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Pieces. Fragments of what we were. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men had no chance in hell of putting this back together again.

Helena moved like a ghost through the Clocktower, her eyes seeking out the reassuring lights from each security point. Silent steps carried her up the stairs, her passing nothing more than another shade of black in the shadows. Helena eased the first door open and peered into the darkness with inhuman eyes. Gold hair spread out over the sleeping girl’s face, but Helena could read her body posture with ease. No nightmares for the kid tonight. Thank God. She closed the door and exhaled, letting her head rest against the wood. Too damn close.

Helena moved to the next door and opened it a crack. Barbara wasn't faring so well and as Helena watched, the covers slid from the bed as the redhead twisted restlessly. She slipped into the room and climbed onto the bed, pulling the older woman into her arms and burying her face in the crimson tangle. Gradually the dream calmed and Helena pressed her lips to Barbara’s throat. She could feel the pulse slowing and smiled a little. But the feeling of closeness faded as her memories reached out to rake at her once again.

No rest for the wicked.

Frustration made her eyes cloud and Helena forced herself to leave the warmth of Barbara’s bed, pulling the covers back into place and slipping from the room.

Rage ate at her, biting into the very core of what she held dear. She had failed them. Brought the enemy into their home. Helena pressed a clenched fist to her chest and bit back a cry at the pain that was her constant companion now. She had dishonored her family. Broken the trust. Endangered everything and everyone she held dear…

Helena leaped the rail and landed in front of the Delphi. She brought up the various security cameras that surrounded the Clocktower and dragged a chair closer. Propping her feet up onto the workstation, she leaned back and glared at the screens, daring something to move.

She would not fail again.

* * * * *

Gasping, crying, Barbara pulled herself across the floor, trying desperately to escape. Taunting laughter filled her head, the shrill echoes of a madwoman. She’s not here. This isn't real. This is just a dream. Dammit Barbara! Wake up!

But she couldn't escape from this realm and she flinched as the smell of blood filled her senses. Not again.

Her hands slipped suddenly and she collapsed to the cold, sticky floor. Looking down at herself, she flinched and began to cry. Blood. So much blood. It covered her hands, her arms. His blood.

Her scream was silent and she drove her fist into the gore-covered floor, determined to end this, one way or another.


Again and again she struck, the pain burning the smell and feel of her surroundings away. Leaving her in the darkness. Leaving her with only her futile rage as company.


But as despair rolled over her, a sound pierced the prison her mind had created.

Low and strong, it vibrated through Barbara’s body, filling her.

The smell of blood disappeared, replaced with the exotic scent of sandalwood as strong arms lifted her from the bloody floor.


Barbara slumped against her dream guardian and let the rumbling purr carry her out of the nightmare.

* * * * *

Floating. She was floating high above herself. Watching. Waiting. She knew that the shadow would come soon. The door to her bedroom opened and she watched Helena watch her sleeping form.

Dinah was beside her with a thought and her hand reached out as if to touch the silent woman’s cheek. But that wasn’t possible in this form and she could only watch as Helena stood in the doorway and blamed herself for all that had happened.

It’s not your fault Helena. Please don't so this to yourself.

But Helena could not hear her and she closed the door, continuing her nightly rounds. Dinah passed through the wall, knowing where her next stop would be.

She watched Helena slip into the bed beside Barbara and gather her close.

Her mentor’s obvious distress had her moving closer, reaching out to peak into the darkness plaguing Barbara tonight.

Oh Barbara. Standing in the dream, she watched as Dream Helena lifted the blood-covered woman and carried her away from her nightmare.

Dinah slid from the dream and gazed at the broken members of this self-made family.

A determined gleam entered her eyes. We will get through this.

Helena left the bed and padded out of the room. Dinah followed, watching her leap to the lower level and begin her nightly vigil.

Helena glared at the screens and Dinah eased closer, letting her formless arms drift around her friend, offering the embrace that she knew would be rejected in reality.

The night stretched out before them, two silent sentinels, resolute in their purpose.

They would not fail again.