Author: Rysler
Date: 06/07/05
Genre: Law and Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey/Olivia
Warnings: Graphic smut, Domination, Consensual choking (No erotic asphyxiation)
Notes: Spoilers for "Night." Tiny spoilers for "Goliath" and "Serendipity." (Despite this story taking place, presumably, before "Goliath." Bear with me, it's porn). Thanks to [info]cercatrice for pitching, plotting, and editing, and to [info]geonncannon for editing.

Summary: Casey works to get her confidence back and dominating Olivia seems like a good place to start after Olivia offers her a private self-defense course.

* * *

Casey was on her back. The carpet underneath her smelled like it was fifty years old. Her arms were over her head and bent so her wrists were against her ears. Olivia held them down, straddling her hips, using her entire body to pin Casey to the carpet.

"Inhale," Olivia instructed.

Casey inhaled.


Casey blew out air, her nostrils expanding.

Olivia felt the curve of Casey's form beneath her, the delicate wrists in her grip, the shape of her breasts under the black shirt Casey was wearing, and realized she was becoming aroused. She shifted position, trying to move her crotch away from Casey's thigh, where the pressure was making her feel hot, and said, "I want you to roll me off." Olivia felt like adding Casey had a good reason to fear her, but bit her tongue.

Casey's eyes widened. "Are you kidding?"

"Come on. Put your right leg outside of mine, and plant your foot," Olivia said.

"It's anatomically impossible to put my right leg outside of your right leg."

Olivia gave a slight smile. She knew it was good Casey was thinking logically and employing humor, that she was dealing with the stress of the physical situation. Olivia wanted her focused. "You know what I meant."

Casey planted her foot, stomping it onto the carpet.

Olivia smirked. She arched her back, stretching over Casey, and said, "Good, now twist to the left, and then make a hard right, and I should roll off your right."

"I remain unconvinced," Casey said.

"I'm not going to make fun of you if you fail."

Casey narrowed her eyes. She moved, and then thrust her body against Olivia's, pushing her to the right, and Olivia rolled off her and onto her side.

Olivia chuckled. "Not bad." Her heart was pounding from the exertion of holding Casey in place, and being propelled into the carpet. When Casey had maneuvered, she'd ground her thigh into Olivia, and Olivia felt a twinge between her legs. She knew she was slightly flushed as she got to her feet and offered a hand to Casey.

Casey pulled herself up, and Olivia said, "That was the easy part. Now take your defensive stance."

She thought Casey looked rather like a gopher in a defensive stance. Her arms were raised and loose in front of her face, her wrists slumped, and her fingers curled into claws. Olivia forced herself not to smile. The thin white scar on Casey's forehead from when she'd had stitches helped keep Olivia sober.

Casey furrowed her brow. "What if he kicks me in the stomach?"

"Believe me, Casey, your face is your best asset," Olivia said, winking.

Casey grinned. "Show me what you got, girl."

The self-defense training session had been Olivia's idea. Casey had jumped onto the plan eagerly. Too eagerly, thought Olivia, noticing now how Casey favored her right side, and how her hair hadn't completely grown back from where a clump had been shaved in the emergency room. Olivia had trouble looking at Casey without seeing the violence. She blinked, trying to clear away the memory of swollen, bruised eyes and hair matted with blood.

They were in the basement of the courthouse, in the archives, surrounded by shelves and labeled boxes. A lone desk with a lamp and a computer sat between them and the door. The floor was covered with industrial gray carpet. No mats.

Olivia had suggested the police gym, but Casey had not wanted the cops around her to see how vulnerable she was. She wanted to save face, she explained to Olivia, and the courthouse archives were her own territory. Olivia knew one night would not make Casey more able to protect herself, but she hoped for a placebo effect on Casey's confidence. If someone were determined to hurt Casey, it would happen. Casey would always be a target as the assistant district attorney. A target without a gun.

Now, Casey danced around Olivia, shrugging her shoulders like a boxer.

