Size Matters


FANDOM: Birds of Prey TV

PAIRING: Barbara/Helena

RATING: PG13, no real violence or anything naughty. Just a little bit of 'suggestive' writing.

DISCLAIMER: Birds of Prey aren't even closely related to me, let alone owned by me. You could sue me if you want but it's highly unlikely you'll find. I'll run like a rabbit.

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"Hold still, you're moving to fast."

"I am holding still."

"No you're not, just sit still so I can get it in."

"It won't go in, it's too big, we'll have to get another one."

"Here put this is your mouth."

"NO! I don't want that in my mouth."

"Don't be stupid Helena, it's perfectly safe!"

"Just shove it in that cushion and try not to loose it."

"No, I don't want it to get me in the ass when I sit down."

"It won't get you in the ass when you sit down Barbara, it's so small, and duh, you wouldn't feel it anyway."

"I might not feel it, that's the problem. I can't go around with it sticking in my ass for the rest of my life."

"What in god's name are you two doing," a harsh voice yelped from the stairs.

Dinah stood very still staring down at the two young women in the living room.

"Oh thank god you're here Dinah, come here and hold this, it's too small and I don't want to loose it."

Dinah glided down the stairs and took the sewing needle from Barbara.

"And to answer your question we're trying to fix this damn leather coat."

"Three buttons ripped off when that guy came at me with his big knife," Helena said to the young blonde woman. "You know, maybe youcould threat this needle for us, I tried to get the string into the little eye and so did Barbara then we both tried together. It's hopeless."

Dinah took the needle and threat from the dark haired woman and looked at it for a second. "It's too big," she announced.

"Huh, see I told you," Helena said pointing at Barbara who was still trying to fit a button through the corresponding button hole.

Dinah grabbed another needle and threaded it easily then handed it back to the dark vigilante.

"See Barbara, size does matter."

~ ~ ~