Author: Rysler Date: 05/02/05
Genre: Law and Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Category: Drama, Romance, First Time Story
Warnings: Women having explicit, kinky sex with some mild domination and eventually, a dildo. Implicit discussions of child molestation and sexual harassment. (But hey! No violence this time!)
Summary: Olivia catches the case of a woman sexually harassed by her boss, and as Olivia grows closer with Casey Novak, casework complicates their burgeoning relationship.
Thanks to Hope for reading it over! Explicity nude banner by Geonn under the cut.

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* * *

Olivia had the squad mostly to herself in the early afternoon. Fin and Munch were out doing interviews in an area from the night before. Stabler was at his daughter's dance recital. Instead of their voices she could only hear the clatter of clerks nearby. The steady white noise left her with her thoughts.

She hit the enter key on the keyboard, and glanced at the phone again. She knew rape occurred every one point three minutes in the U.S., and underreporting was staggering. The minutes were ticking by. She adjusted her fingers on the keyboard, ready to fill in the next line of her report, saying to herself, "If you're out there, she thought, please call."

A feeble throat-clearing near the squad entrance caught her attention. A young woman stood in the doorway, her gaze darting nervously around the open room, not finding any focal point. Olivia could see her hands were trembling, clenching and unclenching the edge of her jacket. She looked for signs of bruises or cuts, but from her distance, she saw nothing amiss beyond the vulnerable, haunted expression on the woman's face.

"Hi," Olivia called across the squad, careful not to move toward the woman. "I'm Olivia Benson. Can I help you?"

The woman opened her mouth. "I--" She glanced around and walked toward Olivia. A blush tinted the woman's cheeks. When she was close enough to Olivia to whisper, she did. "I was... Sexually harassed. By my boss." She gulped for air between each word, and didn't quite meet Olivia's eyes.

"Okay." Olivia gestured to her desk. "Why don't we sit down, Ms.--"

"Ballston. Sharon Ballston." She sat down.

Olivia settled across from her and pulled out a legal pad. "Tell me what happened," she said in a soft voice, the one she reserved for women who had survived a violation but might shatter with the next aftershock.

Sharon, though, remained tense, and looked surprised. "Don't you want to know my...Is there a form to fill out?"

"Just tell me what happened," Olivia said. She put her hand on Sharon's wrist.

The touch seemed to draw stress away from Sharon, and her next words came more easily. " I've been out of law school for about a year..." She spoke to a spot just beyond Olivia. Sharon was a young woman in a tailored suit, carrying a briefcase. Olivia would have taken her for an expensive defense attorney. Sharon said, "I work for Hart and Edmundson. I'm just billable hours, you know? My boss--"

"What's his name?" Olivia lifted her pen to write the information down.

"My boss?"

"Yes." Olivia looked intently at Sharon. "I know you don't want to talk about this. I know what it's like," she spoke softly, meeting Sharon's eyes. "But you need to talk about this."

Sharon looked down at her hands. "I have to tell you?"

"Yes, Ms. Ballston." That was a lie, but it usually worked.

"Call me Sharon."

"Okay." Olivia offered Sharon a smile.

Sharon almost smiled back. She said, "He's...William Hart."

"Okay." Olivia kept rubbing Sharon's wrist gently. "What did he do?"

Sharon inhaled. "He's been, I mean, all year he's been groping me. Patting my shoulder." She fought back tears. "Winking. Making comments."


Sharon looked down at her hands. "But I figure, that's all part of the job, no matter what the posters in the lunch room say. You know?" She looked up at Olivia.

Olivia nodded, meeting Sharon's eyes. She knew.

"He--He took me out to dinner, to celebrate our--my one year anniversary, and he told me that if I was going to keep working at H&E. He'd like to get closer to me. I was skeeved."



Olivia nodded. She ran her fingers through her hair and braced herself for what would come from her next question. "Why?"

"Why?" Sharon's eyes widened. "He's twice my age. He's married. He's--Just, no."

"No's enough," Olivia said. "When we investigate..." She spoke her next words quietly, "We're going to have to look into your background, too. Just in the natural course of things, but I didn't want anything to take you by surprise."

Sharon frowned, and asked, "What about the rape shield law?"

She was referring to the law that kept mitigating factors to discredit the victim in sexual assaults out of court, like the way the victim dressed, or if she came onto the aggressor before she said no. "You're a lawyer..." Olivia let the comprehension sink into Sharon's features. She saw Sharon look down at the desk, probably trying to see what she was writing. She had only written 'Sharon Ballston,' 'William Hart,' 'Hart and Edmundson,' and 'One year anniversary dinner.'

She continued her questioning. "Did anything else happen with Hart?"

"No." Sharon seemed to have more of a grip on her emotions.

Olivia sat back slightly. "What made you walk in?"

"I... didn't want anyone to know. I didn't want to use the company phone. Or my phone. Or email, you know? This seemed the most anonymous."

What did that say about this day and age when showing up in person was the best way to keep your identity secret? Olivia nodded, and opened her drawer. She pulled out a legal pad and set it in front of Sharon, and then got a pen from her desk. "I need your contact information, and the address of your firm, and any numbers you have for Hart."

Sharon put pen to paper. "I... What's going to happen now?"

"We'll talk to Hart in the morning," she said, and before the relief on Sharon's face could fully coalesce, Olivia added, "He'll probably figure out what's going on. And I'm not sure if we'll be able to indict him without corroborating evidence."

Sharon gripped the pen. "Isn't my word enough?"

"In a perfect world. For now, you should try and avoid Hart at work as much as you can." She considered seeing if Sharon would be willing to wear a wire or escalate further, to collect more solid evidence. But studying her, Olivia realized that the event had shaken Sharon, and that a second run might make her fall apart.

Sharon closed her eyes, and nodded. She inhaled deeply, and managed to say to the floor, "Should I get a lawyer?"

"Probably." Olivia reached out and touched Sharon's shoulder. "It'll be all right. We'll protect you. It won't happen again. You did the right thing." Sharon didn't look up. Olivia said, "I'll get a uniformed officer to drive you home."

Sharon stood and picked up her briefcase. "Thank you."

* * *

Dinner with Casey was the best part of Olivia's day. The best part of her week, really, since they'd made time nearly once a week for the last few months for either lunch or dinner, ostensibly to go over case notes. The restaurant was a hole in the wall burger place a few blocks from the courthouse, just a few booths on one side and a bar on the other side. The bar would fill up with locals as the evening progressed, but for now it was mostly empty except for Casey and Olivia.

