Coming, New York

Author: Rysler
Date: 07/24/05
Genre: Law and Order: SVU / Cold Case
Pairing: Olivia/Lilly
Rating: Smutty lesbian erotica with dildo sex.
Notes: Un-betad, and any resemblance to canon characters is, sadly, coincidental. Written by request. You know who you are, you perverts.

"I'll be in New York tomorrow," the voice said through the receiver. Olivia squeezed the phone and glanced around the squad. No one was paying any attention to her. She was free to blush at Lilly's words. Even the most innocuous sentence warmed Olivia, and the next one left her throbbing. "... I'd like to see you."

Olivia looked around again before she said, "Okay."

"Ask me why I'll be in New York." Lilly's voice was light and teasing.


"Charity event for Homeland Security. I'm going to remind a few people that Philadelphia is the cradle of liberty and they should throw us a few bucks."

Olivia cleared her throat. "Why you?"

"I volunteered. I'd like you to attend."

Olivia leaned back in her chair, sprawling with her legs out in front of her. "Oh, no. Look, they don't like kiddie cops at those things..."

"Why is that?"

"We're reminders that no matter how safe the airport is, the world is a sick, sick place."

"I guess realism isn't very uplifting at a ball."

Olivia gritted her teeth. "No."

"I don't want you to change the world tomorrow night, Olivia."

Olivia felt her face grow hot as she glanced around again. Munch waved at her suspiciously, and she scowled and turned back to her desk. "No?"

"I want to see what you look like in a little black dress," Lilly said.

Olivia exhaled. "It's overrated."

"It's what I want."

"Fine. Dinner first?"

"You should eat. But I'll see you there," Lilly said. The line clicked off. Olivia glanced at her watch. She had 26 hours to occupy herself until she saw Lilly Rush. Luckily, there was work.

* * *

Olivia smoothed her gown and looked out over the crowded ballroom. Champagne flowed and chandeliers twinkled. A waiter in outfits more expensive than her dress offered her a cheese square. In a slinky black dress covered in sequins that barely brushed her thighs and brand new pumps that hurt her feet, Olivia felt the absence of her gun and badge. When Cragen looked her way and his eyes widened slightly, she felt naked. She knew he was wondering what she was doing here and she felt, the way he looked at her, that he wouldn't like her answer.

The soiree probably cost more than it would raise for its cause--at least more than Philadelphia would ever see. Olivia took a deep breath and made her way into the crowd. She found Lilly talking to the deputy mayor of New York. Lilly was aware of her as she approached. Olivia could tell by the way her back stiffened, even though Lilly didn't look in her direction as she said, "... Most people want to confess. Keeping secrets is unnatural. We use information to gain status and power, and even a thief will share information if he thinks it will lift his position in the eyes of cops. But it's more than that. People want attention. Sometimes I'm the first person to listen, really listen to a person in years."

As Lilly spoke, Olivia indulged herself in studying Lilly's body, an activity she rarely had time for when Lilly's attention was totally on her. Lilly's blonde hair was mostly loose around her shoulders, pinned behind each ear to give her a disarming, soft appearance. Her white dress shirt was open at the neck, displaying the sleek curve of her throat, unadorned. Her sports coat was folded over her arm and her tailored gray slacks hung nondescriptly from waist to boot, neither displaying her ass nor hiding it, nor drawing attention to the... Olivia sucked in her breath as she focused on Lilly's crotch. A subtle crease in the fabric that shouldn't be there. An air pocket, or perhaps a shadow. Olivia, trained detective and lover, realized that Lilly was packing.

Lilly concluded her sentence and cocked her head at Olivia. She smiled. "Glad you could make it. Deputy Mayor, this is my friend Olivia Benson. N.Y.P.D."

The deputy mayor stuck out his hand. "N.Y.P.D., eh? I guess all you on the force know each other." He glanced at Lilly. His tone was suspicious, as if he had always suspected cops were in collusion worldwide, out to catch him speeding through every stop sign down the east coast.

Lilly stepped into Olivia's space, close enough for Olivia to feel the hard protrusion between Lilly's thighs against her leg. Olivia knew Lilly was declaring her plans for the rest of the evening. She wiped her suddenly sweaty hands surreptitiously on her gown as Lilly addressed the deputy mayor. "We met on a case." Lilly gently tapped Olivia's back.

Olivia said, "We tracked an internet child pornography ring to Philadelphia, and one of our collars matched a cold case."

"Homicide and kidnapping five years ago. We finally managed to give the family some closure."

The deputy mayor nodded and looked between them. "I guess that shows departments should work together. Mind if I use that in my toast? And, excuse me, I must say hellow to Councilman Robe."

Olivia watched his departure. "I think he was flirting with you."

