Learning to Read Between the Lines


FANDOM: Birds of Prey TV

PAIRING: Barbara/Helena and Dinah/Gabby

RATING: PG-13 to R

DISCLAIMER: Birds of Prey and all its characters still belong to DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

SEQUENCE/INSTALLMENT NOTE: continued from Forced Out, Suitcases and Stains and Keys to the Kingdom.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok this is, STILL, JUST a one shot thing brought about by the Infinite Crisis/OMAC/Year After/ and the stuff going on in the Marvel comic universe.

Yes it follows the other one shot thingies I did (Forced Out - post number 13875, Suitcases and Stains post 14210, Keys to the Kingdom 14261 post ) Yes it references and continues ideas and story from Forced Out and the others. BUT, this is just a little vignette. Nothing else. Nothing more, no sequel or story arc or such (althoughhhhhh still trying to con someone into writing it with me :P )

But as with Forced Out - I took the concept of superheroes being forced to reveal themselves and played with that a bit (okay played with it a lot and building it up more then in the comic book world as the loose plot for this story follows with the Brother Eye ideas and the Marvel universe - Superhuman Registration Act).

So the background for this story is the TV show Helena and Barbara. But the whole basic arc going on in the comics with the OMAC/Brother Eye and related plots and all that whacked sh$! is in effect here also, kinda.

Also I have been kinda using this "not a series" series to try different writing types. Not sure if this format I am trying really works. Plus I ended up cleaning up the grammar and spelling much more for the sake of the story... So if you want real authentic, feel free to imagine a few more typos : - )

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blondbird214: Hey Gabbster how's it?

nocheerleaders217: Hey blondie, good. Barbara must not be around, your speech is atrocious

blondbird214: :-( no shes not been around much Helena neither

nocheerleaders217: Aw damn, and you know I noticed in World Lit she's been off too. Ever since last week.

blondbird214: She should be flying high, I mean considering what I over heard the other night, of course then the other other I overheard is why she's not... I think

nocheerleaders217: You know, new record, you lost me and checking timestamp... it's been what, all of 90 seconds

blondbird214: lol - ah shut it youse, i'm just concerned

nocheerleaders217: you always are

blondbird214: It's just they finally did it and here they aren't like all romantic

nocheerleaders217: Romantic... you mean she finally told her

blondbird214: OOOOOOooo yeah, didn't i tell you?

nocheerleaders217: Dinah, damn you get juicy news like this and instead bore me with what Candice and Harold are planning for the Green dance...

blondbird214: Sorry sorry sorry so much been going on

nocheerleaders217: So much? You holding out more on me?

nocheerleaders217: Hey, Dinah? You there... Did I scare you off? It's been like 5 minutes here....

blondbird214: Sorry gabby just, yeah a lot has been going on

nocheerleaders217: Well as your... well... best friend... as I always say, take a breath, organize and spill your guts

blondbird214: Yeah, I need to talk to someone... I mean I wish I had someone like Barbara and Helena have each other, although not sure they are even talking to each like they shoulder

blondbird214: *should

nocheerleaders217: You do have someone if you want

blondbird214: I mean they profess how much they really care and then they seem to ignore it and not act on it....

blondbird214: And I have someone?

nocheerleaders217: So they are a couple now or what? And what do you mean not act - what no sounds echoing around your place or images you picked up on for you to blush at >: -)

blondbird214: Ummm, no, no blushing

nocheerleaders217: Yes you are

blondbird214: No I'm not

nocheerleaders217: Yes

blondbird214: Nope

nocheerleaders217: Yup

blondbird214: Stop it

nocheerleaders217: Then admit it

blondbird214: And you changed the topic from my last question.

nocheerleaders217: I did not

blondbird214: Um, yeah, well fine, be that way. But Yeah Barbara and Helena, I was kinda accidentally listening

nocheerleaders217: So that's what you are calling it. Like when I caught you accidentally listening in on Mr. Harver and Ms. Greenville

blondbird214: Hey, I have really been practicing to not pick up as much... accidentally.

nocheerleaders217: I wasn't talking about that... dork, I was talking about you, getting a really long drink right near them. Which BTW I'd use something else next time, that fountain is so scuzzy

blondbird214: Yeah, well I didn't swallow...

nocheerleaders217: Oh man Dinah, you are bad... and you've been practicing?