Seeing someone socially once a week was a lot if you weren't sleeping with them or if they weren't your therapist, but Olivia felt good in Casey's presence. She was still struggling to put her finger on why, but as long as they had work as an excuse, she'd keep her feelings to herself, and enjoy the way Casey's hair looked tousled by the end of the day, and the way Casey's warm smile, which won over juries regularly, had, she admitted, won over her.

"You look troubled," Casey said to her, seeming to peek at Olivia over the rim of her wine glass.

Olivia had been studying the way the man at the next table cut his meat, and she straightened in her chair to face Casey. "What? No. Just a new case... Not even as bad as usual. Or maybe just different, bad. Sexual harassment. Corporate."

Casey raised her eyebrows.

"Did you ever run into this when you were collaring executives in white collar?"

"Sure. I always prayed it didn't ruin a woman's career." Casey said, and took a sip of wine.

Olivia nodded. She said, "I don't like the criminals I can't arrest." She stabbed at her burger with her fork.

"I never thought I'd say this," Casey said as she smiled at Olivia. "But neither do I. I used to think it was a challenge, catching those bastards who did crime on paper. But this... This is a challenge."

Olivia leaned back in her seat. She exhaled. "So what's the next challenge, counselor?"

"8 A.M. testimony is always a challenge." Casey groaned. She set her glass on the table and furrowed her brow at Olivia. "Are you ready to go on the stand in the Jenkins case? I know recounting the investigation is like..."

"Being there all over again," Olivia said, nodding soberly. "When I'm at trial, my mind goes back to the first moments on a case. Going back to that squalid apartment where Washington Jenkins molested his own son... Even collecting evidence feels like an intrusion." Olivia looked away from Casey, toward the neon beer signs over the bar. She knew she had to play tough cop for Joshua, she'd spent months gaining his trust, but even now, the thought of what happened to him sickened her. She exhaled.

Casey reached across the table and covered Olivia's hand with her own. "I'm glad--" She paused, and bit her lip. "I'm glad that's not a part of my job."

Olivia looked at their joined hands. "At least my job is putting him away."

Casey smiled.

Dinner came, and testimony was practiced, Casey feeding Olivia the same questions over and over until Olivia could control her emotions on her responses. Cheesecake was debated, rejected, and the check came. Olivia and Casey split it--working dinners were regulated by the city of New York.

"Walk me home?" Casey grinned at Olivia as she gathered her purse and they left the restaurant. "I always feel safer with a police escort."

Olivia chuckled. She paused on the street, waiting for Casey to catch up. Casey took her arm, surprising her, coming into close enough contact with Olivia to make her skin tingle and her nostrils flare with the faint scent of Casey's perfume. Walking home together, like shared meals, was becoming a routine Olivia didn't examine too closely. Routine was natural to a cop, a daily grind to accept unquestioningly until it was interrupted by a moment of stark terror.

Casey squeezed her arm while hopping over a puddle, and Olivia felt that terror flutter in her stomach. She thought it amazing that a twenty block walk could seem too long and too short at the same time.

* * *

Olivia was on the stand in the morning. Casey was questioning her. The courtroom was quiet, and Olivia shifted in the hard wood seat, knowing she had the attention of everyone in the room. The case involved a minor so the courtroom was closed to press and the public. She focused on Casey.

Casey met her gaze, and Olivia saw the corners of her eyes crinkle. "Can you tell me, Detective Benson, how you came to suspect Washington Jenkins?"

The defense attorney stood. "Objection, leading."

"Sustained," said the judge sitting on Olivia's right, who looked tired, and slightly aggravated.

"I'll rephrase." Casey rested her hands on the stand. "Please describe your investigation."

"An examination of Joshua Jenkins at the hospital on March 3rd, several hours after the alleged attack, revealed semen which we sent to the lab for processing. My partner, Elliot Stabler, and I reconstructed the timeline of Joshua's whereabouts over the previous 24 hours. The DNA evidence indicated Washington Jenkins was a match--"

"Objection." The defense attorney stood again. "Detective Benson is not a geneticist."

Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Overruled, but let's focus on your role, detective." The judge nodded at Olivia.

Casey smiled thinly. "Please continue."

Olivia shifted to face the jury. "We determined that Washington Jenkins was alone with Joshua during the time in question. Further, we had a witness statement from the boy--"

"Objection. The boy's six years old. He isn't qualified to--"

"Overruled." The judge scowled at the defense attorney. "The detective's testimony has not been found lacking."

"Based on that evidence, we were able to compel DNA and make the appropriate arrest."


The judge gestured and cut the attorney off.

Casey exhaled. "No further questions." She turned around, scanning the visitor box of the courtroom. Joshua wasn't in the crowd--He wouldn't be, until he testified. She sat down and watched the defense attorney approach Olivia.

The defense attorney looked smug, and Olivia bit her lip to keep from sneering at him. He asked, "Did you have Washington Jenkins in mind as a suspect since the beginning?"

"We always look at the immediate family first. Then relatives. Then we expand outward."

"Teachers, then? Bus drivers? Shop clerks?"

"Not all of them left their semen inside Joshua."

"Just answer yes or no, Detective Benson."

Olivia glowered. "We only search for other suspects once the initial suspects have been eliminated."

"Interesting policy. Isn't it true that Detective Stabler threatened Washington Jenkins during the arrest?"

Casey stood. "Objection, hearsay."


Olivia said, "You'd have to ask Detective Stabler."

"Funny, he didn't make the witness list. How do you know Washington was alone with Joshua?"

"The boy's statement."

"Any other evidence?" The defense attorney smirked.

Olivia glared at the attorney.


"No direct evidence," Olivia said.

"Thank you. No further questions, Your Honor."

The judge looked at her watch. "Let's break for the day. We'll resume at 9:30 A.M. tomorrow."

The jury and the suspect were led out. Olivia left the stand and crossed to where Casey was gathering her briefcase.

Casey turned around and said. "You did great. Joshua goes on the stand tomorrow afternoon. Will you be there?"


Casey squeezed Olivia's arm. "Good."

"Are we still on for the game?"

Casey nodded. "Just let me drop this off at my office and we'll head to the field. I can't believe Joshua can play t-ball during his trial."

"Hey, he wasn't even in court today. He doesn't have this testimony hanging over him."

"Lucky him."

* * *

The game lasted into twilight, and the field's floodlights had been activated. In the dusky glow, Casey and Olivia sat with a group of parents on spray-painted bleachers. A cheer rippled through the small crowd. Casey lifted her head. "Did we win?"

Olivia chuckled. "They won. We had a good game."

"Got it." Casey nodded. "What now?"

Olivia leaned back against the bleacher above her shoulders. She stretched her arms across the rim, and sighed. "Now... orange soda and pizza."