Olivia stepped forward with her right foot, striking at Casey with her left hand. She had hoped to take Casey by surprise, but Casey grabbed her wrist and yanked downward, leaning into Olivia and using her arm as leverage. Olivia felt pain shoot through her arm as she twisted free. "Good. Now try yanking with one hand and using the other to hit me in the face."

Casey stepped back. "Will I have enough force?"

"You really just have to shift my momentum, not stop it. I'm counting on making contact in order to maneuver. Forcing me off balance will be easier than you think. It's all about acceleration and actions and reactions. Physics."

"I'm a lawyer, you know."

Olivia chuckled. "And I have no doubt in your professional abilities. Let's try it again." She sprinted forward toward Casey.

Casey missed her wrist, but moved to the side enough to slam into Olivia's shoulder, leaving them both locked against each other and breathing hard.

Olivia moved back, keeping her hand on Casey's arm to steady herself. "You're stronger than you look."

"I'm stronger than you think." Casey stance was more relaxed now. Her arms hung at her sides, and Olivia thought she was smirking.


"Try me."

Olivia charged again.

Casey yelped and stumbled back. Olivia collided with her and Casey fell. She grunted as she hit the floor. Olivia crouched over her. Casey inhaled sharply as Olivia studied her for signs of fear. "Remembering anything?"

Casey blinked. Her brow furrowed. "No."

Olivia got to her knees.

Casey lifted herself on her elbows. "Do you know what happened?"

Olivia shook her head. "No cameras in your office. And he only said, 'That little minx was difficult to put down.'"

Casey squinted. "He called me a minx?"

"I may have called you a minx," Olivia said.

Csaey grinned. She wriggled away from Olivia and got to her feet. "Teach me something else. So it won't happen again."

"Do you know how to kick a guy in the groin?"

"Theoretically." Casey tilted her head and studied Olivia. "What makes you think it'll be a guy, next time?"

Olivia shrugged. "Principles are the same."

Casey stepped forward. "But couldn't it be a woman?"

She held Olivia's eyes, and was close enough that Olivia could feel Casey's breath when she exhaled. She put her hand on Casey's shoulder, and maneuvered to stand behind her, wrapping her arms around Casey's chest. "What would you do if you were pinned like this?" Olivia said against Casey's ear.

"Scream. Struggle. Panic. Suffocate." Casey said. Her voice held a tense edge that indicated to Olivia that Casey might be contemplating doing those things now.


Casey took deep breaths. Olivia could feel Casey's chest moving with each compression of the lungs. She could smell Casey, who wasn't wearing perfume, and just had the smell of clean hair and sweat.

"Relaxed?" Olivia's breath blew across the back of Casey's neck.

"Oh, sure."

"Great. Now jab me in the ribs. As hard as you can."

Casey swung her elbow at her. The momentum was hampered by the grip Olivia had on her arms, and Casey only managed a muffled thump into Olivia's side, where she was protected by her shirt. Casey let out a frustrated growl and kicked at Olivia, nicking her right shin and causing her to squeak. Her hold loosened and Casey hit her again, this time connecting with her solar plexus. Olivia doubled over, gasping for breath.

When she looked up, Casey was standing over her, panting. She inhaled through her nose, pushing back the pain in her abdomen, and Casey put her hand on her shoulder, squeezing hard.

Olivia knelt, trying to solidify her position and cover her torso. She did not want Casey to hit her again. As soon as she realized she was afraid, she realized her feelings were ridiculous. She was bigger, stronger, and knew what she was doing. Casey could not hurt her. She tried to rise, but Casey tightened her hand on Olivia's shoulder.

"Casey," she said, still breathing hard.

"How was that?"

"Next time, don't be afraid to stomp my foot. And if you slide the side of your shoe down the shin, you'll increase the pain," Olivia cringed slightly as she said it, imagining the hard rubber of Casey's boot sole digging into her. She said, "But... you have good instincts. "

"Yeah, I'm a good driver, too," Casey chuckled.