Lilly turned around. "He and his wife. I think they're swingers. You look beautiful in that dress. But you have lipstick..." She reached up to rub at the corner of Olivia's mouth with her thumb. Olivia parted her lips, and Lilly stroked her bottom lip as she dropped her hand. "There."

Olivia felt breathless. She inhaled deeply, before saying, "Thank you. Have you seen what you came to see?"

Lilly looked her over. "Yes. Let's go."

Olivia led Lilly to the exit. She wondered how many people knew Lilly was wearing an exotic toy under her carefully pressed suit. Then she figured, how many people knew the deputy mayor was a swinger, or that Councilman Robe would be going home with the waiter holding flutes of champagne. Maybe it didn't really matter.

Lilly hailed a cab. When she was settled next to Olivia in the back seat, she rested her hand on Olivia's thigh, just below the hem of her gown. Olivia rested her head against the back of the seat and closed her eyes. The connection between Lilly's touch and her thigh felt like tickling electricity. Lilly's fingers were still against her skin and Olivia silently implored her to move higher, under her gown, where she was already aching. The mere thought made her gasp, and Lilly chuckled, patting her leg and retreating.

When they were inside Olivia's bedroom, when Olivia was stroking Lilly's back as Lilly's tongue licked at a spot just below her ear, when Lilly's hands cupped her ass, Olivia finally managed to ask, "What were you thinking?"

Lilly chuckled against her ear. "I wanted you to know that I was here to see you. Just you."

"A blunt message."

"Did it work?"

"In what sense?" Olivia lifted her head.

"What was your response to the message?" Lilly slid her hand under Olivia's dress, cupping her. "I think I have your answer."

Olivia pushed herself against Lilly's fingers. She was already aching, had been aching since yesterday's phone call. "Yes."

"Good. Have I told you how perfect you look in that dress? Every eye in the ball was on you."

Olivia had reached down to grab Lilly's wrist, holding it against herself. "What dress?"

"Turn around." Lilly disengaged her fingers before Olivia could use that as a point of protest, and Olivia turned around, facing the bed. She leaned forward, bracing herself on her palms, and felt Lilly's hands against her back. Lilly found the zipper at her neck and drew it down. Olivia shivered as the fabric fell away and revealed her bare skin. The gown slipped from her arms and pooled under her. Lilly, who must have knelt behind her, pulled the gown down her legs, along with her wet panties. Olivia stepped out of them with Lilly's guidance.

"Move forward," Lilly said. Her fingers slid up the backs of Olivia's legs, over her ass, and settled on the small of her back.

Olivia slid forward, lifting herself onto the bed until she was kneeling. She said, "Turn out the lights."

"You don't want to see what I'm going to do to you?" Lilly's voice receded. The lights clicked off. Olivia blinked in the sudden blackness. Her eyes adjusted so she could make out the dark shapes of the headboard and pillows. Lilly, close behind her now, said, "You want me to fuck you in the dark?"

Olivia closed her eyes. She had never let a woman put her in this position before--on her knees on her own bed. But Lilly had seduced her in Philadelphia and had possessed her ever since. Olivia had experienced stranger lovers, and darker ones, but no one had inspired the right mix of excitement and fear in Olivia. Playing along had worked well in the past, but Lilly had never asked this of her. "Penetration won't get me off," she said, trying to keep her tone matter-of-fact.

"You've only been fucked by men. Has a woman been inside you, Olivia? With more than delicate, curling fingers?"

"No. But what's--"

"The difference? You tell me."

Olivia heard the rustle of clothing and knew Lilly was opening her pants. She felt a twinge of fear. Her nipples hardened. She wondered how big Lilly's toy was and if she could take it. Sweat pooled at her back, and she jerked forward when something brushed her rear. A tongue, not silicone, touched her exposed lips. Olivia groaned at the soft, rough sensation and pushed back, wanting more. Lilly retreated. Olivia stilled, arching her back to present herself to Lilly, hoping to tempt her back with her promise of cooperation.

The tongue slipped inside her, and then out to find Olivia's swollen clitoris. Lilly licked with quick, warm strokes without pressure. Olivia quivered in her effort to hold still. Her whole focus was on the throbbing between her legs and the soft touches that almost hurt her with their gentleness. She was moaning and spread her legs wider. She bargined. "I'm so close, Lilly. Just lick me and then you can do whatever--"

"No. You're going to beg for what I have." Lilly's tongue returned after she spoke, with teeth, nipping at her buttocks. Olivia could feel Lilly's breath on her. Hot and forceful pants blew against her asshole, but the tongue stayed away, traveling instead to the base of her spine to taste the sweat. Wetness coated Olivia's thighs and she could feel the heaviness of her need. She knew she was aroused enough for whatever Lilly offered. "Just take me," she said.