"Even though we lost?"

Olivia slapped Casey's shoulder.

Casey bit her lip. "How and peanuts, instead?"

"I'd settle for white wine and cheese."

"A woman of class. And they let you carry a badge?"

"So says white collar crimes girl." Olivia slid off the edge of the bleachers and turned to help Casey step down to the muddy ground. The t-ball game was their third social outing beyond the weekly working dinners, and they'd spent most of their time chatting about New York rather than watching the score.

Casey put her hand on Olivia's back as they walked toward the street. "I'm sex crimes girl now."

Joshua emerged from the bleachers, and ran eagerly toward them. "Did you see, Olivia? I hit one!?"

Olivia knelt and hugged him. "I saw. You were fantastic." She released him and straightened. "This is my friend, Casey."

Casey knelt and stuck out her hand. "Hi."

Joshua backed away and leaned into Olivia's thigh.

Casey straightened, chuckling.

"We're going to dinner," Olivia told Joshua.

He nodded. "Have fun!" He ran off toward his mother.

Casey exhaled. "Cute."

"Did you ever want them?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm sure my own children would never be as scary."

Olivia laughed.

Casey offered her elbow. "Shall we?"

Olivia studied her for a long moment. The baseball field floodlights reflected in Casey's eyes, and made her look... dangerous. Olivia swallowed. "Yes." She took Casey's arm.

* * *

The connection between them morphed into high-voltage current. They got fast food Chinese to take back to Olivia's place since she lived in the city. Their arms brushed often, on the sidewalk when pressed by crowds they leaned into each other, and during a cab ride, Casey dared to cover Olivia's hand with her own.

Olivia looked at Casey illuminated by the neon lights streaking by, and wondered what it would be like to kiss her. Casey's hand was cool against her fingers. The temperature should have been calming, but Olivia desperately wanted more. She wanted to plunge herself into icy waters. When she leaned forward Casey's fingers tightened on hers.

"We're almost home," Casey said, in a tone that sounded final to Olivia's ears. Casey wasn't hesitant or embarrassed to be with her in the cab, Olivia guessed, she just intended to wait, and Olivia was forced to wait with her. Olivia swallowed. She leaned back in the cab, closing her eyes and counting the seconds. The scent of harsh spices and MSG wafted from the flimsy cardboard boxes at her feet, and Olivia wondered if she would forever associate Casey with the smell.

The cab dropped them off and Olivia keyed open the door to her building without shaking, and invited Casey up.

Casey glanced around the dingy lobby, and then back to Olivia's face. "We're really going upstairs?"

Olivia nodded.

"To eat Chinese food?" She hefted the bag.


Casey grinned. "There's something I want to do first."

"Okay." Olivia waited.

Casey set down the food and wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck, lifting herself up to kiss Olivia's mouth. Casey tasted oddly sweet, like a combination of breath mints and Xerox paper. Olivia paused before responding to the kiss, letting Casey's lips press hers chastely, knowing the security guard could be watching, anyone from the street could be watching. Casey tugged her head gently, and Olivia succumbed, opening her mouth to Casey's and closing her eyes.

Olivia captured Casey's upper lip between her teeth and tugged, and Casey sighed against her mouth before lowering herself to the ground again, and stepping back and picking up the Chinese food.

Olivia cleared her throat. "Still want to come upstairs?"

"Oh, yeah."

They ascended the stairs and Olivia let them into her apartment. She'd barely locked the door when Casey took her hand, gently holding it as two young friends might do in a park. Olivia looked down at their clasped fingers. "Should we eat?"

Casey stepped closer. "I'll eat when I'm hungry." She tugged on Olivia's hand, drawing her further into the room, and wrapped her free arm around Olivia's waist. Olivia touched Casey's shoulder, and tried to free her hand to use it to draw Casey closer against her body. The light pressure Casey was already exerting against her was making her dizzy. Definitely hungry for more. Casey's grip tightened, and she realized Casey wasn't going to let go.

Casey's hand holding hers, coupled with the memory of the calm decisiveness in the cab, made Olivia realize that Casey was going to be the one leading their exploration tonight, and she would just have to hang on for the ride and find out what Casey was going to do to her. The realization electrified Olivia. Her heart rate increased, matched by the insistent pounding of her clitoris. Casey, whose success in the courtroom had to have more explanation than just earnest passion, who had the ability to get Olivia and Elliot to do things they wouldn't dream of doing on their own, was about to show Olivia what it all meant.

Or maybe she was just reading too much into a woman holding her hand. Olivia swallowed, and looked at Casey's face. Casey's questioning eyes met hers, and Casey's lips curled into a hopeful smile. Olivia had no idea what Casey was going to do.

She wanted to find out.

Olivia lowered her head and kissed Casey. Casey responded, using Olivia's grip as leverage to lift herself up and press more firmly against Olivia's body. Casey's lips were soft, and Olivia made the first foray between them, slipping into Casey's mouth to find her tongue, rougher but equally gentle as it welcomed her own.

Casey's lips moved to Olivia's jaw. She let go of Olivia's hand and Olivia teetered before holding onto Casey's shoulders and arching her neck. Olivia closed her eyes as Casey pushed her coat off of her shoulders, then began untucking Olivia's shirt from her pants.

Olivia growled as Casey nibbled along her throat. "I want to see you," Casey said against Olivia's ear. She ran her hands under Olivia's shirt.

"I want to see you, too." Olivia shivered as Casey's fingers brushed her bare stomach.

"All right." Casey stepped back and yanked her blouse over her head. She reached behind herself to unclasp her bra while Olivia watched. The lace fell to the floor.

"You're not shy," said Olivia.

"I'm blushing on the inside." Casey slid her arms around Olivia's waist. She pulled Olivia closer. "Besides, I'm looking forward to what I get in return."

Olivia lowered her head and met Casey's kiss. She reached for Casey's hips again, but was thwarted by Casey grabbing her wrists and holding them to her sides. "No," Casey said against her lips. Casey released Olivia and slid her hands under her shirt again, pushing the fabric upward. Olivia exhaled, breaking their kiss in order to nuzzle Casey's hair.

Casey's fingers brushed the bra clasp against Olivia's back. Unable to reach Olivia's lips, she settled for leaning in and kissing the hollow of Olivia's throat, while she unhooked the bra.

"No safe word?" Olivia mumbled into Casey's hair. Only her lips moved. She was reluctant to reach for Casey again without her okay, and reluctant to trust Casey knew what she was doing.

Casey slid her hand around to Olivia's front, sliding beneath the shirt and the loose bra and cupping Olivia's breast. "I feel perfectly safe." She squeezed Olivia's breast, and felt the woman sigh against her. "Feel free to fight me off."