blondbird214: Yeah, Barbara really has been working me the last little bit. Funny, we'd been focusing more on physical and learning sweep procedures and Delphi and I'd been more with Helena. But suddenly she's been really focused on my other abilities and except sweeps I do not practice as much with Helena. Barbara always has me hanging around her, well if she is around.

nocheerleaders217: Hmmmmm

blondbird214: Yeah what I said ah well if it helps the mission

nocheerleaders217: The mission, yeah... you gung-ho crimefighter you...

blondbird214: But so where was I

nocheerleaders217: Getting sidetracked as only cute little you can

blondbird214: I do not get sidetracked, I follow tangent pathways

nocheerleaders217: ramble-city

blondbird214: Gabby! Well, fine, if I do, it is because you make me.

nocheerleaders217: That is your come back? I think you better go back to the spacey ramble.

blondbird214: Hey now with the teasing, what gives. I am trying to spill my feelings and see if there is something up and you just keep making me get all flustered

nocheerleaders217: Flustered? I cause that do I... Heh, I just enjoy listening to you and teasing you and distracting you

blondbird214: Exactly... and hey cute?

nocheerleaders217: Sooooooo Okkkkkk, Helena and Ms. Gordon told each other they are interested and like each other and then have not really followed up. Well what does that mean? Are they acting like girlfriends or what?

blondbird214: Um... well... not really acting like they care about each other when they are out. well not that I know of, I mean I have not been around them much. Not since this other thing started. But they have gone on a couple of dates I think. Like Barbara made Helena take her on a walk through the park the other day. And they were holding hands. And they are a little more relaxed over comms.

nocheerleaders217: dates are god

nocheerleaders217: *good even :-)

nocheerleaders217: The park always good, especially if they did more than holding hands. And how do you know about the park?

blondbird214: Well i kinda got a couple images off Helena the other day

nocheerleaders217: Ahhh, ok. And relaxed, does that mean you have to listen to sappy love talk ;-D

blondbird214: On comms no, Barbara won't let Hel even tease, much. But around the Clocktower, Barbara gets all tense and tired and dark and then hel starts teasing and pulls Barbara out some. Which is good because something is happening to Barbara I think.

nocheerleaders217: You think?

blondbird214: Ok,. ok, I really know-think

nocheerleaders217: Mmmmk and you know because...

blondbird214: Well like I said something more is going on around the Tower than just a budding romance. You know it is no fair. I waited like all year for this and now, now when it comes other shit comes and f*s it all up

nocheerleaders217: Oh man it must be serious you're almost seriously cussing

blondbird214: Stop teasing gabby, it is serious

nocheerleaders217: :-( Sorry... So how do you know - go back to that first and explain for me. Then we, yes we, will track this other thing messing with you and the others.

blondbird214: Well I have been doing these exercises more and more with Barbara and well, she asked me to do some reads, and I caught some weird stuff from her, like I know-think she went to one of those superhero inquiry thingys.

blondbird214: Well then, then there was this weird image of a certain evil blonde and then nothing, it was like I fell into a black pool and there was no more Barbara

nocheerleaders217: Evil blonde, this is not Pamela Anderson we are talking about is it? It's her... yeah?

blondbird214: Yeah... I think this whole inquisition is bringing up bad things, and Barbara's past. I mean I caught a lot of Barbara's past life, before her, um accident. I caught Barbara looking into the evil blonde's files one night too. And oh oh oh oh I just realized...... right after I noticed that, then she disappeared for a whole day and then, well, um the exercises started and then the incident and then well I kinda did a little research....

nocheerleaders217: You've been doing more than accidental listening...

blondbird214: Yeah... I know I shouldn't but

nocheerleaders217: Why shouldn't you? I mean if you care about someone.

nocheerleaders217: If you love them, you'd do anything for them, right?

blondbird214: Yeah anything... I would, for either of them.

nocheerleaders217: Well so you do it... Um, so what did you do after that....

blondbird214: I looked up the evil blonde's current status....

nocheerleaders217: Ah, so ms. Gordon is not the only tech guru geek

blondbird214: Stop I just did a little snooping and well. The evil blonde was transferred to some stupid program. It is part, I think of the same program Barbara and helena were talking about one night.

nocheerleaders217: She's transferred, you mean she's not in the crazy ward anymore

blondbird214: No

blondbird214: I'm kinda worried and well, um

nocheerleaders217: It's ok to be scared

blondbird214: How did you know

nocheerleaders217: I know you blondie, you snoop and accidentally listen, well I do too

blondbird214: What?

