Forced Out


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok this is just a one shot thing kinda brought about by the Infinite Crisis/OMAC/Year After/ and the stuff going on in the Marvel comic universe.

I took the concept of superheroes being forced to reveal themselves and played with that a bit (okay played with it a lot and building it up more then in the comic book world as the loose plot for this story follows with the Brother Eye ideas and the Marvel universe - Superhuman Registration Act).

So the background for this story is the TV show Helena and Barbara. But the whole basic arc going on in the comics with the OMAC/Brother Eye and related plots and all that whacked sh$! is in effect here also, kinda, (not sticking too strict to the comic book plot as it is so confusing I have a hard time following it myself - lol). Eh this is just a ramble story anyways :)

Also this is me trying hard to write from Helena's POV but I think I have messed up the tenses and such. If anyone has comments/feedback, feel free to let it rip docwho2000 @, I really want to not just write but learn too :) thanks!

Characters thoughts are often put between ~ ~ symbols

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Time unknown, sometime in the future after the series end, but not too far in future.

I feel my muscles tense as we stand here watching the elevator slowly rise. They are coming and there is nothing I, with all my great abilities, can do. Actually it is, in a twisted sense, my abilities that bring them here.

I glance over and find my anger increase even as a warm flush goes through my system. My eyes continue to travel over Barbara's face and body. I let myself do a Barbara-thing as I start cataloging and analyzing every detail. I work to etch her and this moment in my mind.


Flinching at the voice, my eyes snap up to find her face. Her eyes however are not looking at me. She is watching the elevator doors, doors that will be opening in seconds, changing our lives forever.

"We'll make it through, I promise."

Her voice was like an ice cube down the back on a hot summer day. It sends chills through my entire being, yet it's soothing. Just what I need to alleviate the building heat and anger... Well not really what I need or want. What I want, is to throw my arms around the woman next to me and never, ever let go.

To say "fuck it" to her no-touch and solitary lifestyle and touch her all over and to make sure she would never be alone again.

Instead I tighten my arms around my midsection and listened to the hiss of the doors opening; signaling they are here and they are going to take her away.

They have come for Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl, AKA... well that last name we were not yet ready to put out on the table. That was a wildcard the crafty Oracle was going to try and hold onto.

We had been watching. Noting what was spreading like a disease through the metahuman and crime-fighting world the last few months. Our apprehension grew as well. Ok I'll be honest more like growing fear with a side of paranoia.

Barbara had realized that guilt by association meant it would be only a matter of time until this witch hunt touched the Clocktower. So far this group, movement, ideology or what ever crap term you want to hang on it had not been stopped. Hell, their progress had not even been slowed really as they continued to pry out identities, lives, and destroy all that we had taken for granted for so many years.

I mean I never did the mask thing really, but I also kept certain things quiet. Not that I cared too much, but I did it for Barbara. I mean she is way into masks. Not just the Batgirl thing, but even the Tower is a mask for her. She wrapped herself in an alter ego and made sure no one could find her, touch her or even...

Love her ...

The small group is quiet as they take in the surroundings and measure us up even as we do the same of them. One finally pulls away from the nervous group and advances.

I am about to growl when I feel a hand on mine. I narrow my eyes instead and begin imagining how quickly I could take them out, take them all out and take Barbara away...

But Barbara was the one who brought them here. I look over and see the calm, poker face. But I know the truth. I know inside she's dying.

This is like being shot all over again for her.

Once again Barbara Gordon's life is being taken away from her by someone else. The whole damn world always planning and moving forward with their own agendas and wants. And my Barbara just gets hurt and mowed down in the process.

My Barbara...

I start as my daydreaming has managed to fast forward time and Barbara is almost to the elevator. Taking a step forward, I halt as a certain redhead swivels around backing her chair into the elevator. An action I know she does not need to do, but one she is doing for my expense as her eyes stay tight on mine.

A conversation from earlier plays in my mind and know I will grant the request she made during that conversation. I replay it over again as the doors close taking her from my sight.

* * * * *

A bit earlier

"No Helena."