Olivia gave into the sensations Casey was creating in her and pushed herself against Casey's hand. Her nipple was hard against Casey's palm, and as Casey stroked her thumb across it, Olivia shuddered with growing arousal that made it difficult to not grab Casey, not plead, not distract herself from the intense sensation Casey's hand was giving her.

She closed her eyes.

"That's it," Casey crooned. "Let me touch you."

Olivia swallowed. She parted her lips to speak, but her breath caught in her throat and she rasped. Casey's hand left her breast to tug at the hem of her shirt, and finally Olivia had to move, to pull the shirt over her head and shrug out of her bra. She felt slightly embarrassed, and opened her eyes to see Casey standing equally nude in front of her. When Olivia dropped her clothes on the floor, she'd let her arms fall back at her sides.

Casey traced a line down Olivia's abdomen with one slender finger. "You're...beautiful," she said to Olivia, after hesitation. Olivia trembled under her touch. Casey bit her lip, and seemed to gaze intently at Olivia's shifting stomach muscles. When Olivia moaned softly, Casey looked back at her face again, and reached up to cup her cheek. "Amazing," Casey said.

Her eyes locked with Casey's, Olivia turned her head to kiss Casey's palm. Casey sighed. Emboldened, Olivia pressed against Casey's hand. Casey's index finger slipped into her mouth. Olivia suckled. Her teeth grazed the pad of Casey's finger. She tightened her lips to hold Casey there. She longed for the physical contact that would relieve her desire, and was rewarded when Casey leaned into her.

Casey slid her finger out of Olivia's mouth and traced her lips. She was still watching Olivia's face, watching the way shadows and passion played across her features. Her free hand went to the top button of Olivia's pants.

"Casey." Olivia's breaths were shallow. Her nostrils flared and the air they released cooled the saliva on Casey's fingers. She nearly stumbled when Casey tugged and the button came free. Casey slid her hand into Olivia's pants, over her panties, and found heat. "Casey," Olivia said again, and Casey took mercy on her.

Dropping her hand in order to yank Olivia's pants down, Casey continued to press herself against Olivia's body. Casey smiled; A slow, calculating expression that crept across her face as she watched Olivia. Olivia parted her lips to say something, then paused, trying to think of what to say. She tried to think of what she wanted from Casey, or what Casey wanted from her. "I--" She started, but Casey cut her off.

"You're beautiful," Casey repeated, and reached toward her. Olivia clasped the slightly sweaty fingers. Casey used their intertwined hands as leverage to lean in and kiss Olivia's chest. Olivia's heart was pounding in her chest, under Casey's lips. She exhaled softly, her chest contracting, and Casey slid lower, planting kisses down her abdomen. She kissed Olivia's inner thigh. Olivia gasped.

Casey used her tight grip on Olivia's hands to keep herself balanced as she nuzzled Olivia's hip. "You're so strong," she murmured, and though Olivia's arms were beginning to ache, she redoubled her efforts to stand still, to do what Casey wanted, and resist falling to her knees and succumbing to her desire for Casey.

Then Casey's tongue snaked across her clitoris.

Olivia groaned. "Casey." Her knees were buckling. Their balance shifted--Olivia pressed against the palms of Casey's hands, trying to hold herself up, but Casey's tongue was stroking her, Casey's nose was buried in her curls, and the sensation of Casey's mouth on her was obliterating all other sensations. She sank to her knees, slowly, Casey's hands guiding her, and ended up kneeling over Casey's face. She let go of Casey's hands and leaned forward, bracing herself on her forearms.

Her legs were spread wide over Casey's face, and her bare bottom was thrust upward, the most visible part of her body. The cool air of her apartment brushed her exposed vulva, and she quivered, both from the erotic stimulation the chill brought her wet lips, and the feeling that she had never been in this position before with a lover, on her knees on her own living room floor, naked in front of the windows and the vast expanse of uncaring Manhattan, and for good reason.

Fear trickled up her spine as she lowered herself to Casey's mouth, grinding in order to make contact with Casey's nose and tongue, wanting a firmer touch against her clitoris than Casey was willing to provide. "Casey," she said again, begging, and Casey must have liked the sound of her name rolling off of Olivia's tongue, because she gave Olivia what she wanted.

Casey licked her with an eager precision that brought relief and fire simultaneously to the central point between Olivia's legs. Olivia pressed her face against her arms, bit into her wrist, and thrust against Casey's mouth. Casey grabbed her hips, and guided Olivia to orgasm. Olivia's body shuddered over her, and Olivia had to make the effort to lift herself away from Casey's pointed, burning tongue. She raised into a kneeling position, panting, and slowly worked her way backward, so that she was face to face with Casey, who was grinning at her with her face covered in Olivia's juices.

As Olivia watched, Casey licked her lips. Olivia smiled and leaned down to kiss her. The touch of their lips was chaste and gentle, and when Olivia drew back, Casey said, "Did you have a bed?"

Olivia said, "It's the next stop on the tour." She stood, and pulled Casey up. On their way to the bed, Casey shed the rest of her clothes. She pulled back the sheets on Olivia's bed and stretched over them, propping herself up against the headboard and smirking at Olivia. Casey said, "Make love to me, Olivia. I know you can."

Standing next to the bed, Olivia studied the woman in her bed; usually her prey, but now almost her mistress. Casey's red hair was splayed across the pillow. Olivia examined her body, more slender than curved, as her eyes roved from the faint blush tinting Casey's cheeks to the tip of her big toe, inches away from Olivia's thigh. Olivia lacked Casey's confidence in her abilities, but balking now wasn't an option.

She knelt on the bed and grasped Casey's ankle. Casey was watching her intently, but provided no direction. Olivia lifted Casey's leg by cupping the heel in her left hand. She used her right to stroke the arch of Casey's foot, smiling when Casey complained that it tickled. She massaged the tendons with more pressure.

Olivia kissed the pad of Casey's foot, and when Casey sighed, she took the big toe into her mouth and suckled. Her teeth grazed the skin and she bit gently. Casey squirmed on the bed, and Olivia bit into the toe again. She realized Casey's eyes were closed, and suddenly jealous of the pleasure Casey was receiving, lowered the foot back to the bed and crawled over her.

They were in the same position as they'd ended up on the floor, but Olivia was predatory now. Sated, she could concentrate on Casey's desires. She lowered herself so that her nipples brushed against Casey's breasts. Casey arched up, seeking more contact, and opened her eyes. She smiled at seeing Olivia so close. "Are you going to make love to me now?" Casey teased.