Olivia tried to get up again, but Casey's hand on her shoulder stayed secure. "Olivia... I never thought I would get hurt. That it would happen to me. I know I'm a walking poster for what not to think about the world, but... I didn't ever think someone could walk into a law office and beat someone up. Not even after 9-11, when I couldn't breathe for weeks. My apartment still smells like ash when the wind..."

"It happens."

"Not to me. But god... It must happen to you all the time." Casey frowned. Her grip became a caressing squeeze.

Olivia looked up. "You'd be surprised."

Casey started to say, "Thank you..."

"For what?" Olivia still felt slightly dazed from the fight, and she tingled from Casey's proximity. She watched Casey lick her lips.

"For being here." Casey knelt. Olivia was face to face with her, and her hand was still on Olivia's shoulder.

Olivia didn't have a chance to react as Casey's lips covered hers. She tried to draw back, but Casey's hand on her shoulder limited her movement, and Casey moved forward. Casey's lips were warm and soft, and Olivia realized that though she had flirted and bantered, had held women in the district attorney's office in her arms on more than occasion, she had never actually been kissed by another woman. She struggled, her mouth opening to voice protest, but Casey's tongue slipped inside, cutting off her air, her avenue of escape. She brushed her own tongue against Casey, feeling the rough, textured heat.

Panic. Suffocation.

"Relax," Casey said, mumbling against her mouth.

Olivia struggled to relax. She found she could breathe through her nose, and as the sensation of kissing became less strange as she realized how gentle Casey's touch was, as she realized the tingling in her belly was pleasure, not fear. She found her opening; her next tactical move.

She kissed Casey back.

Casey's hand slipped from her shoulder to cup her neck, and Casey broke the kiss, breathing heavily, and searching Olivia's face. "Sorry," she said. Her brow furrowed.

The air between them cooled the saliva on Olivia's lips, and Olivia leaned forward, wanting warmth again. She hesitated, a hair's breadth away from Casey's mouth, to say, "Don't be--"

Casey kissed her again. Olivia closed her eyes and tried to give herself over to the firm, wet pressure but Casey kept moving, biting at her lips, forcing her tongue between her lips and then retreating, making the kisses soft, and then hard, until Olivia growled in frustration, already wanting more.

Olivia felt Casey's lips withdraw. Casey said, "Is this what you want, Olivia?"

"Yes," Olivia breathed.

"You're sure? Do you think--"

"Casey...I don't want to think." Olivia's thoughts swam in her head. She was confused, aroused, and a little spooked, but overriding all thought was desire. Olivia wanted to kiss Casey again. Casey had to stop talking for that to happen.

"Okay," Casey said.

Olivia leaned forward, finding Casey's lips. She held Casey's sides. Her knee protested the awkward position, but she was finally able to make solid contact with Casey's mouth. Casey's lips parted to her and Olivia deepened the kiss, finding Casey's tongue and shuddering as it moved against hers.

Casey withdrew. "This is going too fast," she said, panting. Olivia felt the stab of rejection before Casey amended, "I'm not going to do it here, in the archives, on my knees, surrounded by musty cardboard."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take you home, and bid you goodnight, and see you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Olivia began calculating the hours, to see if she could survive, to see how long she had to last before she could touch Casey again. She tried to remind herself that she'd never considered kissing Casey before five minutes ago, but her swollen lips no longer wanted to go back to five minutes ago.

Casey smiled. She stood up, and offered Olivia her hand.

* * *

Olivia sat in the cab, trembling, wanting connection again, knowing she couldn't have it without Casey's blessing. She'd forgotten that she was stronger, faster, taller. Thoughts of seizing Casey and pinning her to the side of the cab were washed away with the cold memories of previous violence.

Casey had wanted to kiss her.

Wanted to kiss her again.

Olivia could be patient. It was like a stakeout. As long as she didn't look at Casey. The cab stopped. Olivia looked out the window.


She turned around to see Casey handing the cabby money. Casey smiled at her, a brilliant expression that transformed her face. "Aren't you going to kiss me goodnight?"

