Tomorrow Surely Comes… And So Does Helena


FANDOM: Birds of Prey TV-Verse

PAIRING: Barbara/Helena

DISCLAIMER: These characters and situations do not belong to me in any way, shape, or form. I have borrowed them as part of my sanity maintenance.

RATING: PG (swearing, implied sex).

SUMMARY: Helena 'enjoys' the day after…

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As I said yesterday I got a little ahead of myself with the BoP comic-land fics, today I'm starting to catch up with my TV-land fics :)
I was going to write another to the Grandparents prompt but decided to give you a break from that one, as I had an idea for the Just Another prompt that followed on much better to my last story.
This one, then, is the 5th in the series that started with Here's The Rub and most recently starred Surely a Fail-Safe Plan.

THANKS: To darandkerry. She knows what for; I'm not telling.

Ficathon: BoP-Challenges - 12Days
Prompt/Word Count: Just Another Day - 1054 words.

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It was the day after they'd finally done the dirty deed, the horizontal mambo, the culmination of their love; call it what you want, all Helena Kyle knew was that she wanted fucking more. More than that even, she wanted to fuck more, and she wanted to do it now.

And where was Barbara? Sitting in front of Delphi, checking last night's crime statistics, and, if Helena wasn't mistaken, she was dressed in her teacher's garb, rather than her birthday suit.

She sighed. To Helena's eyes, it appeared Barbara considered this momentous day just another day in the grand scheme of things.

Seven long years she'd waited for Barbara to finally submit to the feelings that coursed through both of them at even the slightest touch, and it had been more, so much more than she'd ever imagined. Even now, hours later, her body still tingled from the gentle bites and nips Barbara had used to drive her insane. Even now - she looked down at her fingers expecting them to be visibly pulsing - she could still feel the throbbing, the pain in her fingers, as she'd brought Barbara cursing and spitting to a real, mind blowing orgasm.

She was unable to stop the grin of self-satisfaction crossing her face at the memory of Barbara's final 'FUCK'. Hell, she'd give all she had to experience that again, right now, at this very moment.

Last night, it had been the so-called older woman that had taken her fill more times than enough, slowly taking Helena nearer and nearer to exhaustion, but that was last night. She'd had a sleep, albeit a short nap, as Barbara had woken early to insist they return to the clock-tower.

Still, a quick bite to eat, and a coffee, and she'd be ready to go again.

She wandered over towards Barbara, leaning down to lick gently at the throbbing pulse point, sniffing the air as she did so.

"Someone smells like they had a good time last night," leered Helena.

Barbara turned with a grin on her face, she might be responsible enough to sustain her everyday life, but she couldn't stop Helena knowing that she had indeed enjoyed herself. She pulled Helena's lips around for a long, deep kiss before murmuring, "I sure did, Hel, it was perfect."

Another kiss involving lots of tongue action was slowly driving Helena wild with need when Barbara suddenly pulled back and pointed to the screen. "You see that, a pocket of jewelry thefts; I think that's where you're going to start the sweep tonight."

Still dazed from her passion, Helena almost missed the words.


"Sweep? I thought you might ask Dinah to go solo tonight, you know, so that we could…" her words drifted off as she felt the beginnings of an unexpected blush.

"Hmm, what? We could… what?"

"You know, Babs, last night, a repeat maybe?"

The laugh that erupted from Barbara, punctuated by her next words, did nothing to assure Helena that there would indeed be another night.

"I thought you didn't like planning things. We've got other things to do, my dear." Barbara glanced at her watch. "Like earn a living, Hel."

Helena leaned down and nuzzled her chin under Barbara's, pleading. "Don't suppose you could call in sick, maybe? I'm kinda desperate here, you know."

Another chuckle escaped Barbara's lips. "Desperate, huh? Damn me, I lost count of how many times you trembled in fulfillment, don't tell me it was all anticipation. Not good for the ego, Hon."

This time, it was Helena that kissed the other woman hard.

"It was fucking bliss, Barbara. You don't need an ego boost; your head wouldn't fit through the door of Gotham High." Helena laughed loud. "There you go, a perfect excuse, let me call and give your apologies."

The dark-haired woman dropped her eye lashes and raised her eyes in her patented hang dog expression guaranteed to get Barbara to give in to her begging. It had always worked when she wanted to go out past curfew.

"Someone has to earn enough to keep you in the manner you've become accustomed. I'll be home very soon. Why don't you make yourself at home, huh?"

There again, maybe it wouldn't, maybe it hadn't.

Helena watched as Barbara blew her a kiss, grabbed her jacket, and left.

With another of her defeated sighs, she walked into the kitchen, grabbed a couple of pop-tarts, a mug of Barbara's special coffee blend, and then jumped on the couch. If she was going to spend time on her own, she was going to spend time doing what she liked. She immediately grabbed for the remote and switched on the morning talk shows, drowning her sorrow in the inane life of some poor loser.

Within minutes of finishing her snack, the warmth of the hot coffee and the filling of her stomach lulled Helena into a light sleep; she really did have a lot to catch up on from the night before.

Suddenly, she was wrenched from a lovely dream, of red hair tickling sensuously at her buttocks, by the heavy thud of a body settling on top of her and her legs being shifted unceremoniously wider. Her eyes popped open to find Barbara still shifting her weight to make sure her legs were safely cocooned between Helena's strong pair.

A stunned Helena could only ask the stupidest question known to man. "What are you doing here?"

Barbara's grin was answer enough, though her words made Helena's grow even wider.

"It seems I've come down with some sort of dreaded plague. As soon as I got a mile down the road, I turned all cold and sweaty and started hallucinating with visions of a dark haired woman driving me crazy with lust. I wheeled into old Barker's Den, put his hand on my forehead, and said, 'I've come down with Helenaitis, I'll see you after the weekend'."

After reclaiming her mouth from Barbara's devout attentions, Helena managed to laugh out loud; she could just see Principal Barker caressing Barbara's head.

"Helenaitis, huh? And what might the cure for that be?"

The look in Barbara's eyes left no doubt in Helena's mind, the cure was in her own hands.

Who was she to disagree with Barbara's diagnosis and prescribed treatment for this possibly fatal disease?

~ ~ ~