Makes it hard to tell

by michellek

When Lynette had considered sex with Bree and she had for years, albeit in a way so vague the thoughts didn't seem like fantasies she assumed Bree would be demure. Willowy breaths instead of full-out moans; grumbling her orgasm instead of screaming it. Perhaps she should've known better from the casual discussions of sex they'd had, but she considered Bree's accounts of her lust for Rex a show; another way for Bree to be someone else. But now, with Bree spread out on her bed, lingerie on the floor and fingers tangled in Lynette's hair, there was no doubt that her stories weren't fallacy.

(Unless this was a show, but Lynette didn't even think of that. After the way Tom left her, she knew she couldn't handle another rejection, subtlety notwithstanding.)

Lynette slid one hand up Bree's abdomen, leaving the other to press down on Bree's hip. She cupped Bree's breast, thumb and forefinger twisting her nipple. Bree uttered something obscene that would've made Lynette blanch if her skin wasn't so flush with heat. Lynette smiled against Bree's sex, and then lightly sucked on the tiny nub that was captured between her lips. She released the pressure then regained it, pushing forward and pulling away until Bree came.

Bree's fingers stayed tangled in her hair as she pulled Lynette's mouth to hers. She slid her fingers out of the tendrils and moved her thumbs over Lynette's wet lips before she kissed her. Lynette let her body rest against Bree's as they kissed, her moan escaping her throat but not being heard in the air around them.

Bree muttered, "I love you," against Lynette's cheek. "I love you so much."

It was something Lynette had heard before, had known. But this wasn't said as one friend to another. This was new.

Lynette tucked a lock of red hair behind Bree's ear. "I love you, too."

(Maybe Bree was just raw after Rex turned her into a laughingstock and mistook sex and friendship for her second great love. Maybe Lynette was in the same fragile place.)

But in the quiet room, with their heads spinning and a sense that every moment was perfection, it felt like nothing but the truth.

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