I jerk my head away from the TV and turn to watch Barbara typing away on the keyboard. "Wha?"

"I know you are planning on following us when they come."

"I am not." I lie.

"You're lying."

"Yes I am. What did you expect?"

"Nothing less." She smiles at me and finally turns from Delphi. She is locking things down as she wants to break apart some of the massive computer and camouflage it when they come. She always thinks of everything, well everything except what I wish she would think about... me...

"Don't fly after us Helena, please. It is too dangerous. I will think of you flying and being near me. That thought will keep me safe, I promise." She looks at me then. My thoughts suddenly all focus on trying to figure out exactly what that look means. I've never seen it before but something deep inside of me hopes I'll see it again and again and again.

When she told Dinah and me about what she had done, I almost broke into tears just like Dinah actually did. I struggled to keep calm as she told me she had gone and called those people. Told them who she was and agreed to go in for registration and questioning and debriefing.

Well that's what the self-righteous mob calls it, registration. There are rumors, stories of what they really do during those sessions.

But Barbara had decided to try and keep Canary, Huntress and Oracle from the evil brother eye by offering up a diversion, a sacrifice... Batgirl.

She knew they would be interested in that and she figured if they were satisfied with that, they'd never think she might have two identities. That she might be associated with two metas.

There was also the added worry that Oracle was a major connection in the meta and crime fighter world. Damn, Oracle knows everyone and has worked with almost everyone. And somehow those nasty little shitholes have found that out.

Oracle would be a very big coupe. And anyone associated with Oracle... guilt by association. If you hang around a meta, you must be as bad as one.

So along with so many others, Barbara Gordon had been forced to come out.

* * * * *

Back to present

Gabby had offered to have Dinah stay with her awhile, which Barbara had immediately agreed to, relieved Dinah would be around someone who cared. So I am now alone and find the idle sounds around the Tower to be creepy. I miss the clicking of keys, the low chuckle in my ear, the way she looks at me when I breeze onto the balcony after a long night.

And there is nothing I can do but worry, scream inside and let my feelings for Barbara tear me apart. Feelings...

Yeah, feelings, see it is like this. The discussions I hear of what is happening to the meta and superhero community has brought to my attention something I have been holding secret.

As I pace around and around and around the Clocktower waiting for her to come back to me, I realize I am wearing a mask too. Somewhere along this odd trip called life, I have crossed a line. I crossed from loving my mother's friend, my mentor and guardian, to being in love with a powerful, exciting, sexy woman. I want Barbara and I want her to want me.

I hear the elevator start then and I leap all the way across the room skidding to a stop in front of the doors.

I think my heart stopped beating as the doors open and she sits there. It was just her, no assholes. And oh crap, she's been through hell. I can tell. Sure to some she might look a little rumpled or maybe a little tired but I know better. No it is not better, this is worse than anything we've faced so far.

She makes it as far as just outside of the elevator before her face starts to change. I step back as I am hit with a piercing, reach down in and rip out my heart and soul, 100% unmasked and raw look. I've seen some deep expressions from her a few times over the years. I've hung around the redhead too long not to, but this. This is something new and I hate it. I feel my eyes narrow, my heart finally starting to beat again. A growl rips its way from my lungs and lips and echoes through the tower. The idea of someone hurting Barbara to evoke the look on her face tears into my control.

I'm not sure how I ended up holding the small end table now in my hands, but I let it fly across the room. I need to discharge some of the energy, hate and power welling up.

I start looking for something else to destroy as a hand gently rests on my arm, burning into my growing frenzy.

"Helena, don't leave me."

Amazing how words can have such a dramatic effect on the human body. Those four words drain most of the crackling energy I've been harboring. I look down at her hand and cover it with one of my own.

"You don't leave those you love." I reply finally, sensing she needs words from me.

She smiles a little and I find some of the rawness easing. Something clicks then; I recognize the smile and know she has interpreted my words as though she is my mentor. And I know right then and there, I don't want that. I want her to hear those words as a lover.

I twist to face her fully and bend down so our eyes can be level. She draws back slightly, a frown starts to cross her face as she watches me.


