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A femslash fan fiction ebook archive.

Sans Paper hosts femslash fan fiction in ebook form for readers who read the stories on various smartphones, PDAs and ebook devices.

Currently, the archivists convert efic in .epub, .mobi and .pdb formats.

Archived fandoms: Birds of Prey (TV and comics) at Birds of Prey fan fiction eBooks since April 2006 and Otalia at Otalia efic, from May 2009.

At SansPaper: Castle, Defying Gravity, Desperate Housewives, Legend of the Seeker, Nikki & Nora. More to be added.

July 2010, Rizzoli & Isles.

October 2010, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13.

New in March 2012, Once Upon a Time.



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Friday, 23 March, 2012, 8:00 AM

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Once Upon a Time
- Emma Swan/Regina Mills

Your Favorite Enemy - epub  mobi  pdb
Into the Woods - epub  mobi  pdb

Hips Don't Lie - epub  mobi  pdb

Drip - epub  mobi  pdb
Gratitude - epub  mobi  pdb
Lovey Dovey Hunny Bunny - epub  mobi  pdb

What Dreams May Come - epub  mobi  pdb

98 and 3/4 Percent Guaranteed - epub  mobi  pdb
Better See That You Keep What You Have - epub  mobi  pdb
Countered By Its Contrary - epub  mobi  pdb
First Midnight - epub  mobi  pdb
Living A Fairy Tale - epub  mobi  pdb
Mills vs. Swan - epub  mobi  pdb
Never Stay (But Then Again I Might) - epub  mobi  pdb
Nobody Will Oppose - epub  mobi  pdb
Rain Comin' Down - epub  mobi  pdb
Restless To Climb - epub  mobi  pdb
Starve A Fever - epub  mobi  pdb
These Holidays Won't Be Wonderful - epub  mobi  pdb
You Run For Cover (I'll Take The Bullet) - epub  mobi  pdb

Fragments Of A Life Less Lived - epub  mobi  pdb

Kelly Buxton aka MereMortal
Apples and Niceties - epub  mobi  pdb