Olivia crossed the seat and put her hands on either side of Casey to hold onto the door behind her, and pressed her mouth against Casey's lips. She released the tension of the previous hour into the kiss, forcing Casey's lips apart. Casey was pliant under her plundering tongue, and she tasted the sweetness before Casey finally pushed her away.

"Tomorrow," Casey said, gasping.

Olivia opened the door and set her foot on the pavement. She leaned over and kissed Casey's cheek, and then whispered in her ear, "I'll be waiting."

* * *

Waiting was less sexy than it had sounded in the car. Olivia went out on two interviews, and talking to people about their own pain distracted her from her prurient thoughts, but when she was back in the squad doing paperwork, her mind drifted back to kissing Casey. She replayed their time in the archives, remembering the sweat and the feel of Casey's body against hers when she was fighting and when she was yielding.

The boys in the squad joked with her, but their friendliness only reminded her she was missing something more. She suddenly had intimacy in her life, and Stabler beaning Munch with a stress ball seemed strangely hollow. When Stabler's wife called and he rolled away from the desk to speak to her in soft tones, Olivia sank into moroseness.

Lunch came, and she found herself dabbing a patch of mustard off a report, before placing a torn napkin over it. She took another bite of her sandwich. The food was doing nothing to sate the gnawing nervousness in her stomach, but she hoped the calories would keep her from fainting the next time she saw Casey.

Someone dropped a file folder on her desk. "Brubaker case. Can you sign on the dotted line?"

Olivia looked up, and swallowed. Casey stood above her, grinning. Olivia licked her lips, tasting mustard. "Hi, Casey."

"Hey, Casey." Casey turned toward the second voice, and Olivia followed her gaze, spotting Stabler coming out of the men's room. He offered Casey a wink and a friendly wave.

Casey beamed at Stabler with a radiance that made Olivia jealous even as Casey dropped her hand onto Olivia's shoulder. Casey said, "Hi, Elliot." She turned back to Olivia. "You have mustard..." Casey ran her thumb over Olivia's lip, scratching lightly at the corner.

Olivia had to fight a quickening urge to moan. She sat still under Casey's touch, meeting her eyes and finding Casey's attention completely on her. Casey seemed utterly focused, and Olivia felt a tingling where Casey's finger stroked her cheek.

"Oh, it's a lost cause," Munch said from his desk. "We've been trying to get her to clean up her act for years."

Olivia rolled her eyes. The squad room felt crowded, and she was getting hot from Casey's proximity. She felt like everyone was watching them, knew exactly what was going on between them, and she was entirely exposed. Sweat trickled down her collar.

Casey chuckled and squeezed her shoulder. "Sign. Dotted line." She reached past Olivia and flipped open the report.

Olivia picked up a pen and signed.

Casey took the folder. "Great. See you tonight." She headed for the stairs.

"Oh ho," Munch said, tossing a wadded paper at Olivia. "Hot date?"

"Well, it's with the assistant district attorney," Olivia said, stretching and folding her hands behind her head. "I assume she's paying."

"Fat chance," Casey called over her shoulder from the doorway.

Olivia was still flushed. Her pulse pounded between her legs, she was furious at how Casey had touched her, had teased her, and she thought about giving into desire in the bathroom, but the inappropriateness of masturbating in the sex crimes unit of a police station stayed with her. She wasn't ready to give up her career for Casey Novak.

Not yet.

* * *

Dinner had been spent in a haze of tension. Casey had even played footsie with Olivia, and then had taken her back to her apartment. Standing outside of Casey's apartment, Olivia's palms were sweaty and she felt a little weak-kneed. She rarely felt like this before sex, though, most of the time, she was drunk. Dinner had come with plenty of alcohol, but now Olivia's heart was fluttering like she hadn't had a thing to calm her.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she said.

Casey looked at her with a sudden grin. "Doing what?"