nocheerleaders217: Nevermind, just being stupid

blondbird214: I don;t think you're stupid Gabby

nocheerleaders217: Nah I am a lot of the time

blondbird214: Stop that now please

nocheerleaders217: LMAO

nocheerleaders217: Stamps foot but asks politely, gawd I...

nocheerleaders217: You always make me laugh Dinah, thanks

blondbird214: Hey that's what I am here for, well that and to maybe xon you into helping me some

blondbird214: *con

nocheerleaders217: I knew there was a catch

blondbird214: Hey, nothings free here bud...

nocheerleaders217: Ok, you got me, all of me, soooo what's up?

blondbird214: I think that program, the one in the news. I think that's the one Barbara went to. I asked directly and Helena and Barbara gave me only stupid shit answers. But... I mean that superhero act, it's :-( :-(

nocheerleaders217: it needs to be flushed down the toilet with the rest of the shits and turds. Problem is it is being run by turds and well they only seem to know one thing.

blondbird214: Yeah

nocheerleaders217: I saw the news the other night, Mr. Jarvis asked us to watch it. They revealed some more people. And they think they have enough support to take it to the House

blondbird214: I know, there's a lot more going on too

nocheerleaders217: Yeah, I listen to The Straight Shit by a Short Shit

blondbird214: What?

nocheerleaders217: It's this weird half radio show half podcast thing

nocheerleaders217: I like the host, she really talks funny but she... ok when I found out there was more to New Gotham and a lot of people and things hide in the shadows and have other lives, well, I kinda started reading some stuff on the Internet. I found this show. She's kinda a conspiracy person but she hits all sorts of things. She's talked about Batman and meta's and all sort of stuff. Even before all this national movement....

blondbird214: wow and you looked up stuff on the Internet? How come?

nocheerleaders217: Um, just, I did.

blondbird214: That is a dodge and a half, spill.

nocheerleaders217: Um, I wanted to know more about you Dinah. I thought if I learned more, I could understand you more and um, yeah, stupid...

blondbird214: No Gabby

blondbird214: not stupid, what you said earlier

blondbird214: You'd do anything...

nocheerleaders217: For you

blondbird214: Listen, can I come over?

nocheerleaders217: Um, sure... listen i shoudn't have said anything

blondbird214: No, you should, if you don;t say anything then how would I know

nocheerleaders217: um, know?

blondbird214: Yeah Gabby... sometimes the cute, spacey ramble solidifies and smacks me over the head. I may be a bit bumbling, but eventually I get things.. and people

nocheerleaders217: oh, um

blondbird214: I am coming over, we can tell people we are doing homework, but I want to tell you my idea and ask for your help and also, I think we need to talk about some things and I wanna do it face to face

nocheerleaders217: um



nocheerleaders217: Awww blondie you're not playing fair

blondbird214: Not when it's something... someone I want

nocheerleaders217: Um Dinah?

blondbird214: Gabby?

nocheerleaders217: Um

blondbird214: O:-)

nocheerleaders217: Oh man that is such a wrong smiley to use

blondbird214: Nope - I am sweet and innocent and I am going to find out what they are doing to Barbara and kick some not so sweet butt

nocheerleaders217: And I will be there right beside you, if you want...

blondbird214: Of course I do dork... ok, give me a few to get collected and such.

nocheerleaders217: Ok

nocheerleaders217: Take care Dinah, see you soon

blondbird214: You betcha Gabbster adn thanks... I don't have anyone else who really knows all about me

nocheerleaders217: And to think I like you anyways

blondbird214: Ok you are getting a major punch in the arm when I get there - goofass - ok in a few

nocheerleaders217: Adios

blondbird214: yeah yeah just sign off already - and do not make me stomp my foot again, I think I am going to get the evil eye from hel if I make any more noise

nocheerleaders217: LOL - fine, fine - you win, this time. Don't think I'll always let you win this easily

blondbird214: sure sure, sure... Don't get too cocky, i plan on giving you a run for your money. Pffft, thinking I'm easy - geez - trying to be all butch, I knew you'd not be able to resist... hehe byes and I am now runign before you can comment - so there

blondbird214: signed off at 7:36:52 PM.

~ ~ ~