"Is that what you want?" Olivia rubbed herself Casey, feeling the hard points of Casey's nipples press against her. "A big city cop on top of you?"

Casey's breath caught. "Just one cop," she replied, as Olivia shifted her weight to one arm and her free hand slid up Casey's thigh.

"Any one?" Olivia concentrated on Casey's expression as her hand brushed red curls and she felt Casey shift on the bed, opening her legs.

"You," Casey said. She met Olivia's eyes and her voice deepened with her answer. "Since the moment I saw you." She put her hands on Olivia's shoulders. She didn't guide or demand, just expanded the contact between their bodies and stroked Olivia's skin.

Olivia cupped Casey's crotch. Two fingers dipped into her heat, exploring the wetness. Olivia's body remained still as her hand moved. "I wasn't paying attention," she said, as she worked Casey, watching Casey's chest move with irregular, jerky breaths. "But I am now."

Casey closed her eyes again. Olivia lowered herself to kiss Casey, lightly and sloppily. Their tongues reached for each other but didn't quite touch, instead settling for lips and teeth and suckling swollen skin before parting again for gasping breaths. When Olivia's middle finger slid into Casey, Casey arched her neck, and Olivia had to settle for kissing her jaw and throat. Casey bucked against her hand, squirmed underneath her body, and finally, hooking one calf over Olivia's back, Casey came, shaking, pushing herself against Olivia.

When she had stilled, Casey said, "I knew that would be worth it." Her eyes still closed, she loosened her grip on Olivia's shoulders. As Olivia rolled off of her, Casey continued, "Definitely worth cold Chinese."

* * *

Olivia parked the unmarked police car in front of the bank building where Hart and Edmundson had offices. She waved her badge at the doorman who tried to shoo the car away.

Her partner Stabler, in the passenger seat, leaned back against the headrest. He said, "How do you want to play this? Embarrass the son of a bitch in front of his cronies?"

Olivia said, "I'm not sure the evidence will get past indictment. If he gets free, he'll be really pissed at the police." Her thoughts were on other things, like getting this part over quickly in order to get Hart back to the squad to see the Assistant District Attorney. She wondered what Casey would be wearing.

"Good point. Kid gloves." Stabler said, interrupting her thoughts as he surveyed the entrance where the doorman was still frowning at them. Stabler cleared his throat. "You seem smug." He glanced over at Olivia.

Olivia eyed him.

"Did you get laid last night?"

Olivia raised an eyebrow.

Stabler grinned. "Who?"

Olivia unlocked her side of the car. "Let's go get a criminal off the streets."

"If only for a couple of hours." Stabler sighed and followed her. "And I'll guess, you know."

"Never in a million years."

* * *

William Hart sat calmly in the squad, waiting for his lawyer to arrive. He'd been brought into the interrogation room without much hassle, after the obligatory yell to his receptionist and token disgust at police interference in his life.

Stabler, in Cragen's office, watched him through the glass. "He's smarmy."

"We should have tuned him up while we had the chance," Olivia said.

"You did eat all your oats this morning." Stabler smirked at her, and said, "Too late now. Besides, we might've gotten cooties." He folded his arms, his squadron tattoo visible due to his rolled-up sleeves. "Never did like lawyers."

"Who does?"

Hart's lawyer arrived and Stabler reluctantly hit mute on the speakers and hit stop on the recorder. He watched Hart and his lawyer put their heads together. A minute later, the lawyer waved through the glass, and Olivia and Stabler went into the interrogation room.

"Do you know why you're here, Mr. Hart?" Olivia leaned forward, leveraging against the table.

He leaned back from her. "I'm sure I have no idea."

"You're sure?" Stabler said. "Do you defile so many people you don't remember them all?"

Hart flushed red. "Defile?"

The lawyer put a hand on Hart's shoulder. "Don't let them provoke you."

Hart frowned and pursed his lips.

Stabler grinned. "Yeah, don't."

"What kind of attorney are you, Mr. Hart?" Olivia asked as she lowered herself into a chair.

"I'm a tax attorney."

"Sounds boring," Stabler said. He remained standing. "All those lonely nights, just you and the federal code... Did you start looking for someone to keep you warm?"

"I'm married."

"So what does your wife think about the young women working at your office? Does she even care? Surely she doesn't find you that attractive, Billy."

"That's enough," the lawyer said. He stood and beckoned to Hart, who reluctantly stood, too.

"Never in my life--" Hart said, staring at Stabler.

"Have you thought about it? Dreamed about it? Wanted it?"

Hart snarled. "You can't be arrested for making one off-handed comment." He glanced at Olivia. "Despite what you people want."

"Interview over," the lawyer said.

Stabler lifted his hands and took a step back. "Our people will be in touch."

* * *

Olivia went out on an interview for a rape case. Stabler had a meeting at the 25th precinct for suspicious circumstances surrounding a prostitution bust. They met back at the squad at noon, to find soggy tuna sandwiches waiting for them, and Detective John Munch.

"How'd it go?" Olivia asked. Munch had been down at technical processing, after gathering what little physical evidence they could find on Hart. An after-hours judge had provided a warrant for William Hart's workplace based on Sharon's statement.

"We got emails."

"He sent emails?" Olivia's eyes widened.

"Cocky bastard." Munch stirred his coffee. "I've got to talk to the ADA about arraignment. I think might be enough to charge him. At least to put the fear of God into his company. You know how it goes with fine, trusted institutions that have been around a hundred years."

"Trusted." Stabler snorted.

"I'll see Casey in court this afternoon," said Olivia. She took the manila envelope of email printouts from Munch. "I'll present what evidence we have. See if we can get him arraigned tomorrow."

Munch grinned. "Nothing like filing charges. Kid testifying?"


"Good luck." Munch squeezed Olivia's arm and headed for the coffee machine.

* * *

"Thank you, Joshua." Casey's voice was soft and reassuring, relieving tension Olivia hadn't realized she felt as she entered the courtroom. Joshua's eyes were wide enough that Olivia could see the whites of them even from the back, as he stared at Casey. He never looked toward the defense table.

Casey finished her questioning and walked toward Olivia as Olivia slid into a bench behind the prosecution.

The defense attorney stood. "Hi, Joshua. I'm Patrick. I'm sorry this is so uncomfortable for you."

Olivia rolled her eyes.

Joshua stared at him.

Casey passed Olivia a post-it note that read, I'm glad you're here.

Me too, Olivia thought. She leaned forward and placed her hand on Casey's back.

Patrick said, "Joshua, you know your father loves you, right?"

Casey leapt to her feet. "Objection!"

Joshua's eyes filled with tears.

