Sweat As Chocolate, Wait I Mean Sweet...


FANDOM: Birds of Prey

PAIRING: Helenah/Dinah, Helena's POV

RATING: Eventually a hard R (Just to be safe... I'm a safety gurl)

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SUMMARY: I'm not sure where this is going yet... Okay I know, but you'll hafta wait...

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Training Room

With one swift movement I was flat on my back, arms pinned and almost completely at her mercy.

It was a stalemate, but the odds weren't with my opponent, even though she had the upper hand so to speak. Although she had all those meta-mental thingies working for her, I had, well, I had me. [I am the weapon.]

The weight of her body prevented me from squirming free and her knees sank painfully, yet exquisitely into my thighs. It didn't take long to figure out she was trying to pin my arms together behind my head so she could gain a true "top" advantage. To allow her to do so would mean, well, I'm not sure, but it wasn't going to happen.

The beads of sweat on her forehead ran down her face, her neck and between her heaving supple breasts, barely contained by the skimpy red sports bra. Her arousal was obvious (it would be to even someone who didn't have my meta-abilities) - - - If she was going to taste anything like this amazing aroma drowning my senses, maybe I could let her "top" me.

She had to twist her head to the side to avoid my right hook as I ripped from her grip and swung at her. In the back of my mind an idea for my escape formed. The lust was so very plain in her eyes as she grew nearer and nearer. Putting all my strength into one huge effort, I managed to free my right leg from her knee, it wasn't really that hard, but I'd like to think that it was. But alas, to all intents and purposes, a pointless move. Pinning me down with her mind, `Damn she was getting strong;' she smiled, delighted I had wasted so much strength on a futile escape. Even if I could bring my legs to full force, they were quickly becoming jelly at the scent of her, that wasn't my plan. . .

My arms were once again almost completely behind my head and I could feel her sweet breath on my sweat-damp neck. Our breasts were pressed tight together, and her face was almost against the side of my neck. I twisted my neck to face her, staring her straight in the eyes. A drop of perspiration trickled down from her hairline to the tip of her nose and dropped softly onto my upper lip. My tongue quickly dashed out to taste her sweat. I licked my lips, and she grinned, almost evilly.

"Sweet," I whispered.

"Sweat," she replied.

I smiled, "Mmm, like chocolate."

She closed her eyes as I slowly, carefully, slid my free thigh up between her legs, pushing into the tight spandex-like shorts she wore. Although not yet totally distracted, she moaned slightly as I used what little mobility I had to rub against her heated center. Even in the heat and sweat of sparring, I could sense the succulence and warmth of her sexual excitement - but there was no way I was going to allow this tension that had been building between us, be just a quick one-time orgasm for her. My whole body and soul wanted more...

I craned my neck towards her, this meant enabling her to pin both my wrists with a single hand, but I would bet my new leather duster she would be willing to concede her victory for this moment. My face was so close to hers, her lips flushed with excitement, her pale-baby- blues large and eager. I parted my mouth gently and began to lightly caress her lips with my tongue.

Her hips began to find a rhythm with mine, rubbing herself hard into my leg. She now had my arms pinned and with her mind she seemed to discover my secret desire. With a further effort, I deepened our kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth. It was greedily and passionately welcomed. She allowed her whole body to press into mine, breast against breast, lips against lips, gyrating and thrusting together.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching, and figured Dinah's would arrive before mine. I didn't want that, I wanted us to reach that point together the first time. Who am I kidding, I didn't care who came first, last or the many times that would be in the middle; I just wanted her. She was more than well on her way. She tensed, and through a half open eye, I watched her, as she neared the edge. Hooking my calf around her lower leg, I pushed harder, just enough to bring her to climax a half second before she expected. . . Always a pleasant surprise.

The kiss grew firmer, the muscles more tense, and the full weight pressing against my prone body - provided maximum contact.

But full force on chest and pelvis, means less force supported on the arms. Breaking free, I rolled her over and, as I pushed her head back with my left hand, the look of intense pleasure and ecstasy spread across her face, orgasmic. With a final kiss, I roll off her onto the mat. She was spent for the moment. I was spent (for the moment). Her eyes were closed and her breaths were shallow.

I leaned over to taste the sweat on her lovely neck. "Mmm, like chocolate," I purred.

She just smiled...