Rose Petals


FANDOM: Birds of Prey


RATING: crappy romantic fluff, slap on a R though it's probably PG+

DISCLAIMER: 'Birds of Prey' and characters are owned by DC Comics, Tollin/Robbins Productions, The WB Network, and so on and so forth. Nor is there any way that I'd be making money off of this.

SUMMARY: Barbara and Helena have a night alone.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Short, sweet and disposable. Not the stuff I usually write, so I never intended to post it, but I had the final scene scribbled down for awhile and North's story request seemed like a good opportunity to pull it out. North, thanks for fics like 'Where Angels Dare Not Tread' and hope your week has gotten better!

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For once, Delphi was blessedly silent, free of loud clanging alarms and various other annoying warning signals. The soft hum as it stood on standby was in contrast, constant and soothing, an appropriate counterpoint to the soft sounds that the two women on the couch were making. After another long, satisfying kiss, Barbara pulled back slightly to rest her forehead against Helena's, her fingers continuing to caress the fine hair at the nape of her neck. But she didn't say a word, letting the happiness in her eyes speak for her. Helena smiled in return, dimples dipping deeply into her cheeks, before she suddenly surged forward, reclaiming the redhead's lips yet again. She groaned as she felt Barbara play with the stud in her tongue, her fingers sliding into her hair to draw the other woman even closer. She wasn't sure how much longer she could maintain control at the feel of the soft, moist lips pushing against hers, when the burning sensation in her lungs finally forced her to pull away.

Slightly breathless, they just gazed at each other, smiling at one another, as Helena reached down to take Barbara's hand in hers, rubbing the soft skin she found there. "We should get the kid to go out on her own more often," she murmured.

"I can hear you."

Helena shot at look at the Delphi platform, before glancing back at Barbara. "I thought we were out of mic range here."

But before Barbara could reply, Dinah's voice sounded from the speakers yet again. "Well, you're not. I had to listen to you two suck face all evening."

"Why, you little pervert..."

Helena's tone was more amused than accusatory, but Dinah fell for the baiting words anyway. "What?!" she squawked. "Hello, comms! I had to listen to you. And it's not my fault that you are soooo junior high, and can't keep your hands off her..."

"Dinah." Oracle's voice, stern and commanding, cut through the banter. "How are things out there?"

Dinah replied, her voice suddenly subdued and chastised. "All quiet, Oracle. There hasn't even been a mugging all night."

"Well, do you want to sign off early?"

"Can I?!" The excited teenager came through clearly on the comms again. "I'm right by Gabby's and it's still early to go to the party, and she can help me pick out an outfit...I didn't have anything red and Helena wouldn't let me borrow her..."

"Just go." Barbara's tone was now warm and affectionate. "We'll see you when you get back tomorrow. Have fun...and be good."

Once she heard the distinctive click that meant Dinah had switched off her comms, Barbara glanced back at her partner. "Are you sure you don't want to go on sweep tonight?"

"Are you serious?" Helena exclaimed incredulously. "You heard what the kid said. It's totally dead out there. And you know this is normally one of the quietest nights of the year...I guess even criminals have their romantic side." A small smile then appeared on her lips, her expression softening as she reached out to brush Barbara's cheek with her fingers. "Besides, how often do we get a night, any night, alone anymore?"

Barbara returned her smile, reaching up to take her hand again. "Then I hate to say this, but I have to get up and set Delphi on survelliance mode."

Helena sighed. "Ok." She got to her feet, and Barbara was suddenly in her arms and being gently transferred to her chair, before the brunette moved away, walking towards the Delphi platform without a second glance back. Barbara smiled as she directed the chair after her. Helena was the only one that she allowed to carry her, because it was only Helena who never made her feel like she was dependent on someone else, never made her feel helpless. Instead, she somehow managed to make it a lover's gesture, it was something she wanted to do, and not because she thought Barbara needed her to do it. Barbara was roused from her musings, when she felt a hand reach down and take her. She looked up, and smiled, mischievous blue eyes, as always, managing to take her breath away.