The defense attorney turned to Casey and spoke in a calm, polite tone. "On what ground, Miss Novak?"

Casey spoke through gritted teeth. "Irrelevance. Hearsay. Harassment."

Joshua looked frantically at Olivia. She gazed back at him, solidly. He gulped and kept his eyes on her. She saw his body relax.

"Enough," the judge said. "Objection sustained."

The defense attorney bowed his head.

Casey sat down.

"Joshua," the defense attorney began as he walked toward the witness stand, blocking the boy's view of his father, Casey, and Olivia. "Did your mother ever talk with you about what happened to you? Did she ever tell you what to say?"

Casey exhaled.

Joshua tried to look around the attorney and at Olivia, but he couldn't find her, and looked toward the jury instead. Twelve pairs of eyes were watching him. He'd been prepped for the question. "No," he said meekly. His answer went into the court record.

"Tell me about school, Joshua..." The cross-examination continued.

At 2:41, Olivia's cell phone vibrated against her hip. She excited the courtroom and checked her messages. A homicide at 3rd and 62nd needed her presence. She left the court house, assuming that Casey could call her if she wanted to know where she'd gone.

Casey didn't call.

* * *

The courtroom was noisy at William Hart's arraignment the next day. Dozens of other cases had to be handled before and after his. Lunch-time was approaching and the judge was impatient.

The defense attorney, Sam Farmer, was gyrating dramatically with his arms as he spoke. "Your Honor, we ask that this be thrown out on its face. The DA's office is on a witch hunt with no evidence. Casey is trying to recapture her golden era as a white crimes--"

"Save it for opening statements, Counselor." The judge looked at Casey. "Assuming you have evidence?"

"We have emails between the accused and the victim, Your Honor."

"That do nothing but discuss dinner plans."

"It goes to pattern."

"All right, all right. How are the people on bail?"

"One million dollars, Your Honor."

The judge chuckled. "You've been handling rapists and pedophiles too long, Ms. Novak. R.O.R. And counselors, I don't really want to see this frivolity in my courtroom. Work something out."

Casey sighed. Opposing counsel shook his client's hand, and crossed the aisle to Casey. "Drinks?"

"Six o'clock."


"See you there."

* * *

Olivia had been absent in the courtroom for the arraignment and she missed the rest of Joshua Jenkins case. The defense was calling its last witnesses. Closing arguments were expected by 3 PM. At 4 PM, she got an urgent phone call from Sharon Ballston, and left the squad to meet her at an atrium across from the Hart and Edmundson offices.

She found Sharon sitting on a bench. Sharon looked to be on the verge of tears. Everyone seemed to be on the verge of tears this week--most weeks--that was part of Olivia's job. Victims suffered. Sharon Ballston, though, seemed to be on the verge of tears at an unusual point in the case.

"I got fired today," she said to Olivia, through choking breaths.

"What?" Olivia sat down next to her on the bench, and touched her shoulder. "How?"

"Human Resources brought me in, and gave me a list of three open positions in New Jersey. All demotions. She said pick one." Sharon dabbed at her eyes. "They said I wasn't working out. I called my lawyer. She said I could get a settlement, probably, if I dropped the charges. Not that I ever pressed charges." She glanced at Olivia. "This is your fault. I wanted to remain anonymous. I told you--" Sharon's lip quivered. "You ruined my life. Why didn't I just do what he said?"


"Screw you." Sharon stood. "Fix this."

"I don't know if I can--"

"You'll be sorry, Olivia." Sharon tucked her tissue into her purse. "Just as sorry as I am."

* * *

Olivia had worked late, and Casey went to the squad with the paperwork for the Ballston case 'arrangement,' in which Hart would lose his name on the plaque in exchange for not facing the public humiliation of a trial. Even a trial he'd win. Olivia informed Casey that the new company name would not be Edmundson and Ballston, and added, "She says we ruined her life."

Casey said, "We didn't. William Hart did." She settled onto the corner of Olivia's desk.

Olivia put her chin in her hand. "And he's walking free."

Casey sighed.

"If she can't go after him, she'll go after me."

"I'll take care of it." Casey touched Olivia's shoulder.

Olivia felt Casey squeeze gently, and her back slumped in relaxation. She lifted her head. "You can't do--"

"I'll take care of you."

Casey's words stirred something in Olivia. Heat traveled down her spine, pooling between her legs. Casey's hand stopped lightly stroking her shoulder and moved to playing with the collar of her shirt, and Olivia leaned into the touch, hoping her face reflected how flushed she felt. Hoping Casey would accept the invitation, she said, "Take care of me now."

Casey's voice sounded hoarse when she said, "How?" She ran her fingers through Olivia's hair, and cupped the back of Olivia's neck.

Olivia was surprised that something as simple as a woman playing with her hair was so arousing. She was as much surprised that "I'm sure you know how."

Casey leaned down, still stroking Olivia's neck, scratching along the hairline, and whispered against her ear, "I suppose I do." Her breath was hot against Olivia's skin and Olivia's eyes fluttered closed.

Unlike a regular police district, the special victims unit didn't work two rotations. Olivia was the only one in the squad, so she didn't hesitate to turn her head and find Casey's lips. Casey kissed her gently, keeping her hand moving against Olivia's throat.

"My place?" Olivia murmured against Casey's lips.

Casey trailed her nails down Olivia's neck. "My place," she said.

Olivia swallowed.

Casey led her down the stairwell. Before they went onto the street, Casey kissed her in front of the darkened doorway. Olivia found her back against the door, with Casey leaning into her to capture her lips. She parted her mouth, and Casey's tongue slipped between her teeth. Olivia suckled on the warm tongue, and Casey growled against her. Olivia felt Casey's thigh pushing into her, rubbing against her crotch. Olivia was about to suggest they screw in the stairwell when Casey drew away, breaking the kiss. Olivia panted.

"I know what you're going to say," Casey said, putting her hand on the door for support. Olivia could tell that her lips were swollen, and her eyes were wide as she looked at Olivia. "I can see how hungry you look. How much you want me..."

Olivia's eyelids half-closed. Casey's words were only stoking her desire.

"I just have one question, before we go any further," Casey said, and touched Olivia's forearm. Olivia relaxed slightly, holding herself still, trembling, waiting for the question. Casey grinned, showing her teeth, bright in the glow of an outside street lamp. "Do you like toys?"

Olivia's eyes flew open. She gaped at Casey, held together only by Casey's thumb stroking her wrist. She realized Casey was waiting for an answer, and tried to speak, but gasped hoarsely. She ran her tongue over her lips to dampen them, and was gratified to see Casey's eyes widen, and the grip on her forearm tighten. "...Yes," she said.

