Penny for your thoughts

by Chargrey


“I’d say we have thirty minutes. What do you think?” Bree said, smiling as she welcomed Lynette in the door.


“Depends on how much time it takes us to set up to make it look like that was the only reason I came over here early for poker.” Lynette smiled.


“Oh, I’ve all ready got the poker and food set up. I didn’t want to waste any time. I’d say we have some time, Mary Alice will get here first, early as usual.” Bree smiled mischievously.


“Like some people I know.”


“Would you rather I came exactly on time to your poker weeks and miss all of the pre-game fun?”


They walked eagerly up the stairs, towards Bree’s bedroom.


“My choice of fun this week.” Bree said as she casually pushed Lynette on the bed before starting to passionately kiss her.


Lynette  laid back and Bree went to fast work pulling of Lynette’s pants as Lynette worked on the top half of her clothes.


When she was fully un-clothed, Bree began on Lynette’s neck, with slow, languid kisses.


“Mmm…this never gets tiring.” Lynette said as Bree moved lower, to her breasts.


“I aim…” Bree kissed the side of her breast, “to please.” Kissing her slightly lower.


Bree moved her kisses lower, towards Lynette’s belly which was beginning to show signs of her fourth child.


Bree laid her head on Lynette’s belly. “So, do you think this one is mine or Tom’s?” she said with a smile.


“You know,” Lynette said with a laugh, “I’d say I was pretty sure of reproductive science, but the three red-heads that run around my house all day have made me question it.”


Bree smiled. “If I were a man, Tom would surely suspect that you’d been cheating on him. You think this one will have red hair too? After a while, Tom will get suspicious.”


“Well, I’m hoping it’s a girl. I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful little girl with hair like a copper penny.”


“Penny. There’s a ‘p’ name for you.” Bree smiled as she began her kissing again from where she'd left off.


“Yeah, I kind of like the name.” Lynette smiled, and Bree started moving lower again.


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