Helena let go of her hand once they reached the ramp leading up to Delphi, and as Barbara stopped in front of the main terminal, she saw Helena head over to her favourite chair. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the younger woman slouched in a typical bad girl pose, sitting backwards in the seat, drawing one leg up, then leaning back on her elbows as she rested against the desk behind her. She winked when she saw Barbara watching her, and the redhead couldn't stifle the laugh that Helena always managed to tease out of her. Feeling the steady blue-eyed gaze on her, she turned her attention to the monitor, losing herself in the words appearing on the screen as her fingers began to fly over the keyboard.

* * * * *

Barbara paused in front of Helena as she was checking the download progress of a file, on another terminal. After waiting patiently for several hours, the brunette was now slumped forward in her chair, her eyes closed as she rested her chin on her folded arms. Reaching out, Barbara ruffled her lover's hair, watching fondly as it sprung back into its naturally disheveled state. As sleepy blue eyes opened and turned her way, she smiled and nodded in the direction of their bedroom. "Why don't you go to bed first, and I'll join you when I'm done?"

"No." Helena valiantly attempted to keep her eyes open. "I said I'd spend the night with you, and I'm gonna spend the night with you."

"Do you have plans for us tonight?"

"No." The younger woman smiled sheepishly, a smile that soon turned rakish. "Besides planning to ravish you all night, that is."

Barbara smiled, reaching out to ruffle her hair again. "Then why don't you head into the bedroom, superhero. If you're asleep when I'm done here, I'll wake you up."

"You promise?" Helena demanded, as she hopped out of the chair.

"Scout's honour."

"You weren't a scout."

"I dated one, once." Barbara murmured absently, as she leant closer towards the screen to study the floorplan of a building she had under surveillance.

"Barbara, I don't think that's how it works." But the redhead was already deeply immersed in the details of the floorplan and didn't seem to even have heard. Smiling affectionately, Helena paused for a moment on her way towards the bedroom, just watching the other woman work. Her brow was creased in thought, she was silently mouthing something to herself, and Helena knew that Barbara was totally oblivous to her surroundings. She wondered idly if setting off a foghorn in the middle of the room would get her lover to react, before another idea popped into her head. Quickly, she checked her watch and grabbed her coat, knowing that the New Gotham florists would still be open late, tonight of all nights.

* * * * *

Barbara smiled in satisfaction as the last alarm was set in place, reaching forward to flick the monitor off. She leant back in her seat, raising her arms above her head to stretch the kinks out of her back and shoulders and neck. It was only then that she saw the rose petals, strewn over the ramp and towards their bedroom. Her smile widening, she followed the path they made, coming to a stop in front of their closed bedroom door. She leant forward and pushed the door open. The room was lit with hundreds of tiny candles, dotting every available surface. The golden glow burnished the skin of the naked woman lying on the bed, and Barbara felt her mouth go dry at the sight. Still, she managed to work a smirk back on her face as she wheeled up to the edge of the bed. "When did you do all this?"

Helena didn't look at her, continuing to twirl a rose between her fingers. "When you were so preoccupied with Delphi that you didn't pay any attention to your girlfriend."

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." The redhead's contrite look was spoilt by the smile that she unsuccessfully tried to hide.

"Liar." But there was no sting in Helena's voice, as she finally turned lazy blue eyes towards the other woman. She let the rose fall on the pillow before getting off the bed, and Barbara bit her lip as she watched the brunette approach in all her naked splendour. When Helena reached her, she leant close, in the way she had, long before they became lovers. The teasing grin still graced her lips, as she sing-songed "Liar, liar, pants on fire."

Forcing her gaze away from mesmerising blue eyes, Barbara glanced downwards, before looking back at Helena, matching her grin. "Then maybe you should take my pants off for me."

"Maybe I will." With a laugh, Helena swung Barbara into her arms, turning around and laying her down gently on the bed. But as she began to fumble with the button on her pants, Barbara reached down and stilled her fingers. "Helena. This is...all so beautiful."

Helena blushed a little at the praise, ducking her head. "I saw Homer do it in an episode of 'The Simpsons'," she confessed. Then she looked back up at Barbara, eyes sparkling once more. "And he still didn't get lucky."

Barbara laughed, before easily flipping her lover on to her back. "Well, that's not going to happen to you," she promised. Clear green eyes softened, gazing down tenderly at the woman lying on the bed. "Happy Valentine's, Hel."

Helena smiled, leaning up to press a kiss to her lips. "Happy Valentine's."

May 2004