wiped away her tears. "I've missed you too." Lynette knew she was not alone in the feelings that came rushing back to her, since the color in Bree's cheeks had started to return. Maybe it was only a color that Lynette knew, but she knew it was something special.

Lynette dropped her hands from around Bree's frame and grabbed her hand. She led them into the living room where she sat down on the couch and pulled Bree down with her. Bree remembered this was where they had first kissed. Bree remembered that day perfectly. The sun was shining, the kids had gone to school, and Rex was at work. Lynette had come over for coffee and somehow they ended up on the couch kissing. It was something that felt so comfortable to Bree and something that she wanted more than anyone would ever know. Each of them had felt something more that just friendship for a while and the time had come when each had acted upon that feeling. As Bree was remembering that moment, Lynette was staring at her, making up for the time that she hadn't been able to see Bree's beautiful porcelain skin, or her sometimes blue sometimes green eyes. Suddenly Bree leaned over to Lynette and pressed her lips against Lynette's. Taken by surprise Lynette's eyes remained open for a moment until she relaxed. Lynette pulled away from Bree. "You know, I didn't come back here just for this. I wanted to make sure you were okay," she said looking at Bree's eyes, lips and back up to her eyes. Bree nodded, "I know." She took Lynette's hand in hers. "I've been rather numb these past few weeks, and the thought of you has been the only thing keeping me going." Lynette leaned over and brushed a light kiss across Bree's lips. "I'm glad I could do that for you," Lynette said looking down at their hands, fingers intertwined. "I love you Lynette." Bree wrapped her arms around Lynette's waist and laid kisses on neck in circles. Lynette's eyes rolled back into her head in pleasure. "I love you too Bree," Lynette managed to say as her breathing increased slightly. Their lips met again, passionately. Bree pulled away and got up, still holding Lynette's hand. "Let's go upstairs," Bree said pulling Lynette up this time.

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