"You want it?"

Lilly's words vibrated against Olivia. She flexed her arms, lowering her chest, offering more of her ass to Lilly. "Yes."

Lilly ran the tips of her fingers down Olivia's thighs. "What do you want?"

The question hung heavy in the room. Olivia pushed her face into the bedcover. Lilly's hand stopped touching her. The answer would be all or nothing. She wondered if this is how Lilly got suspects to confess, by making it a choice between desire and death. "I want," Olivia said, lifting her head to speak clearly, words that would either condemn or save her, "Your cock inside me."

She had expected instant gratification after uttering such tremendous words, but Lilly took her time, kneeling on the bed, sliding her hands down Olivia's back. Olivia felt something hard against her thigh. She heard a tearing sound which she identified as a condom wrapper. "Lilly, just..." After begging, after getting on her hands and knees, after giving Lilly exactly what she wanted, Olivia was a little annoyed that Lilly wasn't providing the expected response. Hadn't her message been blunt enough?

"It's necessary," Lilly said behind her. "You don't know where this thing has been. Are you ready?" Lilly touched her, spreading her lips with her fingers, finding the wetness.

Olivia only gasped. Her voice caught in her throat. She wouldn't answer any more questions if it didn't get her anything.

"I think you are," Lilly answered for her. She held Olivia's hip to steady herself, and entered her. Olivia felt the silicone stretching her. She exhaled, nearly crying with relief. Lilly was finally inside her. At the beginning of the night she would not have imagined it would come to this. Lilly drew back, and Olivia was so afraid she would extract herself that she shifted backward to keep herself impaled. Lilly squeezed her waist. "It's okay, Olivia. Just trust me."

Olivia steadied herself while Lilly thrust in again, pushing until their thighs touched. She repeated the action, just as slowly, so Olivia could feel every pull against her skin, every caress of the air that cooled the wet shaft before it penetrated her again. "This is going to be good for you, sweetheart. I'm going to make it good," Lilly said. She rolled her hips with deliberate movements, teasing Olivia with the cock, opening her.

Olivia was meeting each thrust with her own rocking hips, moving in tandem. But though Lilly's fucking felt good, and kept her arousal buzzing, it wasn't enough. "I told you... I can't like this... " Olivia said, even as she braced herself on her forearms for more forceful jerks against Lilly, seeking more sensation.

"Do you want to come?" Lilly asked.

Olivia looked over her shoulder, making out Lilly's shape in the darkness. "Yes."

"You want to come with me fucking you?" Her words were further arousing Olivia. Her nipples, rubbing against the blanket below her with her movements, tightened painfully. She tried to press her thighs together to apply pressure to her clitoris. "Maybe you want me to reach around and use my fingers. Or should I stroke your breasts? Or spank you? Slip a finger inside you from behind?"

Olivia heard Lilly's breathing increase and become grunting. The thrusts inside her were more erratic. Lilly, at least, was getting off on having Olivia underneath her. She heard Lilly's breath hitch, and then Lilly pushed forward, the cock stilling. Lilly's added weight on her back made it harder for her to hold herself up. Lilly's long, satisfied exhale against her back made Olivia smile in the darkness, and then Lilly resumed her thrusting, with slow strokes. Her cheek was under Olivia's shoulder, and Lilly whispered, "I want you to take as much as you can get, Olivia." She found Olivia's breast, cupping its weight. Olivia closed her eyes, and with Lilly embracing her, Lilly inside her, she began to move against the cock. She spread her legs. Her clit was exposed to the cooled air. The rest of her was hot from Lilly's touch.

Lilly kept whispering to her, telling her to come while she was being fucked from behind, and Olivia began to tremble. She jerked twice in Lilly's arms, with her jaw clenched and her gasping muffled by the blanket underneath her. Her arms gave out and she sank face-forward into the bed. She moaned as Lilly's weight and cock withdrew and moaned again at the sound of a zipper being drawn. Rolling onto her back, she saw Lilly toss the used condom into the wastebasket beside her desk. Lilly was fully dressed. Olivia could smell her own sweat and feel the dampness of the bedclothes underneath her. She longed for a shower, but that would only come when she felt recovered enough to move again. Lilly sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss Olivia.

Olivia responded, opening her mouth against Lilly's, but Lilly drew back. "I've got to go." Lilly headed toward the bedroom door.

"You're leaving?" Olivia struggled to sit up.

"Philadelphia's waiting. There's an execution at 3 A.M. I should attend."

"What did you tell them you were doing in New York?"

"I told them I was going to get laid," Lilly said.

Olivia chuckled as Lilly leaned against the bedroom door. "You know..." Not quite meeting Olivia's eyes, Lilly said, "They didn't believe me."

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