Olivia felt herself blushing, and kept her eyes on the door Casey was pushing open. Casey's apartment appeared, like something out of Pottery Barn. Casey grasped her wrist and drew her inside. Olivia heard the door click behind her. She shrugged out of her coat and handed it to Casey, who tucked it into a closet, before saying, "You staying the night?"

"Am I?"


Olivia nodded.

* * *

Olivia sat on the edge of the bed, looking up as Casey pulled her shirt over her head. Bare skin, paler than Olivia would have imagined given Casey's fiery hair and personality, revealed itself, broken by the black lace of Casey's bra.

Casey turned around and said, "A little help?"

Olivia ran her hands down Casey's back, before settling her fingers on the clasp. She pulled it open, and stood to reach Casey's shoulders and push the straps forward. Her heart was pounding due to the proximity of Casey's nakedness, and she let her hands trail over Casey's arms. She was surprised to feel the curve of muscle along Casey's bicep, and squeezed it firmly. "You're strong," she said, as if she had not known that from their combat the previous day.

Casey had unbuttoned her slacks and pushed them, along with lace panties, to the floor. She leaned back against Olivia, who groaned at the full contact and wrapped one arm around Casey's midsection. Casey said, "I don't just play softball. I'm good. Hey, I got Stabler's respect."

"And mine."

Casey sagged slightly in Olivia's arms, saying, "I thought I was strong enough."

Olivia tightened her grip. She pressed her face into Casey's hair, sighing. "I guess we'll see."

Casey's laugh vibrated against her hands. "I guess we will." Casey turned around and pushed Olivia back onto the bed. She looked down at Olivia, a glint in her eyes that Olivia couldn't quite interpret. "Won't we?"

Olivia swallowed. She tingled where Casey touched her shoulder. She wanted more, but Casey wasn't forthcoming, so she concentrated on their contact, and found herself trembling. Her mouth was dry, and she swallowed again, searching Casey's face for suggestion.

Casey smiled. Her fingers slid to Olivia's jaw, and she lightly caressed the curve. "Do you like what you see?"

"Yes...Yes." Olivia flushed as she struggled over a simple word. She was a fully-clothed cop choking in front of a smaller, naked woman.

Casey stepped forward. Her breasts were level with Olivia's gaze and Olivia pressed her face between them. Casey's skin was soft against Olivia's cheeks. She felt arms encircle her shoulders and sighed. Her lips curled into a kiss against the side of Casey's breast. Casey buried her fingers in Olivia's hair and said, "More."

Olivia turned her head, kissing Casey again, sliding her lips wetly to the tip of Casey's breast to take the peak into her mouth. She felt the nipple harden against her tongue as she sucked at the whole aureole. Casey moaned above her.

She breathed through her nose, her mouth sealed by saliva to Casey's skin as she took as more of the breast into her mouth. Her tongue flicked at the nipple. Casey's fingers were moving against her scalp. "Switch."

Olivia switched breasts. The one she abandoned glistened with saliva, the nipple protruding tautly and red. Olivia worked her jaw, pulling at the other nipple. Casey's breathing was becoming ragged, and she was tugging at Olivia's hair painfully. Olivia listened to the change in the sounds Casey was making and wondered how far she could push her. When she grazed the edge of an aureole with her teeth, Casey gasped. Olivia wrapped her arms around Casey's waist to feel the muscles of her back moving with Casey hitched breathing.

One hand left Olivia's hair and traveled down to the back of her neck. Fingers lightly pressed her neck and Olivia stopped breathing. Casey lightly scratched her back and Olivia lost contact with the breast. Casey's hands on her were too distracting. Fingers danced across her shoulder blades and stroked the dip of her back and Olivia thrust herself backward, aching for firmer contact.

Casey laughed. She gripped Olivia's shoulders and forced Olivia to look at her, and then said, "You're good with your mouth." She kissed Olivia, and Olivia barely had time to give herself over to the pleasure of Casey's lips against hers before Casey pushed her onto her back on the bed. Casey leaned over her. Olivia felt Casey's hands brush her breasts, stroke her belly, and then find her breasts again, squeezing until Olivia arched against her hands. Her shirt might as well have been paper between them.