"This is only the beginning, isn't it?"

"Yes," she sighs and her shoulders droop. "It was much worse than I thought; is going to get worse before it gets better."

"Doesn't matter," I reply waiting for her to look back at me.

My reply does the trick and her exquisite green eyes snap to mine. "Why?"

"Because I... Because I am not going to leave you Barbara." Hmm.... this is proving to be a little harder than I expected.

"I thought of you while I was there. I could just see you hovering on the fire escape outside." Her mouth quirks into a little smile teasing out a very slight dimple that I love to see.

"You kept your promise. And now I want to make one to you."

Her hand covers mine and I'm a bit startled to find her hand trembling. Or maybe that is my hand. Whichever, we both grab on tight to each other knowing we need to hold on.

"I need to tell you Barbara. Promise you that I am not going to ever leave you because, because I love you. I know this is kinda a lot and I never meant to just dump it on you or tell you or... I just want you to know, you're loved and cared for. Someone who knows what you do, what you are and what you go through. Someone who wants to go through all of it with you."

I gotta stop because my throat feels like fiery sandpaper making it hard to talk. I try to swallow some as I watch Barbara. She hasn't replied or really moved. She just is staring at me.

"Did I break you?" I ask hesitantly and try to laugh as a huge press of nervousness worms its way through my insides.


"What?" Oh my god I broke Barbara.

"Um, is there anything I can do?" I started to pull my hand away but feel her grip go from tight to vice-like and I am trapped.

"Thank you Helena." Now it is my turn to just stare and not say anything. Of course as she stared earlier I am sure lots of brainy things were going through her head. For me it is basically just a big 'Hunh?' and 'say what?!?' filling my thoughts.

"It seems we both had to do something tonight we were not prepared to do. And of the two, I think yours was the more difficult, so thank you. Thank you for trusting me to let go and tell me."

A smile, no more like a goofy grin, is working its way across my face; an activity that I have almost forgotten how to do the last few weeks. She is not running screaming or trying to explain away what I just said. She is not telling me to stuff it or that I am wrong in my feelings.

Hell, she is not even starting with the analyzing talk and vocabulary she always wears. Wow, no calculating from Barbara... Shit she must be really tired and distracted.

Her next words stop cold my mental contemplation.

"I think I need to ask you to make good on that promise of yours. Could you stay with me tonight? I could use a friend."

Okay you know I always thought it was a romantic, sappy, unrealistic, stupid saying when the story would mention the heroine's heart leaping with joy even as it plummeted to the ground. But somehow, somehow Barbara's words managed to work up my libido as well as give it a thorough cold shower.

Stay the night, score one for Ms. Kyle. As a friend... denied at the door.

Her hand rubbing over my knuckles brings me back. "We need to plan and discuss and get ready. But tonight I'd just like to be held and cared for. I'm tired Helena."

Oh man, they really did something bad to her if she's talking like this. I feel a flare of both hate and compassion sweeping through me once again. "Anything for you." I say as I calm back down.

I see the understanding and thanks in her eyes a moment before she surprises the hell out of me and tentatively starts to wrap her arms around my neck. Somehow I know what she is giving me and what she needs and I wordlessly scoop her up.

I know this is right because instead of tensing or backing off or saying anything to offset the fact she is being helped and held, she simply buries her head in my chest. With that, I start up the platform and head toward her room.

"Funny, they have been forcing people from their hiding places and tearing down masks and secrets and I have despised ever move they have made." Barbara's voice is muffled as she continues to lean against me. "But I have to admit, your revelation is one I am glad they caused."

Her grip tightens and I close my eyes knowing it took a lot for her to say that.

"I'm glad it's out too." I whisper into her hair. Making our way into her bedroom I gently set her down and turn to helping her get settled.

We both know it will be a long night. We also know there will be many more long nights to come. But somehow, somehow things seem just a little better, a little lighter, a little easier now that she knows.

Some secrets should be left buried, hidden, undisturbed. Others should be pushed, pulled and kicked out into the open.

I hope I made the right choice in kicking this one out.

continued in Suitcases and Stains