It Never Rains


FANDOM: Birds of Prey Comic-Verse

PAIRING: Huntress/Oracle

RATING: Child Friendly (Sap).

DISCLAIMER: These characters and situations do not belong to me in any way, shape, or form. I have borrowed them as part of my sanity maintenance.

SUMMARY: Helena hasn't read the manual…

THANKS: As always, to darandkerry for the beta work.

FICATHON: BoP-Challenges - 12Days.
Prompt/Word Count: 02. Birthday - 1171 words.

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Torrential rain had descended on Gotham City over the past few weeks, and Oracle was pleased she was safely ensconced in her very own high place, Dalten Tower. She allowed herself a smile at the thoughts of what Helena's mood would be when she returned from her current venture, sweeping the cities of Metropolis and Gotham, looking for people in trouble. Her girlfriend hated the rain at the best of times but, right now, after all these continuous days of rain, she was unbearable.

A screen flickered into life at Oracle's steady request; having control of the cities CCTV was more than convenient in her line of work. Seeing a face turned towards the screen, she zoomed in on the sodden visage of her partner in crime, Huntress.

A small wave accompanied her lover’s words. "You getting this, Oracle?"

"Yeah, how're you doing? It looks pretty wet out there."

"Wet? Wet? That's an understatement, I'll tell you something, this suit needs a redesign, even my undies are soaked. Surely, you of all people can find me a material that doesn't leak."

"Ah, but then I wouldn't have the pleasure of drawing you a bath and watching as you struggle to peel them slowly, and delectably, I might add, down your dripping body."

"Oracle! I didn't know you had it in you." Helena laughed out loud; despite the weather, Oracle's words were giving her pleasure. "I might’ve known you'd have some ulterior motive having me out here in this shit… 'cos there certainly isn't anything happening. How about you run my bath water sometime about now?"

Just as the last word left Huntress' mouth, an alarm sounded in Oracle's ear. "Damn, hold that thought, Huntress, there's a report of a young woman trapped in a car on Kelsey Island. Let me look."

The comm line went silent, and Huntress sighed out loud; so near and yet so far.

"Huntress, it's definitely a situation; the fire crews and the police are tied up, and this woman is trapped in quickly rising water, the car looks as if it's almost afloat. Can you get there quickly?"

"Yeah, I'm on it. Slip a hottie in the bed, Hon; I'm going to need it."

Barbara smiled. If Helena peeled her costume off in front of her again; she wouldn't need a hot water bottle, Barbara would be giving off enough heat for three, never mind for two.

* * * * *


Huntress' agitated cry pulled Barbara back to the screens. She had been keeping an eye on the floating car and had seen it move barely an inch while Huntress made her way to the site.

"ORACLE! Come in, please!"

The woman in question couldn't understand Helena's panic; it appeared to be an easy save.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here. What's wrong? It looks like you've just got the one woman to collect and carry to safety. It's looking fairly simple to me."

"You think, huh?"

Barbara watched, bemused, as Huntress leaned back into the opened car window, her hands flailing as she obviously passed some information to the trapped woman.

"She says there's no way, the baby's crowned."


"She's about to have a fucking baby, Oracle. What the hell do I do?"

Oracle laughed to herself; remembering when something very similar had happened to her years ago.

"Well you can just curb that sort of language for a start; a new baby to this world doesn't need to hear that."

"Yeah well, it's easy for you to say, tucked away safely in your ivory tower; get your pretty ass down here and try not using a fuck or two."

"Okay, okay, just calm down and think. You know what to do; it's one of the things you've learned over the years."

Helena's silence amused her.

"Isn't it, Hel?"

"No, it isn't. Go on, tell me it's page 233 of the Super-Heroes manual, yes?"

"Don't be facetious, just get in the car and give the woman support; let nature take its course. You ... Do... Know… What... To… Do."

Barbara called in an ambulance, LifeFlight, the army, the navy, and anybody else that she thought might be interested, and then took a back seat as she watched the drama unfold, unable to help any further.

* * * * *

Later, much later, the two women were cuddling in the large bed Barbara had recently purchased as a present for Helena; the fact it was much too large for Helena's apartment was the other half of the present.

Helena was slowly, slowly thawing out. The bath that Barbara had waiting as she trudged wearily home had helped; the energy they’d spent ensuring the bed was sufficiently spacious had helped; but the final piece in the puzzle, as far as Helena was concerned, was the cup of hot chocolate chocked full of pink marshmallows Barbara had presented to her minutes ago.

Slipping out of Barbara's arms, she reached for her mug and sipped slowly. Suddenly, she remembered another important fact, and a grin creased her face. She turned to Barbara and admitted, "Josie decided to name the baby after me."

Barbara looked puzzled. "What? You shouted out, loudly too…" she mimicked rubbing her ear in agony, "… it's a boy. What's he called? Hunter?"

"Nah, Bertie." Helena smiled towards Barbara; a sappy, sweet look adorning her face. "I kinda like it."

After seeing that look on her partner’s face, Barbara couldn't help asking, "Have you ever thought of having kids, Hel?" It was something they'd never had the time to discuss.

"All the time."

Her answer surprised Barbara, and the surprise must’ve shown, because Helena quickly expanded on her words.

"But, you know what? I don't think I ever will; I'm happy saving the world, and that's not a place for kids."

A hand reached up to caress her cheek. "You'll not want that all the time though, Hel."

"I'm happy here with you, helping you do what's right. As long as you need me to do that; as long as you need me, then I'll be satisfied. Anyway, I have my school children, hundreds of them, and now, I have my godchild…"

Barbara smiled and placed her finger over Helena's lips, stopping the rambling explanation; she understood.

"Thank you."

Helena kissed the finger on her lips and, holding Barbara's gaze, asked quietly, "What about you; do you want children?"

A flicker of pain crossed green eyes as they glanced downwards to stare at her scars. "I ca…can't, Hel. That's another of the reasons I'm like I am. I need this, more than I think even you know." She grasped Helena's hand. "I *need* to do this; be with me?"

Helena's answer was immediate; she didn't have to think anymore, it just was.

"Yes, always." She smiled. "And then, when all this is over, maybe we could pool our resources and give something special to the kids we never had."

"Yeah that'd be nice and Hel, if you ever need it again, try reading page 13 of Super-Heroes for Dummies, the Twentieth Edition."

~ ~ ~