Stating the Obvious


FANDOM: Birds of Prey TV

PAIRING: Barbara/Helena

DISCLAIMER: Love them, don't own them, doing it for my sanity.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: For ralst who asked for Aspect 18. Naive Girl - Barbara (BoP tv-verse) - oblivious to the obvious.


Barbara stared at her computer screen, the numbers and algorithms seeming to blur into one. She removed her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose. With a sigh, she then turned back to the screen, pulling up another of her windows to work on the facial recognition bots she was hoping to send off into the cyber realm.

Helena leaned against the kitchen doorframe, legs crossed, arms folded, and watched. It was something she enjoyed doing on a regular basis watching her friend work. If the truth were ever revealed Helena would have liked Barbara to occasionally return the favour.

She coughed, hoping to disturb Barbara's concentration enough to get some reaction; she failed.

Barbara continued to type rapidly, her eyes now trained on the programme she was devising to give her more manipulation of Gotham City's CCTV Cameras. After the problems they'd had the year before with the return of Harley Quinn, and the subsequent death of her then boyfriend, Wade, she'd realized she needed more substantial access to views of her operatives.

Oracle needed to know where her girls were; she couldn't bear to lose another member of her family. Smiling inwardly she thought of her girls, Helena and Dinah. Dinah, nearly half Barbara's age, acted like a daughter, and Barbara accepted the role with surprising relish. Helena, however, could never be that, never be like a daughter; they were too entangled for that sort of relationship. Helena had been, and would always remain, her dearest friend. Even as a child, she had been more of a friend to Barbara than any of her contemporaries.

A smile crossed Barbara's face as she thought of Helena; excepting her beloved father, Barbara loved Helena more than any other person in her universe. Occasionally, she imagined growing old with Helena, just the two of them forever, but each time the thought surfaced it sunk immediately. It was obvious the gorgeous Helena would soon meet her one, and would quickly realize that living with a disabled, albeit immensely independent, older woman had lost its appeal.

Helena saw the smile on Barbara's face and wondered if *she* was ever the reason for her happy state. Helena knew that Barbara loved her as a friend, but had recently come to realize that she, Huntress, wanted more. The problem was getting Barbara to acknowledge the friendship could be so much more intense than it already was.

Feeling frisky, Helena made it her goal for the night to catch Barbara's attention in a more than friendly way.

Oracle worked steadfastly on running her regular security check of Gotham Prison. It was imperative to her Birds safety that The Joker, Harley Quinn, Clayface and the like remained behind bars. Every night at 8pm she ran this regular check.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at her side. She glanced up into Helena's face, surprised to see the young woman was still wearing her leather jacket and trousers, Barbara could have sworn that ten minutes previous she had already been in her PJ's. Helena moved purposely closer and made sure Barbara looked at their softly touching thighs; if the redhead couldn't feel the touch Helena was damn sure the sight of leather against warm skin would be intoxicating enough.

But no, Barbara pushed Helena away gently, with a whispered, "Later." Then pulled up her growing spreadsheet documenting ever single piece of English Literature she had read, heard of, or used in her classes.

She smirked as she heard Helena sigh. Then decided right then and there to split one spreadsheet into three; classic, modern, and popular literature.

Helena, meanwhile, had swung by the kitchen and divested herself of her leather jacket so that she now wore only a leather bustier with her trousers. She'd chosen this design specifically because of the way it pushed her breasts much higher giving her a cleavage to die for. No other conquest had ever resisted this outfit.

The dark haired beauty sidled over to Barbara and manhandled her chair so that she was facing Helena.

"Come and join me in a nightcap, please?" purred Helena.

It appeared Barbara was immune to the bustier as her eyes failed to drop towards the glorious cleavage, never leaving Helena's face as she muttered, "Hel, it's only 8.30pm, I must work on these things first. Watch that DVD you hired, I'll join you later."

Exasperated, Helena went back to the kitchen and removed her trousers. Oracle *would* notice her, and soon.

Sauntering back into the control room, Helena tried humming a sultry tune as she sashayed her hips to the hilt. Barbara just continued to burn the candle down.

Helena grinned. Barbara's oblivious nature would help her next step. She wandered over to the stereo and searched for the music that would help her plan. Eventually, she found just the thing, placed it in the CD tray and programmed it to repeat. She then picked up the remote and walked over towards Barbara.

The brunette's eyes flashed gold as she pondered her first move; *she* would enjoy this, probably more so than even Barbara. Reaching Barbara's chair, she flicked the disc onto play and then, once again, pulled Barbara around to face her. This time, she climbed on the redhead's lap and proceeded to grind and sway to the softly playing music.

For half an hour she danced her heart out, and for half an hour Barbara's mind considered the problem of gaining access to the satellites that still belonged to Luther corps. Gradually, the heat from Helena's body began to distract her brainwaves and finally, she looked into Helena's yellow slit-like feline eyes.


It was the first word either woman had spoken since Helena's dance began, and it served to concentrate Helena's mind to her next step. She leaned forward and pressed her lips hard to Barbara's. Sweet moments later, Helena felt Barbara push her away.

"What are you doing, Hel?"

Unperturbed, Helena continued the kiss where she had left off, thrusting her tongue deeply but softly into her prey's mouth. Slowly, massaging the tongue that was trying to fight hers, Helena felt the moment Barbara let herself join in, and the connection, at last recognized, was more than electric.

Allowing herself a precious few moments to enjoy Barbara's realization, Helena withdrew. With one final lick to Barbara's open, soft, lips, Helena climbed off the redhead's lap and headed towards her bedroom. Without looking back she called out.

"Just stating the obvious to the oblivious, hon."

Helena couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips when her hyper-sensitive hearing caught Barbara's stunned reply.


~ ~ ~