Dreams About Tunnels

Author: Rysler
Date: 03/30/05
Pairing: Munch/Tutola [Law and Order: SVU]
Warnings: Graphic Man!Sex. Some Rude Jokes.
Summary: Fin and Munch go back to Munch's place at the end of a shift.

For [info]buggery.

Munch crumpled the last paper coffee cup of the day and tossed it into the trash. Shift was ending, coinciding with the sunset that cast orange light onto the floor. Only one sex offender remained in the crib, a date rapist dubbed Greg-O by his unsympathetic interrogators. Benson and Stabler were going to get him booked on their way out.

"No serial killers today!" Munch said, offering his hands in supplication and glancing nervously at the telephone. "Just your garden-variety unredeemed proletariat."

Stabler, gathering up his things, looked slightly confused. He forced a chuckle.

"Just be glad he's not still talking about the revolution," Fin said as he walked into the squadroom. "They aren't garden variety, they're just weeds." He shrugged into his coat.

Munch folded his arms. "I wouldn't expect you to have any sympathy for the masses, you Narc."

Fin smirked.

Benson came out of Cragen's office, and nodded to Stabler. "Ready?"

Stabler nodded. "Greg-O awaits. Later, guys."

Munch said, "Ciao." He turned to Fin. "Want to come over and see my Sega?"

"You don't have a Sega, John," Fin said as he followed Munch. "You don't even have a decent porn collection."

"Porn objectifies women," Munch said.

"That's the point."

"Don't worry, I have something better to look at. And it ain't Sega."

* * *

Munch and Fin stood together in a subway car, holding onto the same metal pole. Fin was complaining. "Did we have to take the subway? It's rush hour."

"Would you rather have taken a cab? Rush hour's the same gridlock in every direction. A conspiracy to get us to work longer hours."

"Or shorter, you know." Fin looked out the window, but only saw black.

"Granted. Besides, we should support our public transportation system. It's better for the poor, it's better for the environment, and cabs smell like urine."

Fin took a dramatic whiff. "Yeah. Poor cabs. We could've walked."

Munch rolled his eyes. "Thirty blocks? Do you want me exhausted by the time I get home? Besides, there are other reasons to take the train."

"Like what?"

The train lurched, causing the mass of crowded, standing bodies to shift and compress, sending Munch barreling into Fin. Fin let go of the pole with one hand to grab Munch and steady him. Munch looked up at Fin with a little smile.

Fin just rolled his eyes. "Sega."

"What did you expect me to say? Excuse me, I'm taking my partner back to my place for a little homosexual fucking. Oh, honey, don't forget the lube."

"Nice how you can say that on a subway car full of strangers, but not in front of your friends."

"It's unprofessional."

"We work with sex all day."

Munch said nothing, just leaned into Fin and gazed dispassionately at the people crowded around them.

Fin frowned. "Are you out of lube?"


"Good. Because I am not using that Vaseline shit again."

Munch felt his cock twitch, responding to how vulgarly Fin laid out his intentions. If he looked too closely, he wondered if he was attracted to Fin for that very vulgarity--Just taking a taste of the streets, dallying with the underclass, the bad-ass black narcotics cop. He was objectifying Fin, making him a prize in a game. Maybe he was just too cynical.

If he didn't look at things too closely, he saw a noble man that he trusted to protect his life, and that was enough.

* * *

They entered the apartment, John swinging the drugstore bag from the tips of his fingers. He lived in a studio furnished with only a bed, computer desk, and bookcases stuffed with books. Piles of books were stacked neatly along the edges of the floor. Dirty clothes were scattered everywhere, along with cartons of Chinese food.

Fin had once complained about the mess and pointed out John's elegant, pressed style belied his lifestyle. "I'm not a fairy," John had said, and then winked coyly at Fin. "I'm a woman. That's different."

"Does that mean we got to make out before we fuck?"

Munch locked the door and stepped toward Fin. "Definitely." He wrapped his arms around Fin's neck and pulled him down.

Their lips met without further pretense or flirtation. Fin's tongue darted into Munch's mouth, and then withdrew, chuckling against Munch's lips as Munch lunged forward and tightened his grip to prolong the kiss. "That's why cabs are better. We can do that in cabs."

"Shut up." Munch kissed him again. He bit hard into Fin's lower lip, and then licked his teeth. "Besides, delayed gratification is better." Munch pushed against Fin's crotch, working his hips teasingly against the bulge straining Fin's pants. "How long has that been there?"

"Too long. " Fin urged Munch backwards until he was against the closed door. With Munch pinned between his bulk and the door, Fin let his hands explore Munch's form while they kissed. Munch's tongue met his, hot and wet and demanding. Fin explored Munch's narrow chest and teased Munch's nipples through his shirt, stroking them into hard points. When Munch finally groaned and yanked away from his lips, Fin cupped Munch's crotch. He squeezed, sizing Munch up, and asked. "Done with foreplay?"

"Yeah." John reached for Fin's waist. "Onto the undressing."