Casey's hands slid over her thighs, and then found her fly. She unbuttoned it and Olivia convulsed as the zipper slid down, each click exposing more of her. Casey slid her hand inside and Olivia jerked. "God, Casey." She felt Casey's fingers stroking her through her panties.

Olivia wasn't used to giving up control. Men wanted to be dominated, or they wanted to make sweet love to her, or they wanted to see what it was like to have a cop give them a blowjob, but they never asked this of her. They never demanded she willingly give them possession, as much as they tried to take it.

"Are you going to come so soon, Olivia?" Casey was fingering Olivia, and Olivia knew Casey could feel how wet she was. Casey said, "Can I make you come?"

Olivia closed her eyes, trying to keep her hips still. She wanted to thrust against Casey's hand and find relief, but she knew Casey wasn't offering her any. She said, "You can do anything you want."

"Well, that's settled." Casey chuckled. She removed her hand, just as Olivia expected, and said, "I want to watch you come."

Olivia nearly flew off the bed. If Casey's hand had still been in her pants, she'd have come. As it was, she panted, finding it hard to breathe, or to hear Casey's words through the pounding in her ears.

Casey said, "Do you want that, Olivia?"

Olivia lay still, counting each breath, before she realized Casey was actually waiting for an answer. "Yes." She was afraid Casey would continue to tease her, leave her unsatisfied and yearning, ask more of her than she could give. She was afraid the cell phone would go off.

Casey stroked her calf, and said, "Take off your pants."

Olivia grabbed the waist and pushed them down her thighs.

"Panties, too."

Olivia cringed as the soaked crotch of her panties separated from her body, letting the chilled air of the apartment touch her vulva. She distracted herself by admiring Casey's body. "You're glorious, naked," she said.

"Should I wear this to work?" Casey said as she worked the legs of her pants off Olivia's ankles. Olivia started to lift her undershirt.

"Leave it on," Casey said.

Olivia let go of the cloth. She didn't question Casey's order, just remained on the bed, her bare butt against the cool sheet.

"Sit up." Casey's command refocused her attention. "Against the headboard." Casey said.

Olivia scooted up to the head of the bed. Casey joined her, curling against her side and offering her a warm smile. Olivia felt herself smile back, and it seemed like a perfectly natural gesture when Casey leaned in and kissed her softly. Casey stroked her stomach through the cotton tee shirt, which was soft against her abdomen, but made her feel more exposed, knowing how close she was to being naked, rather than concealing her. Casey's fingers moving against the fabric heightened the friction rubbing against her skin.

Olivia returned the kiss, parting her lips. A moment ago she was ready to orgasm from the merest touch but now she felt calmer. Casey's tongue in her mouth was teasing and gentle, and Olivia felt lulled by the caresses. She sighed when Casey drew back.


Olivia looked at her.

Casey smiled and took her hands. "Why do I have the feeling you'd do anything I'd ask?"

Olivia rolled her head back against the headboard. "That's always been true." She chuckled. "This is a lot easier than arresting someone."

Casey squeezed her hands. "So you say." She drew Olivia's hands to her throat.

"Casey, what--"


"No. I don't want to--" She'd played along with Casey's little power games, but this was too much. She didn't want to hurt Casey. She didn't want to hurt anyone. She closed her eyes, blocking out the sight of her hands around Casey's neck.

Instead, an image of Casey on the office floor, broken, flashed in her mind. She cringed.

"Imagine how I feel," Casey said.

Olivia blinked, focusing again on the woman before her.

Casey rubbed her wrists. "You could kill me, couldn't you?"

Olivia tried to pull back, but Casey's grip on her was firm. Olivia said, "Yes."

"How long would it take?"

Olivia swallowed. She had never felt so out of control, due to being unable to get out of this without fighting Casey. Without hurting her. She had her fingers around Casey's throat, and she was the one who felt trapped. She was trembling, and anger started at the base of her spine, anger at Casey forcing her into this situation. She squeezed, gently.

