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FANDOM: Birds of Prey TV

PAIRING: Helena (Huntress)/Barbara (Batgirl/Oracle)

RATING: possibly PG13

DISCLAIMER: I in no way, shape, or form (at least in this life) own the characters of Birds of Prey. I just manipulate their characters to suit my own twistes fantasies and strange sense of humor.

SUMMARY: It's so short, you probably don't even need one.

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ARCHIVING: Delphi_Mainframe.

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"Dinah! Pay attention!"

The young blonde started as her english teacher appeared in front of her.

"Sorry, Mr. Russel," she apologized sheepishly.

"That's the third time today I've caught you drifting off," Mr. Russel replied sternly. "One more time and I'll have to take it up with Ms. Gordon."

"Yes, sir," Dina said hastily. She didn't want Barbara to think she wasn't doing well. She sighed in relief as Mr. Rusel turned back to continue the lesson.


Dinah turned to see her friend Mary holding out a piece of paper. She took it when the teacher wasn't looking.

*Dinah, what's wrong with you?*

Dinah quickly jotted down a reply.

*I had a strange night.*

*What'd you do?*

Dinah stared at the page, unsure of how to reply.


~~ flashback ~~

"Hey, Barbara?" Dinah called as she knocked on the redhead's bedroom door. "Can I use your computer?" She'd asked Barbara before, and the answer had always been no. But Dinah had finished her homework, Helena was god-knows-where, Barbara was secluded in her room, and Dinah was bored, bored, bored.

"Yeah," Dinah heard Barbara say through the door. Her voice was breathy, with a strange undertone.

"Barbara, are you okay?" Dinah asked, wondering if she should go in. Barbara had not only sounded strange, but had given Dinah permission to touch her equipment. Dinah was worried.

"Yeah," came Barbara's reply, again breathy.

Dinah shrugged and walked away. 'Maybe she's working out or something.'

Dinah pulled a chair up in front of the computer, and tapped the space bar to end the screensaver. She started to fire up the internet, when she noticed a small icon in the corner blinking.

'Cams?' Dinah thought as she read the label. 'We have cams?' She clicked on the icon, pulling open a small video window. Her eyes widened in shock at what she saw.

Two bodies were moving into each other, and the speakers on the computer were letting her know that whoever these people were, they were having a good time.

'Oh,' Dinah thought, giggling to herself. 'Wait till Barbara hears Helena's downloaded porn onto her comp...' Suddenly, Dinah noticed a red dot in the upper corner. 'Doesn't that dot mean "recording"?'

Dinah turned bright red as she listened to the two women, as was now obvious to her, show their pleasure all the louder. She couldn't rip her eyes away from the screen as first one woman and then the other cried out gutturally. The sounds quieted, as the two women slowly stopped moving.

Suddenly, Dinah froze. 'No, it can't be...' But as the woman on top rolled over, she could clearly see who it was. 'BARBARA?! HELENA?!?' She quickly stood up, backing away from the computer, eyes wide and unblinking. She dashed up the stairs, almost colliding into Helena.

"Hey, kid, watch where you're going!" Helena said crossly, with a small twinkle of amusement in her eye. "Where's the fire?"

Dinah opened and closed her mouth several times, unable to say a word. Then, to her horror, Barbara exited the bedroom, looking flushed and immaculate.

"Dinah, is everything alright?" She asked, staring with concern at the flabbergasted teenager.

"I...uh...I need to take a shower," Dinah finally managed to squeek out. "A long, and very cold, shower." Dinah dashed away, slamming the bathroom door shut. Helena raised an eyebrow at the small shriek that eminated from behind the door, but as it wasn't followed by any other noise that running water, she decided to let the girl be.

"Um...Helena?" Barbara called from downstairs. "I think you'd better come see this."

Helena bounded down the stairs to see a video window on the computer. "What's the matter? It's just your room."

"Helena," Barbara said slowly. "This is a live recording. Dinah was just downstairs. And it's my *room*."

Helena paused. "Oh," she said, understanding. "You mean...Dinah...was watching?"

Barbara turned a bright red. "Oh dear."

Helena burst out laughing. "No wonder the poor kid needed a cold shower."

"I heard that!" Dinah yelled down the stairs, having exited the bathroom after remembering she had left the video window up. "You guys could have at least warned me!"

"You shouldn't have been watching!" Helena accused right back, glaring up at the wide eyed teen.

"You shouldn't have been making a home video!" Dinah snapped back, and headed back into the bathroom.

~~ end flashback ~~


"Dinah," Mr. Russel said, plucking the piece of paper from her hand. "First the daydreaming, now notes?" He read the paper. "What exactly were you doing last night that was so strange?"

Dinah blushed, and mumbled something under her breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that. Shall I bring Ms. Gordon in, because her ears are so much better than mine, you know."

Dinah glanced up at him, then stared at her desk. "I was watching a home video."