Fin chuckled. He watched Munch work open his belt, leaving the two ends hanging from the loops of his pants. Munch traced the zipper seam, and then wrapped his fingers around Fin's erection--as much as he could hold through the cloth. He smirked up at Fin, who watched coolly as he stroked his length, and when dragged his fingernails across the tip of Fin's cock, Fin finally growled.

Munch pulled the zipper down, the separating metal creating a loud sound in the apartment. Fin cleared his throat. Instead of reaching for Fin's cock again, Munch grabbed the waistband of the pants and yanked downward, getting to his knees to pull the fabric down to Fin's calves, and then start to work on Fin's shoes.

Fin's stiff penis poked through loose shirt-tails and bobbed freely above Munch, who helped Fin step out of his trousers before taking the cock into his mouth. Fin moaned, hunching over Munch and placing his hands on his shoulders as he watched his cock slide in and out of Munch's lips.

Munch had honed the skill of using his mouth. His silver tongue, an asset on the streets, was never more in evidence than it was here, so that every time Munch made a smart remark, Fin was reminded of this scene, of just how good Munch's mouth really was, sucking on his cock. He tugged at Munch's shoulders, drawing him up. Plenty of time for blow jobs in bar stalls or the back of cabs. At home, he had other ideas.

Munch licked his lips as he stood, facing Fin. His mouth was damp with saliva, but he was still smirking.

"For god's sake," Fin said, as he began to unbutton his shirt. "Take off your clothes."

Munch complied, undressing and bending to neatly fold his clothes on a stack of books. He was about to turn around and face his partner when he felt a hand on his back. "Want to nail you," Fin said, his voice harsh, his breath hot, at Munch's ear. "Fuck you. Pin you to the wall--" Fin paused. "No good wall."

"Pin me to the bookcase."

Fin pushed Munch toward the nearest bookcase and he stumbled, grabbing onto a shelf to steady himself. John arched back as Fin came up behind him. "Doing this...Next to Chaucer, next to Nietzche, next to the Bible...The intellect merging with the visceral. Amazing."

"Glad you're getting pleasure out of it," Fin said. He picked up a wrapped condom that had been lying carelessly on the shelf.

"And you're not?" John, anchored now, stroked his own rising penis with one hand and braced himself with the other.

Fin grinned wolfishly. "I take pleasure in you. I don't give a damn about the big picture." Munch's body was narrow and lean. Back muscles were shifting under Fin's restless hand. Fin's cock was hard and ready and brushing against Munch's ass. Munch was eager, and willing, and suddenly--beautiful. "Man." Fin exhaled.

Munch chortled, but looked over his shoulder at Fin. "I love you, too."

Fin smiled. He worked his thumb between Munch's asscheeks, separating them. He brushed his thick finger over Munch's asshole, swiping it several times until Munch groaned and pushed back against him. He teased the tight ring of muscle, enjoying the dueling sounds of Munch beating his cock and panting, and the way his own cock felt pressing up against Munch's ass.

Munch pressed his face into the arm that supported him. "Don't forget the lube, after we went to all the trouble of buying it."

Fin reluctantly let Munch go and dug through the drugstore bag for the tin. He coated the already lubricated condom covering his penis, and stroked himself until the lube was warm and slick in his fist. Munch protested, and Fin returned to him. He knelt and licked at Munch's asshole, until Munch said, "Didn't we stop with the foreplay like, an hour ago?"

Chuckling, Fin stood, and pressed the head of his cock against Munch's asshole, slowly pushing forward to penetrate him.

"Christ, that hurts," Munch said. Sweat formed across his back as he gritted his teeth against the pain. He trembled.

Fin said, "Foreplay."

"Fuck you." Munch concentrated on his breathing, trying to time it to Fin's hesitant insertion. "I was just commenting."

Fin leaned forward and kissed Munch where his shoulder blades formed a dip. His teeth grazed Munch's skin. He continued pushing, and Munch pushed back, until Munch's delicious, tight heat surrounded him. He groaned when his balls brushed Munch's ass. Munch rocked his head back, lolling against Fin's shoulder. They fucked, breathing heavy, leaning against the bookcase.

Munch gave up pleasuring himself and clung to the shelves with both hands. Fin reached around Munch's waist and gripped his penis, letting their movements slide Munch against his hand with the same rhythm as his thrusting hips. Munch came, spilling over Fin's fist and sagging back against Fin's larger body.

Fin wrapped his arms around Munch, supporting him. He felt his own orgasm coming and he bellowed against it, trying to prolong the pleasure of the embrace, but then he was spurting inside Munch and his own arms were weak. They both relied on the bookcase's ladder-like construction to keep them from falling.

Munch was the first to recover, clearing his throat and looking down at the wet splotches that stained the cover of Origin of the Species. "I now remember why we said no fucking against the bookshelves after last time."

* * *

"You think this bonds us closer together?" Fin asked his partner later, when night had settled and they were half-way to sleep.

John snorted. "You getting my back on the street bonds us. This is just sex."

"Just sex?"

"Between friends. Aren't we on the down-low?"

"Don't go there. I want my life to be honest."

"This is honest." John turned on his side and placed his hand on Fin's chest.

Fin nodded slowly. "You're an honest man, John. Even a good one."

"So are you. That's what bonds us."

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