Casey closed her eyes. "I wish I could remember... I only remember sparring with you... Subpoenaing Donald Rumsfeld... finding that girl on the docks... I only remember the fantasy of being tough. As tough as you, Olivia."

"Is that what you want? To know what it's like to fear?"

"I don't know." Casey opened her eyes, meeting Olivia's gaze. She dropped her hands from Olivia's wrists. "I want to know what it's like... to know." Casey swallowed, her throat contracting under Olivia's fingers. "I want to know if..."

Olivia's eyes narrowed. "If you can fight back."

Casey just looked at her.

Olivia squeezed. "Are you always like this? Do you seduce women? Do you like it?" She squeezed harder, wanting Casey to react, wanting Casey to acknowledge that she could tremble just as much as Olivia had been the past two days. "Did you pick me because I'm stronger than you?"

Casey inhaled, the sound of her breath hoarse from the constriction. "Because I trust you," she gasped.

"Do you really? Do you think I'd stop?" Olivia tightened her fingers.

Casey twisted, hitting the inside of Olivia's wrist with her right hand, putting the force of her shoulder behind it. Olivia's hand snapped back, and Casey jerked forward, rolling onto her knees, and grabbing Olivia's shoulders to hold her against the headboard. "It doesn't matter if you'd stop," Casey said.


Casey kissed her, pushing her head back against the wood, devouring her mouth. Olivia felt Casey's tongue plundering her lips and her teeth, and tried in vain to capture it, but Casey kept moving, rolling against her, teasing her until Olivia growled in frustration and reached up to grab Casey's waist. Casey's naked skin felt good against her bare legs. Her nipples chafed inside her shirt, and she longed to take it off, but couldn't without letting go of Casey.

"Don't let go," Casey moaned against her lips as she reached between their bodies, cupping Olivia's center.

Olivia tore her mouth away from the kiss and arched her head back. Casey's fingers were applying pressure against her lower lips, at the hood of her clit, at the crux of her thigh. Casey knew just where to touch to make her lose her breath, to forget about the strife and teasing of the last two days, and find the moment. She cried out when Casey's mouth found her neck.

Casey stroked her with rapid fingers, bit at her throat, and continued rubbing her body against Olivia's torso. Olivia couldn't focus between the multitude of sensations, and felt her body straining against Casey without her control, without her mind totally involved. Casey's hand moving quickly between her legs became to much the orgasm came, starting there, but moving throughout her body until she sighed against Casey's hair, and mentally begged her to stop. She was too spent to vocalize.

Her eyes were open and she watched Casey roll to the side, kneeling on the bed, and lift her fingers to her lips to taste. Casey smirked as she licked her middle finger, and despite her satisfaction, Olivia felt a jolt of desire watching Casey's tongue roll across glistening skin.

Casey said, "Worth the wait?"

Olivia's lips curved into a smile. She sat up straighter, long enough to pull her shirt over her head, smirking when Casey gasped at the sight of her body, an expression she'd earned from many men, but men didn't draw the answering response from her own body, the slow, burning ache that made her scoot toward Casey, and say the words she'd never said to anyone else. "Let me show you how grateful I am." She guided Casey's legs apart as Casey fell back, her head landing near the foot of the bed.

She heard Casey's breath hitch as she lowered her head, and said, in the lowest voice she could muster, "Relax."

* * *

Later, they rested together on top of the blankets, both at the foot of the bed, in a lazy embrace. Olivia was tracing patterns on Casey's back, still marveling at how much Casey had given her just by demanding so much of her.

"What are you going to teach me next?"

Casey's sleepy mumbling made Olivia chuckle. "I want to learn." She leaned down and kissed the hollow of Casey's lower back. "I hear you're good at softball."

"The best."

"Do you have to be the best at everything?"

Casey's eyes drifted closed. "Absolutely."

Olivia settled down at her side. "I'm not complaining."


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