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I am no longer going to post Real Person Fiction here, mainly to keep it from being picked up by search engines. You can find it on my fiction journal.

Law and Order stories now have their own archive.


All My Children

"Better Than Ice Cream" - Kendall finds Bianca's midnight intrusion in the penthouse damned annoying. (Kendall Hart/Bianca Montgomery)


Babylon 5

"Facing Earth" - A meeting on the moon (Ivanova/Lochley)


Battlestar Galactica [2003]

"Into This Breathing World" - Kara had thought before about how Roslin's skin might feel under her fingertips. Now she knew for certain: Roslin was soft, like broken-in leather, warm and worn thin against her hand.. (Kara/Laura)

"Sin Lieth at the Door" - Kara serves two mistresses. (Kara/Laura, Kara/Cain)



"Kinds of Blood" - She was decked out like sadomasochism's rejected nightmare, and Faith didn't need to smell the decay on her. Vampires couldn't be more obvious. (Faith/Vampire Willow)


Charlie's Angels

"Psychedelic Rainbow" - A case threatens to expose Kelly Garrett's secret. (Kelly/Sabrina)


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

"Ms. Willows and the Candlestick" - The gang plays Clue in the breakroom.


Dead Like Me

"Safe" - Daisy is afraid to sleep alone. (Daisy/George)

"Death and Games" - George attends a softball game.

"Georgia on my Mind" - If your dance card is clear tonight, let's stay in. Get good food, drink wine, listen to old records. Maybe even smoke a cigar or two.. (Daisy/George)

"Responsibilities" - George catches Reggie thinking of her.



"Homesick" - River bonds with Zoe. There are some llamas. Written for the Femslash '05 Ficathon.

"The Alliance Job" - Mal answers a distress call, and finds himself with a job he can't refuse.
(Teamfic, Simon/Kaylee)

"For a Fee" - Kaylee makes a wish. (Kaylee/Anya)

"What it Means to Be a Wife" - Saffron and Inara have different ideas about women. (Inara/Kaylee)


Fried Green Tomatoes [movie]

"Why She Stays" - Ruth wished she knew why she did anything Idgie asked, even when it would lead to her certain doom. (Idgie/Ruth)

"The Night Idgie Threadgoode Fought a Vampire in Alabama" - "So, there I was," Idgie started. "In the dead of night, surrounded by trees that loomed like ghosts..." (Idgie/Ruth)

"Provider" - A short scene set between rescuing Ruth and the opening of the Cafe. (Idgie/Ruth)


Ginger Snaps / Foxfire

"Creature Comforts" - Legs is the new girl in town. (Ginger/Legs/Brigitte)



"That Girl They Fear" - I bet that Kate is pretending the camp doesn't exist. That she is finally free of the world. That they are all dead, and she can stop running. (Kate/Sun)


Murder in Suburbia

"Got a Body - An ex-girlfriend from Scribb's pre-Ash past is involved in their new case. (Ash/Scribbs)


One Life to Live

"Caught Between Moments" - Megan finds herself awake in the middle of the night, not quite believing her sister is really alive and sitting in her house. (Sarah Gordon/Megan Gordon (incest))


Twelfth Night

"Let Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar Depart" - The aftermath of the play, from Sebastian's point of view.


Xena: Warrior Princess

"Caesar Slept Alone - What Caesar dreams about. (Caesar/Xena/Pompey)

"Old Xena Had a Harem - People go down on the farm. (Xena/Ares/Gabrielle)

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