Silent Tears


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RATING: G, what can I say, I am insanely prude.

WARNING: This is not only my first post at this site, but also my first fan fiction of this kind. If you want to be cruel in your response, okay, but remember my prudish nature doesn't stop me from my vengeful thoughts, just actions. Oh, and I am just telling you right now, this is a horribly trite, not written well to any standards, type of fan fiction.

SUMMARY: Um, not really necessary, with it being rather short and all.


Dinah sat in her English class staring at the clock. Five minutes remaining until the final bell of the day sounded. The teacher stood before the class trying to get the attention of the non-complying teenagers.

"Okay, guys. Just give me these last few minutes okay? We are going to have a poetry day tomorrow. But unlike the other poetry days, I want all of you to compose your own poems. They can be in any style, but there are some rules. First, it must be appropriate, okay no vulgarities. Second it has to be about or written to someone you know. How you know them isn't important, and you don`t have to include names. Everyone got it? Okay get out of here!"

Dinah sat in the class and watched as the class emptied rather quickly. She hated writing poetry. It was too raw, too real, too painful. She could never sit down and write a happy poem, just depressing trite love poems. Great a perfect day ruined. Dinah grabbed her bag, and left the room and meet Barbara in her classroom. The red head meet her with a comforting smile.

"So how was your day."

"It was okay," Dinah muttered.

"Just okay?" Barbara asked, with a little bit of concern in her voice.

"Oh, I just got this English assignment I am not looking forward to."

"Really, what is it?"

"Just writing a poem. I hate writing poetry."

"Well don't let it ruin your mood, it is just a poem."

"Yeah, I guess so. Are you ready to go?" Dinah asked perking up a little.

"Of course lets go." Barbara grabbed a bag, and followed Dinah out of the room.

* * * * *

Dinah and Barbara walked out of the elevator into the Delphi center. Helena was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room, wearing sweats, and spinning the chair around like a five year old stuck in a deep state of ennui. Barbara went up the ramp and cleared her throat. Helena stopped spinning and looked at Barbara with a smirk on her face. "What is your obsession with doing that?" Barbara asked returning the smile.

"I get bored. I spin. It is quite simple, really"

"And why are you here if you are bored?"

"Waiting for the kid."

"Why are you waiting for me?" Dinah asked, her heart jumping a little.

"To see if you wanted to get some training in."

"Yeah, sure I just have to change." Dinah ran happily from the room towards her own. She moved into her room, and grabbed some work out clothes and started changing. She loved working out with Helena. Being close to her, feeling her body heat against her own, even if she was getting her ass kicked in the process. God, she would happily get her ass kicked by Helena everyday, just to feel her close, smell her scent, see the proud overly smug smile on her face. Dinah finished dressing and moved into the training room. Helena was already there beating on a punching bag. Dinah watched her for a few minutes watching the beads of sweat travel from her brow down her face to her jaw. Other sweat trails starting at her neck and going down between the valley of her very beautiful...

"Dinah are you going to stand there all day ogling me?" Helena asked without looking the girl in the eyes.

"I wasn't ogling you." Dinah stated a little to defensively.

"Really? Then what do you call what you were doing?" Helena asked finally looking at the girl and giving her, her best seductive smile.

"Um, well, I was, I was... You know you are a pain in the ass sometimes."

"And yet, you still love me."

"Yeah well, so you want to spar, or what?" Dinah asked, trying to get out of the current conversation. Helena looked at Dinah for a few moments and then just shrugged. The two moved into the center of the room, and started throwing punch and kicks at each other. Dinah was making a great deal of progress, but Helena was still better, and Dinah spent a good amount of the time on her back. Dinah moved to punch Helena in the ribs, but Helena easily moved and swept Dinah's feet form under her. Dinah landed on her back and got the wind knocked out of her. She laid on the mat sucking in air. No matter how much air she breathed in, it wasn't enough to satisfy her lungs. Finally after a few moments she was breathing regularly again.

"You okay, kid?" Helena asked with concern.

Dinah sat up a little and then fell back against the mat. "Yeah just fine."

Helena laughed a small laugh and put her hand out for Dinah. Dinah reached up and grasped onto Helena's hand, but instead of moving to stand up, she pulled Helena down on to the mat. Helena not expecting the move, landed hard on her stomach, as Dinah moved and pulled Helena's right arm up behind her back, causing a small amount of pain to float up the captured limb.

"Good job, kid" Helena grunted. Dinah basked in Helena's scent and her minor victory. Dinah pulled on Helena's arm, causing Helena to grunt once again. "Okay you have five seconds to let go."

"Oh, and what are you going to do if I don't?" Dinah asked as she once again pulled the arm up a little more. Helena grunted once again and tried to move out from under the girl, but Dinah was able to keep control and not let Helena move. "Well, I do have to say that it seems that I am in control."

"So you are in control, what are you going to do?"

"Nothing." Dinah released Helena's arm, and sat up. Helena sat up as well and roughly started to rotate her arm. "I didn't actually hurt you did I?"

"You hurt me? Haha, that is laughable."


"Its fine, Dinah" Helena moved her left hand to her shoulder and started messaging the muscles.

"Here let me." Dinah moved her hands to Helena's shoulder and gently kneaded the muscles. The two sat in silence for a few minutes. Dinah continued to move her fingers along the shoulder, her crush on Helena turning more and more into head over heels love with each day.

Helena moved her hand to Dinah's and captured it in hers, stopping the movement. "Thanks, I have to get ready for sweeps." Helena released Dinah's hand and stood up. "See you later."

"Yeah see you."

Helena sauntered out of the room, never looking back at the blonde. Dinah sat there knowing that she was in love with Helena, but she could never tell her. Helena would never love her back. Dinah sat in the training room for a few minutes feeling hot tears flow easily from her eyes. Helena was never going to be hers, and she would never be Helena's. Dinah climbed to her feet and walked to her room, she had a poem to write, well after she took a shower.

* * * * *

"Miss Lance, it is your turn."

Dinah moved to the front of the room and stood behind the podium. She wasn't nervous and yet her palms wouldn't dry themselves. As soon as she read this poem aloud, it would be more real. Just writing and thinking about her love for Helena was one thing, but to actually speak of it to a class of teenagers made it more real. Even if they had no idea who the poem was for, them hearing it made it real.

"So, Miss Lance what is the name of your poem?"

"Uh, Silent Tears."

"Okay, lets hear it."

Dinah nodded her head, and took a deep breathe for courage. Here it was, the moment of truth. No more hiding. Dinah looked up at the class with a new resolve and read her poem.

"My heart has already lost the battle,
And my soul can't win the war,
The blackness seeps through my veins,
Flooding my body with sorrow,
These silent tears streak down my face,
Staining the world I know with fear,

I gave you everything,
I gave you my heart,
I gave you my soul,
And you unknowingly walked away,

I would wait forever just to hear you say,
The words my soul longs to hear to feel alive once again,
But forever will never come,
And neither will your love,

My soul is dying to be with yours forever,
To feel your passionate embrace,
To have you wipe away these burning tears,
But forever will never come,
And neither will you love,

Oh, my soul is dying to understand why,
Why you won't love me,
And just because I would die for you,
Doesn't mean you can kill me like this,
Forever will never come,
And neither will your love,

But I will sit here crying these silent burning tears,
Until you see,
Until you feel,
Until forever finally comes."