The Letter


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok, this was intended to be a Barbara/Helena fic, though it's vague so if you care to use your imagination, please feel free too, I promise not to stop you :-).

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I write you this because I am a coward. I can't face you as these words tumble. I can't bare the thought of the look that could ghost across your face in pity.

Yeah. Pity. I hate pity. People use pity to console, to heal the soul. Someone should take the word from human language because it's more h armful then helpful.

But I digress, it's the alcohol. Yeah, I'm so much a coward I had to get drunk just to contemplate this. I wonder if I'll be sober enough to actually give this to you. I'll be shocked, that's for sure.

No...I'll be more shocked if you talk to me after reading this. I don't mean just casual conversation either. I mean the meaningful stuff. The things you only tell me.

It seems I ramble, so I'll just say it. I love you. There, it's out there. I have always loved you, from day one, and not just a school girl crush, no, full fledged cheesy top 40's love song love. I met you and my soul knew it found its missing piece. Of all the people I've been with, none have moved me the way one smile from you can.

You look at me, and see me, not bravado, not secret identity, just me, the scared, quivering hurt and lost animal who is only home in your presence. Do you realize you are the only one who has seen beyond the bravado? Of course you didn't, I had that hid from you, just like I have hidden anything regarding how I feel about you.

It's intense, this longing I have for you. My skin burns after one single touch. My heart races evertime you smile that smile that lights up your eyes. I get weak in the knees when you get close enough to me that I can smell your perfume. My soul aches when you find someone to love because I wish nothing more than for it to be me. But I would never do anything to keep you from happiness, so I support you in a relationship even though I still wish it were with me.

So this is the secret. That's my longing. That's my pain. My heart is forever in your capable hands, I trust it there, no matter what you decide to do with it.

~ ~ ~