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28th May 2006 - Site moved and closed to submissions.

30th October 2005 - Sorry about the lack of fic updates over the last couple of weeks. There will be one soon. But for now. Some screencaps featuring the ladies. Enjoy.

15th October 2005 - 24 new fics today: Untitled by adventurepants, Scars by aeonian, Life goes on, Arms that know how to rock me *SEASON 2 SPOILERS*, Gratitude and Subtlety by Angelina, Always be and Penny for your thoughts by chargrey, Let go and Happiness is a warm gun by Exquisiteliltart, Revelations by faithinthepoor, The Storm by femvamp, College Party and Sweet the sting by ferraemorsh, Love and Marriage by Jemma, A little sugar by Monnie, Tag, you're it, Determination and Cellular warfare by Sara, Sinner by Selina, Seduca, Dress up, My angel and Someone's POV by tv_queen.

2nd October 2005 - 6 new fics today: Work by aeonian, Secrets and Whisper so loud *SPOILERS* by Angelina, Two lives by femvamp, Goodnight, Lover by Sara and The way into Bree's sexuality by tv_queen. Also, more was added to The only thing she can think of (formerly 'Angry and Closeted') by tv_queen. And I finally added some links.

25th September 2005 - 13 new fics today: In pursuit of punishment by aeonian, Because of you by Angelina, Unhygenic, Got off, Detachment, What difference does it make? and In the dreamhouse by Anya, Silence by blueberrykicks, Only you by Bree Lindguist, Retail therapy by faithinthepoor, Once and again by Leslie, Closing in by michellek and Slip up by Miss_Gamut

29th August 2005 - Fic Update: Lots more fic: Excuses & August by aeonian, This love is real by Alice, A little help by Angelina, Seelensturm & Aimé avec passion by Diana, Disturbances - Light & Disturbances - Dark by faithinthepoor, Disturbance, The Ballad of Miss Lindquist and Miss Mason & Musings by ferraemorsh, Green by redgray, The Reaction & Angry and closeted by tv_queen.

22nd August 2005 - Fic Update: 3 more fics: 'Rip you apart' by michellek, 'Understanding' by Lola and 'Pale Pink'by Cappuccino Girl.

21st August 2005 - Huge fiction Update: 7 new authors - Cecilialisbon (7 fics), Jemma (1 fic), Keren Ziv (1 fic), michellek (3 fics), Sara (1 fic), the_haunted_one (1 fic) and velocityofsound (1 fic)

17th August 2005 - Fic Update: The final season 1 part in faithinthepoor's series 'The Illusions of Prisms', a drabble from Angelina: 'Droplets' and a drabble from Alice 'Perception'

10th August 2005 - Fic Update: The next part in faithinthepoor's series 'Heisenberg Territory' and three from Angelina: 'Comfort', 'Don't want to be alone', 'Degrees of Happiness'

23rd July 2005 - Fic Update: Alice's 'The Benefits of Lying with your Friend' and the next part in faithinthepoor's series 'Ambitendency'

19th July 2005 - Fic Update: Alice's 'Lying and Stealing' and Angelina's 'Room Service'

18th July 2005 - Fic Update: Chelsea Bateman's 'One short night' and 'And you will come around'

10th July 2005 - Fic Update: faithinthepoor's 'Windmill Tilting', 'Sometimes' by Angelina, more added to 'Status Quo' and 'Seelensturm' (in German).

25th June 2005 - More fic added: faithinthepoor's series and 'Seelensturm' by Diana(in German).

23rd June 2005 - SITE NAMED! Welcome to 'Love Thy Neighbour'. New fic: Status Quo by D. Resources updated. New look and some new pages for the site. Have a look around. Submit stuff!!!

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