Casey stepped closer to Olivia, so that her chest and leg brushed Olivia. She said, "Then it's better if we go home." She leaned in and kissed Olivia's neck.

Olivia slid her arms around Casey's waist, underneath Casey's arms. Casey hugged Olivia's shoulders, clinging to her to revel in the heat her body radiated. They parted just enough for Olivia to dip her head and kiss Casey. Her lips pushed against Casey's hungrily, one last, wet kiss to last her until they reached Casey's apartment.

Neither woman touched or looked at the other in the cab ride. Casey spoke about the case, and Olivia offered affirmative grunts. The cabbie had probably seen sex in the back of his cab before, probably would again, but the promise that Casey was offering something better kept Olivia going. When she stepped out of the cab and took Casey's hand, when they were alone again on the dark street, she knew she'd made the right decision.

Casey took her inside.

* * *

Olivia barely had a chance to glance around Casey's living room before Casey was grabbing her hands and drawing them to her chest. Olivia eagerly brushed her fingers over Casey's breasts, toying with the silk fabric that covered them. "Maybe we should slow--" She suggested, stroking her thumb over Casey's nipple. She felt it rise under her touch, poking through the blouse. Olivia's heart was racing, and she took a deep breath.

Casey covered Olivia's hand on her right breast with hers, pressing it against her. "We can slow down when I'm undressed," she said and grinned. "Can you handle that, detective?"

Olivia said, "Casey..." She squeezed Casey's breasts, rubbing her palms against the hard nipples, chafing them, feeling the friction the silk caused against her hands. She wanted Casey to lose control the same way she was. Casey grinned, and Olivia realized that for the second time, Casey had her right where she wanted her.

She abandoned exploring the fullness of Casey's breasts, and undid the top button of the blouse. Casey murmured encouragingly, a wordless sound from deep in her throat, and reached for Olivia's waist. She slid one hand over Olivia's fly, and Olivia nearly ripped the blouse in surprise. "Jesus, Casey."

Casey smirked. "Sorry..." She said, and held Olivia's hips. Olivia moved closer, so that her hands were pinned between herself and Casey, and moved to the next button. The fabric parted enough for her to see the slope of Casey's breasts, and though she'd seen them before, she was entranced. She undid the next button, revealing the white lace of Casey's bra, and slid her hands inside the loose blouse, touching Casey's skin. Casey moaned and her hands traveled around Olivia's waist to her ass.

"I can handle it," Olivia said, as her index finger slid underneath the left cup of the bra and brushed Casey's nipple. "Can you?"

Casey held onto Olivia with a hard grip, and said, "Hurry."

Olivia untucked the blouse from Casey's pants and let it hang loosely around her waist. She forewent the rest of the buttons in favor of pulling the shirt over Casey's head. Casey let go of her and willingly raised her arms so that Olivia could pull away the fabric, and toss it in the general direction of a chair.

"Do you care about wrinkling?" Olivia reached around Casey to unclasp her bra.

Casey closed her eyes, and said, "That's what dry cleaning is for."

Olivia chuckled. She slid the straps over Casey's arms and let the bra fall, and then cupped Casey's bare breast. Casey leaned into her hand and sighed. Olivia dipped her head to whisper against Casey's ear and whisper, "Halfway there."

Casey unzipped her pants and shoved them and her panties down. Once the cloth was bunched around her knees she shimmied to kick the pants off. "Your turn," she said to Olivia, who was still fully clothed, though she'd felt naked since Casey had walked into her office that night.

Olivia shrugged out of her jacket, and reached for her belt buckle. Casey's hand on hers stopped her. "Let me," Casey said.

Olivia's hands fell to her sides, and she let Casey undress her, touch her, until Casey's hand was sliding up her inner thigh and Olivia growled, "Casey..."

Casey's hand stopped, and she grinned, saying, "Say my name again."

Olivia said the word simply. "Casey."

Casey stopped teasing Olivia, moving back a step so that they were two women standing naked in a living room, and said, "How do you feel about harnesses?"

Olivia closed her eyes, needing a moment to focus the question through the sensations Casey's hand stroking her, so close to her need, were causing. She finally offered the cleverest answer she could between a gurgle and a screaming plea. "Let's see."

Casey stopped touching her and turned around, heading for the bathroom. "I can't believe anyone's afraid of you, you know. You're a big pussy cat. A tamed lion."

Olivia snorted. Most women wanted her to dominate them, saw something desirable in her height and her dark features and her badge. Casey had always wanted to get along with the squad, and have fun. But tame? Not outside of this apartment. Olivia said, "Do you want me to eat out of your hand?"

Casey tripped on her way to the bathroom. She looked over her shoulder, and Olivia saw the first hint of blush. " me on the bed."

When Casey came out, black leather straps crisscrossed her crotch and thighs. The stripes fragmented her pale skin, making her seem like a cross between a dominatrix, someone bound, and a woman with just really good taste in lingerie.

Olivia had settled onto the bed, stretched out across Casey's pillows, and she gazed at Casey, feeling hunger that made her skin feel hot. Casey looked better in the leather than she did naked, and Olivia rolled onto her knees, inching forward toward her partner.

Casey approached the bed. Protruding from the harness was a black dildo, which they both ignored for the moment, Olivia in favor of exploring the straps that bit into Casey's skin. She thought of confessing that she'd never done this before, wanted to explore every bump on the ridged, silicone cock before she let it into her body, but shyness would only delay what she wanted from happening. Later, she would have time for embarrassment and regret, if it came to that, but she knew that people did this behind closed doors, and she was tired of being left out.

Tired of being frustrated by her own complacency. She looped her fingers in the waist straps of the harness and pulled Casey forward, lifting herself up to kiss Casey. Casey cupped her neck, supporting her head as she slipped her tongue into Olivia's mouth. Olivia grazed it with her teeth, licked it with her own tongue, and then sucked. Casey bit at her lips. Olivia's mouth widened, slipping against Casey's wet lips, and Casey moved her kisses to Olivia's chin, throat, and shoulder, while kneeling onto the bed by Olivia.

Olivia felt the tip of the dildo brush her stomach as Casey moved closer, and her abdomen muscles contracted. She shuddered, but gamely held onto Casey as Casey's lips found the pulse of her throat below her ear. Casey nipped, and then said, "This was a good idea."

"Yes," Olivia said, and then added, "Congratulations."

Casey chuckled, the sound buzzing Olivia's ear, and then Olivia felt Casey's lips on her earlobe, suckling. She moaned, her first uncontrolled sound of the night, and Casey responded to the sound by slipping her tongue into Olivia's ear. Olivia quivered. Her nipples hardened and she shifted to spread her knees, squeezing her muscles to provide some release to the aching tension between her legs.

