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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I tried to write a PWP, it fizzled and failed and this is what came out in the end. This is just what happens when you've only had 2 hours sleep and you have a writing hand with a mind of it's own (good thing I keep a healthy stock on mechanical pencils).

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It was late and she hurt. She hurt from a fight, and her heart hurt from rejection once again. The blonde hopped into her apartment, maneuvering easily in the darkness. She threw her coat and ballcap on a living room chair as she passed, not caring as the sound of leather hitting the floor reached her ears.

\iAlcohol, that's what I need.\i She moved to the freezer and tugged out a bottle of vodka. Se decided to forgo the juice and grabbed a shot glass. It wasn't until after she had thrown back two shots did she notice the grim on her knuckles.

"I think I should move my private party to the bathroom." Her voice echoed in the empty room, reminding her of why she was in such a foul mood. She poured another shot, then headed to the back of the small apartment.

Her bedroom was connected to the small bathroom, so she didn't stop for clothes. Instead she stripped out of her clothes as she made her way to the bathroom, not caring where the clothing fell. She only stopped as she turned on the first light in the apartment, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She turned, surveying herself, not seeing nakeness, only flaws. She had never fit the good girl image, the tattoos on her back, arms, and upper thigh had seen to that. She had gotten her first tattoo at fourteen, it had caused kids to leave her alone, it had been her intention.

Her fingers idly traced scars as her gaze fell on them. She knew the story behind each and every scar. Finally green eyes met green eyes, and an angry smile graced full lips. "Damaged goods kiddo, that's all you'll ever be."

Stepping into the shower she turned the water on, stifling a yelp as cool water hit her full on in the chest. The water warmed quickly and her thoughts turned inward.

It had not been her intention to profess her undying love for Helena that day, but she had. One minute they had been laughing, and then Helena had asked her opinion on Reese.

Reese. God she hated that man. He treated Helena like shit, constantly second guessing her, yelling at her, treating Helena beneath him, yet he was who Helena wanted. It killed her. It tore her heart in two when Helena would go to Reese, and it made her blood boil when Helena would come back, livid over something stupid that the detective had said.

So when Helena asked her opinion on Reese, she was left at a crossroads, truth? Or lie?

She chose something in the middle, but Helena pressed it, pushing for the real answer, so Helena got it, more then she had bargained for. Her anger had taken control, so she had let words spill out unchecked, and she felt crushed as the words "I love you" slipped out and Helena's only response was a look between anger and being punched in the face. The fight or flight syndrome took control, and she chose to run, it was easier. Helena couldn't keep up with her, and for that she was thankful.

The only thing she had wanted all her life was Helena. She had been happy with delusions that one day those blue eyes would look at her and reflect everything she felt. Now she couldn't have the delusions, the truth was clear. She wasn't wanted, much less desired.

A pain shooting up her arm pulled her back from her thoughts. It was only then she realized the water was cold and blood was running down the wall where she had punched it. Quickly she finished the necessities of her shower. Turning off the water, she toweled off quickly and headed towards her room, wanting nothing more then to sleep her sorrows away.

Every muscle in her body tensed as she entered her room. She wasn't alone. She relaxed slightly as a scent came to her. "Helena. What do you want?"

The brunette stepped out of the shadows she stood in on the bedroom balcony, her eyes staring at a point just above the blonde's shoulder. "I came over to talk, Jaime. Do you think you could put some clothes on?"

"You know, this is my apartment, I have a right to walk around nude if I want to." Jaime didn't move from her position, not wanting to hear Helena's sorry's and pity.

Helena stepped fully into the bedroom, closing the distance between them. "Did you mean it?"

The question confused the blonde. "That I can walk around naked? Yeah."

Blue eyes rolled, and the brunette sighed, wishing just once Jaime wouldn't be so difficult. "No. Did you mean what you said this afternoon? That you loved me?"

"I talk almost as much as you, Helena. Do you think I'd say something like that just for the hell of it?" Jaime sighed, she wanted sleep and escape from the day, not a deep discussion with the person she wanted so much to escape from, or with, though the latter didn't seem likely.

A smile spread across Helena's face and her eyes took on a golden hue. "Good."

Jaime opened her mouth to ask a question, but couldn't as soft lips claimed hers. Fire shot through her body, most of it stopping just below her naval. As Helena's tongue slid over her lips she pulled away, ignoring the scream of her body to continue. Green eyes looked into feral ones. "Look Helena, as much as I really do want this, I can't do it. I can't be a pity fuck, I want more then that."

Helena smiled and ran her hand down a soft cheek. "You have always had more than that. You ran off this afternoon before I could tell you. It's why I asked you about Reese. I tortured the kid because I suspected and I knew she had read you."

Jaime blinked a few times, shock controlling her brain that was desperately trying to make out Helena's sentence. "So you and Reese...?"

The smile was still on Helena's face as she closed the small distance between them. "A distraction, a bad one, and an incredibly bad kissing one. I didn't think you wanted this, but now... now I can't turn my back on it."

Helena moved as she spoke, slowly, sensually, moving in a way that would make grown me fall to their knees and beg for more. A hand that had been resting on her hip slid gently across her abdomen as Helena completed her move to stand behind Jaime.

The brunette took a moment to slide her eyes down the blondes muscular frame, her desire building quickly. "And you are definitely not making it easy to turn my back on something as beautiful as you standing naked with moonlight glittering off your skin."

A voice low enough to sound like a purr warmed the back of Jaime's neck, and a small nip of her ear almost made her legs buckle. She became painfully aware that Helena's hand was slowly working it's way lower as the taller woman placed small kisses down Jaime's neck. The eager brunette was confused when the blonde woman spun in her grasp. Helena's fears were eased however when she locked gazes with eyes cloaked in desire. A voice husky with arousal drifted to Helena's ears sending an electric bolt through her body. "If we do this, we do it my way."

A small cool hand clasped a larger calloused hand, and Helena allowed herself to be lead to the bed. She watched as the blonde crawled her way to the head of the bed and Helena began to follow until a raised hand stopped her. "Clothes. Off. Then you can join me."

Helena grinned, realizing Jaime was toying with her in a way. So she likes games, I'll give her a game. Slowly Helena peeled off her clothes, walking slowly around the bed, almost laughing as she realized she had Jaime's complete attention. As Helena moved to the head of the bed she removed the remainder of her clothing, and grinned as Jaime struggled to swallow. Helena raised an eyebrow and pointed at the bed. "Am I allowed now?"

Jaime tore her eyes from the muscle and tanned skin that was Helena, idly wondering where all the moisture in her mouth had gone. "Only if you still want to."

The lithe brunette crawled her way slowly up the bed and Jaime couldn't help but think how much Helena reminded her of a cat and how much she felt like the prey. The scent of arousal was palpable to Jaime and her heart rate quickened.

Enhanced hearing picked up the speed of Jaime's heart and Helena grinned once again as she came face to face with the small blonde. "I have always wanted this."

Helena kissed Jaime again, a kiss that quickly deepened as each woman claimed what their hearts had always desired.

~ ~ ~