Casey drew back, found Olivia's gaze, and smiled, a self-satisfied expression that she often employed in the courtroom when she was getting her way. She was definitely getting her way now. She raised herself on her knees. Olivia crouched in front of her on the bed. Casey buried her fingers in Olivia's hair, massaging the scalp as if she were stroking a cat, and Olivia moved forward until she was pressing her mouth to Casey's hip.

"A very good idea," Casey said, closing her eyes as Olivia grazed bare skin with her teeth. Casey continued stroking her hair, murmuring encouragingly. Olivia nuzzled the curve of Casey's hip. She found the line of a strap biting into Casey's skin and tongued it, the leather tasting like musk in her mouth. She inhaled, wanting more of the taste mixed with the cleaner scent of Casey's skin. Casey was moaning above her head, and shifted. The dildo lightly slapped Olivia's cheek. The touch was unintentional and Casey leaned back with a short gasp. Olivia, driven to courage by her arousal, held Casey's hips and turned her head, taking the tip of the dildo into her mouth.

Olivia had expected the taste of silicone, but the smooth shaft sliding between her lips tasted more like Casey's arousal, and Olivia realized that Casey must have slid the thing against herself while in the bathroom. If Olivia had known that sooner, she thought, she wouldn't have waited so long. Now, with Casey's hands in her hair, and the moans above her turning into grunts, Olivia explored every crevice of the silicone, her tongue swirling against the bumpy surface, eager for a taste of Casey.

Casey thrust her hips, slowly but deliberately, against Olivia's mouth. Olivia could see the wetness coating Casey's inner thighs, and could smell Casey's need beyond the leather. "God," Casey said, her nails grazing Olivia's scalp as she stroked her hair, "You've given head before."

Olivia slid the dildo out of her lips before she said, "Never quite like this." She looked up to see Casey's cheeks flushed and her lidded expression, and raised herself on her knees. "This is much better."

Casey smiled and leaned in to brush Olivia's mouth. The kiss was short. Olivia knew Casey could taste herself on Olivia's lips. Olivia kept her hand on Casey's cock and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Casey, if you don't fuck me, I think I'm going to die."

The words had an instant effect on Casey, who pushed Olivia's shoulders to topple her backwards onto the bed. Olivia wrapped her arms around Casey's back, holding her close, and not caring that Casey had to maneuver herself, badly balanced, to reach between their tightly pressed bodies and guide the dildo against Olivia's wetness.

"Now," Olivia said, parting her legs eagerly. "Casey..." And remembering that Casey liked the way she said her name, said again, "Casey." She felt the smooth silicone shaft enter her, stretching her slightly. The feeling of being penetrated was secondary to the sensation of the leather pressing against her outer lips and the way Casey rolled her hips to increase the pressure and friction. Olivia was trembling already, clinging to Casey, loving Casey's weight on top of her. "Casey," she said, wanting to add, but resisting, "You've done this before, too."

She ran her hands down Casey's back, feeling the coating of sweat, and cupped her ass to guide her. She wondered if Casey was getting as much out of this as she was, being fucked by the assistant district attorney, and her unspoken thought was answered as Casey dropped her head to pant against her ear, and say, "Olivia... " Casey's hips stilled and Olivia worked one finger between Casey's cheeks to circle her anus and Casey's breath grew harsher and hotter against Olivia's ear and she said, "I'm coming."

Casey shook in Olivia's arms, her weight growing heavier as she sagged. Olivia stroked her skin, murmuring soothingly, and Casey recovered enough to drag her body against Olivia's, rocking slowly.

The slow, steady friction drove Olivia to orgasm. She felt the wet leather against her clitoris, clenched her muscles around the dildo, and came, thrusting against Casey for several long, trembling seconds, until she, too, sagged into the bed, and wondered how they were going to get the damn thing out of her.

Casey tilted her head to kiss Olivia's ear, and said, "This might hurt, sweetheart." Olivia was too focused on the warmth of the endearment and Casey's soft breath against her neck to notice the withdrawal until she felt empty. Casey rolled to her side, and began to work on the buckles at her thighs. "Wet leather chafed," she said.

Olivia propped herself on one elbow and gazed appraisingly at Casey's body. "I'm sure I could do a thing or two with lotion."

Casey's hands stilled momentarily on the metal clasp. She swallowed. "I'm sure."

* * *

Later, when they'd showered and eaten and made their way under the covers, Casey tucked her head into Olivia's shoulder, and asked, "Given what you see, every day, on the streets, is this a little strange?" Her tone was curious.

Olivia smiled into the semi-darkness. "Elliot always says, the point of being a sex cop is to protect sex. The pleasure that people experience inside their own homes, no matter what form it takes, or who's doing it... It's the abusive sex, the violence, the violations, that interfere with the sanctity of what is 'sex.' He wants it to be safer."

"Think he'll still feel that way when his daughters are older?"

Olivia grinned. "Sure. As long as he's dead and gone by the time they become active."

* * *

"Will the defendant please rise."

Washington Jenkins and his lawyer stood, facing the judge.

"What is the verdict?"

The jury foreman, a trembling young man holding a white piece of paper close to his nose, said, "We, the jury--" He had to clear his throat after his voice cracked. "On the count of molestation in the first degree, we, the jury, find the defendant, Washington Jenkins, guilty."

Washington scowled.

Joshua's mother began crying. Joshua wasn't in the courtroom.

Olivia stood, and Casey turned to hug her over the railing. Olivia felt Casey sag in her arms, and knew it was with relief. "Thank god," Casey said against her ear.

"We got him."

* * *

Olivia walked along the river. "I got a call from Sharon Ballston today. She took the job at Lockert and Briar in Trenton. Seems she wasn't the only former Hart employee there. Apparently there's a sisterhood. And guess what kind of law they do?"

"Civil rights litigation?" Casey grinned.

Olivia chuckled. "They're divorce attorneys."

"Maybe Mrs. Hart will be their client."

"Maybe someday."

"Maybe they were right. It was better to let the company handle it."

"I assume you'll be voting Libertarian in the next election?"

"I just want scum brought to justice. I don't have to do the bringing personally."

Casey patted her back. "Enlightened."

"Yeah, well, I read it somewhere." Olivia wrapped her arm around Casey's shoulders. "What's next on the docket?"

"I have some paperwork waiting for me."

"Death, taxes, and paperwork. The three absolutes." Olivia sighed.

Casey said, "Yup. Sex is just life's bonus prize."

"Will I get as much of it as I get paperwork, Counselor?"

"If you're lucky."

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